Cropwell Bishop Bus Service to End in 2 Months

Cropwell Bishop Parish Council is appalled by the decision this week to withdraw the Rushcliffe V2 Bus Service to Cotgrave, Cropwell Bishop and the surrounding villages as of the 23rd July 2017.

This decision was made by Trent Barton alone and the Parish Council and other affected Parish Councils were also not informed of this decision.

Trent Barton has made a unilateral decision to remove this service because, even though the service was rebranded, there has been customer reduction and is therefore commercially unviable. Trent Barton failed to discuss this with N.C.C. and only notified them earlier this week.

The Parish Clerk has just spoken to N.C.C. (Friday morning 26/5/17 10.30am) and they have advised that they are currently working on an emergency replacement service for the Cropwell’s and surrounding villages.

N.C.C. have promised to contact the Parish Clerk on Tuesday of next week to advice of any progress regarding an alternative service.

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk

Beating of the Bounds: What does it Mean?

The first entry which the Rev. John Astie made on May 22nd 1693 on behalf of the Churchwardens in their account book, was ‘at ye perambulation’ from very early times. During the Rogation Days – the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday preceding Ascension Day – the Parish boundaries were checked for any encroachments. It was a very special occasion and associated with a religious ceremony, when the Parish Priest asked divine blessing on the crops. Boys who had accompanied their elders on the perambulation of the Parish boundaries were ceremoniously lightly beaten – a custom which had its origins in the midsts of antiquity – probably to impress upon them the importance of knowing were land, they might eventually inherit, extended.

Queen Elizabeth I encouraged the custom for in 1559, the year of her coronation, she ordered ‘the clergy shall once a year at the time accustomed, walk about their Parishes with the Curate and other substantial men of the Parish and at their return to the Church make their common prayer”. We are also told in the scriptures ‘woe be to him who moveth his neighbour’s land mark”.

It was not until the surveyors made the enclosure map that the Parish boundaries were clearly defined and drawn on paper, followed by the fencing and planting of hedges. Before then, very heavy stone pillars were fixed here and there and a sighting between any two of them would show if there had been an encroachment, particularly where the arable land of two Parishes abutted. Sometimes a substantial wood post was used.

Good examples of these stones pillars may still be seen at the entrance to the residence of Ebenezer House on Church Street (which is built on the site of the earlier Fillingham Farmhouse), near the White Cottage on Fern Road and at the entrance to the Manor House on Fern Road.

This annual perambulation was an important event and the long journey round the Cropwell Bishop Parish boundaries called for some refreshments. As from Rev. Astie’s records.

Anne Terzza

Boundary Pillar

Entrance to the residence of Ebenezer House on Church Street.

Boundary Pillar

Boundary Pillar

Stone pillar marker between Dovecote House and The White Cottage on Fern Road.

Boundary Pillar

Planning Application for Church Street Submitted

11 Church Street 11 Church Street

A planning application has been submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council for 8 homes on Church Street—on the site of the former Post Office and Stockyard.

Here are some sketches of how it might look and a map of the proposed development.

You can download plans of each of the proposed houses from the Rushcliffe Planning website. (I suggest you use the "map" feature to locate and then click on the site.)

Tony Jarrow

11 Church Street

11 Church Street

Opera Dudes at The Old School

Opera Dudes

First, let's be clear, Neil and Tim—the Opera Dudes—are tremendous singers of opera and, for that matter, any other kind of singing. But they are also great entertainers who have the ability to make a night at the village hall a memorable event.

At the Old School last night, a sell-out crowd enjoyed classical opera, relaxed singing and, from Tim, wonderful classical piano music. On top of all that there was the banter between them and the audience. There was the audience participation, the larking around and the many shared laughs. It was Margaret Brentnall's birthday and the Opera Dudes knew it: they made it a memorable event for her!

Another great night organised by the Entertainment Committee at the Old School. With entertainment, food and a bar all within walking distance of home, they put together another great night for Cropwell Bishop.

Tony Jarrow

Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes

Cropwell Bishop Witches?

Who were the witches in Cropwell Bishop? Why do I ask? Click on the Gardening tab to find out.

Tony Jarrow

Little Saints are free in Cropwell Bishop

You have probably already received your copy of this month's Cropwell Bishop News. Please note that there is an error in the "Little Saints" advert on page 7.

It should state, "There is NO CHARGE for this event", not, "There is NOW charge ...."

The error occurred whilst retyping the advert: a "w" was added to the "no"! We apologise for this.

Tony Jarrow

Pop Quiz at The Old School

Pop Quiz

Last night the, now annual, Pop Quiz was held at The Old School. This is the forth year this popular event has been held and, as ever, it was hosted by the super efficient and very capable Richard Turner.

Richard clearly enjoys organising the quiz otherwise he would never take on the task of planning the hundreds of questions and hundreds of sound clips. Everything is stored on his iPod and was played from his 'player' which continually filled the hall with music.

For every question, our musical memories were stretched, and often the answer simply wasn't there. The teams with a variety of ages were at an advantage with each member being an expert on the music of their teenage and 20s years.

Surprisingly, the teams were not so far apart by the end of evening but the winner was a team from Radcliffe-on-Trent. Well done to them: no doubt the medals and bottles will help them enjoy more old pop music over the coming year.

The pictures below illustrate the stress experienced by the players—and the means they used to relieve it.

Tony Jarrow

Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz

More Beauty in Cropwell Bishop

Beauty Barn
This coming Saturday (22nd April), "The Beauty Barn" will be opening in Cropwell Bishop.

Beauty Barn
Located on Nottingham Road, where Beauty Box used to be—next to Gary Jowett (Butchers), it will be open between 4pm and 6pm. Join staff for a glass of prosecco, mini treatments, demos and a raffle to win treatments.

Beauty Barn Beauty Barn
The Beauty Barn will be a local place for: facials, massages, nails, lashes, reflexology, waxing, gifts and vouchers—and more.
For appointments phone: 0115-8373020.

Beauty Barn
See the next Issue of Cropwell News (late April) for more details.

County Council Elections

You have probably had leaflets pushed through your letterbox in recent days from people asking for your support in the forthcoming Notts County Council elections on 4th May. But you will not have had one from the County Councillor who currently represents Cropwell Bishop, Richard Butler—even though he would very much like to represent you. Puzzled?

The reason is that boundaries of County Council voting divisions have changed and Cropwell Bishop is no longer linked to Cotgrave (where Richard lives), but is now part of a the newly created Bingham West Division.

Richard Butler

Richard has been our councillor for 16 years. Just imagine, back then in 2001, digital cameras were of poor quality, mobile phones were just that, they only let you talk to people, and there was no Facebook, Twitter and all the rest—and this website was still 7 years away.

Richard Butler

Richard was in his usual seat at last night's monthly Parish Council Meeting at the Old School but it may well have been his last appearance. No big party or farewells but thanks from everyone for the work he has done for our village over many years—always in a calm and courteous manner and with a friendly smile.

Richard Butler

Richard Butler

Richard Butler

Thank you

Tony Jarrow

Possible Housing Plans for Cropwell Bishop

Yesterday afternoon and evening, Rushcliffe Borough Council used the Old School to display a range of ideas for additional housing in our village. This consultation will allow the views of residents to be recorded, even though this is still a very early stage in any possible plan for Cropwell Bishop.

These photos were taken at 4pm. It was crowded then so I suspect the Planning Staff who were in attendance were on their last legs, and voices, by the time the event closed at 8pm.

Tony Jarrow

Local Plan Local Plan Local Plan

Local Plan Local Plan

Cropwell Bishop Fete 2017

Make a note of the date:

Sunday 11th June
12 - 4pm
Memorial Hall and Field
(all subject to confirmation)

But, this will only happen with the help of,
YOU, the people of Cropwell Bishop.

Can you help?

Older people in the village will have fond memories of the annual Village Fete that was held thoughout the late 1900s.

We'd really like to get the fete up and running again but we really do need the help of other people—not just to say they'll help on the day, but in the run up. If we don't get enough people, we can't go ahead with it: it can't be organised by just two people.

Will you help?

The Memorial Hall committee need COMMITTED volunteers to come up with with ideas for games and entertainment, help plan the day, help make sure that everything is ready on the day, help set up and clear away and help run stalls.

You will help??

Offer to help, or just find out more, by sending an email to:

Thank you

Lisa and Steve Newbold