Warning: Cropwell Skate Park is Closed


The half-pipe on the skateboard park is out of use at the moment.

The ramp is damaged and loose. This has been taped off and "Out of Use" signs placed on it. This piece of equipment is not safe to use.

Could all parents who have children who use this equipment make your children aware that the skate park is currently out of use for the users own safety.

Thank you

Janice towndrow – Parish Clerk

Can You Be Creative?

Create your own Bonsai Tree from that old conifer growing in a tub in your back garden. Is that possible? Click on the Gardening Page to find out.

Memories of British Gypsum in Cropwell Bishop

Retirement 1981

I have been sent these photos by Carole Hill who tells me she:

"lived the first 30 years of my life in Cropwell Bishop, in the house known as Rose Villa on the Cropwell Butler Road and my father Bert Williams, more commonly known as Taffy on account of his Welsh ancestry, worked at the village garage for a number of years.
In the 1950s/60s it was known, as far as I remember, as Starbuck's Garage."

Her late father then worked at British Gypsum as maintenance foreman, right up to his retirement in 1981. The photo on the left was taken at his retirement in 1981.

The photo below was taken at a British Gypsum Presentation in January 1980 and the final one is of the staff.

Many thanks to Carole for sending these fascinating photos: I am sure some of the older villagers will recognise faces.

Tony Jarrow

Presentation 1980 Staff Photo

Surveying Begins in Cropwell Bishop

cb12 survey

In the presentation by Planners on Monday (see report posted below) the land referred to as CB12 lies between the Canal and Hoe View Road. Jan Marsh's home overlooks it.

This morning she took this photo and asked the man what he was doing. He replied, "surveying the land for a sales firm".

Tony Jarrow

Possible Housing Plans for Cropwell Bishop

Yesterday afternoon and evening, Rushcliffe Borough Council used the Old School to display a range of ideas for additional housing in our village. This consultation will allow the views of residents to be recorded, even though this is still a very early stage in any possible plan for Cropwell Bishop.

These photos were taken at 4pm. It was crowded then so I suspect the Planning Staff who were in attendance were on their last legs, and voices, by the time the event closed at 8pm.

Tony Jarrow

Local Plan Local Plan Local Plan

Local Plan Local Plan

Holy Moly at The Old School

Holy Moly

Last night, gypsy-folk rock-band, "Holy Moly", attracted a sell-out crowd to The Old School. The six highly skilled musicians from Newcastle first held the ears of villagers and then had them singing and laughing with their highly entertaining act: here are some photos from the event.

Tony Jarrow

Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly

Holy Moly

Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly

Holy Moly

Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly

Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly

Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly

Holy Moly Holy Moly

Holy Moly

Pothole Repaired!

The pothole I reported yesterday has been repaired, less than 24hrs after I contacted Notts County Council. They even sent an email to confirm the job was done—and indeed it has been, I have just driven over it.

An excellent "pothole service" by the County Council.

Tony Jarrow

Help Fill the Potholes


Deep potholes like this one on Nottingham Road are a nuisance to car drivers but can cause serious injury to a cyclist.

Whilst it is easy for us to complain about the state of our roads, the quickest and most cost efficient way getting them repaired must be for us to tell the council where they are.

The County Council have a web page for us to do just that and you can reach it with just two clicks.

Click on the "Contacts" page of this website (on the right) and there you will find a link to the page where you can report a pothole. There is map for you to show the location of a pothole (anywhere in Nottinghamashire) and you can add a photo if you have one. It couldn't be any easier.

I have reported this pothole and also one at the corner of Barratt Close. Do you know of any others? If so, report them.

Tony Jarrow

Cropwell Bishop Fete 2017

Make a note of the date:

Sunday 11th June
12 - 4pm
Memorial Hall and Field
(all subject to confirmation)

But, this will only happen with the help of,
YOU, the people of Cropwell Bishop.

Can you help?

Older people in the village will have fond memories of the annual Village Fete that was held thoughout the late 1900s.

We'd really like to get the fete up and running again but we really do need the help of other people—not just to say they'll help on the day, but in the run up. If we don't get enough people, we can't go ahead with it: it can't be organised by just two people.

Will you help?

The Memorial Hall committee need COMMITTED volunteers to come up with with ideas for games and entertainment, help plan the day, help make sure that everything is ready on the day, help set up and clear away and help run stalls.

You will help??

Offer to help, or just find out more, by sending an email to:

Thank you

Lisa and Steve Newbold

Beating the Bounds


How well do you know your village?

Where does Cropwell Bishop begin and end?

Join our village walk/cycle ride/car tour and find out!

On Saturday 20th May we will be updating the Anglo-Saxon tradition of “Beating the Bounds of the Village” for the 21st century.

Collect coloured wristbands at any or all of seven markers on the boundary of the village and return them to St Giles’ Church for free refreshments (and a certificate for all children taking part).

You can use any combination of walking and/or transport. Follow our suggested routes or plan your own.

In accordance with ancient tradition, locally-brewed ale, hot and cold drinks and other refreshments will be served from our new tea-point in the church tower.

Look out for more details later. Save the date!

Susan Macdonald