It Must Be Nearly Christmas!


Today we had the first snow of winter and the children on Barratt Close were quick to make the most of it.

Tony Jarrow

A Smashing New Facility for Cropwell Bishop

A consequence of the recent closure of the Lime Kiln Pub, was the loss of a Village glass-recycling centre. Fear not, now we have an even better facility.

This morning a new Glass-Recycling Centre was formally opened. It is located in the car park alongside the Cropwell Bishop Memorial Hall. It is the result of talks between the Memorial Hall Committee and Rushcliffe Borough Council.

The bins are even better than the ones that were at the Lime Kiln, in that their walls have a sound insulating layer which greatly reduces the sound of falling bottles.

They will be emptied twice a week so no need to worry about bins overflowing, assuming they aren't spotted by the rest of the Vale of Belvoir!

Incidentally, it is good to leave the metal screw cap on your bottle; it increases its value to recyling companies.

At the opening were: Rushcliffe Borough Councillors, Debbie Mason and Gordon Moore; Cropwell Bishop Parish Council Chair, Alan Wilson; and Memorial Hall Committee members, Pam Barlow and Irene Hickman.

Tony Jarrow

Glass Recycling

Glass Recycling Glass Recycling Glass Recycling Glass Recycling Glass Recycling

Cropwell Bishop Housing Needs

A few months ago a Housing Survey was conducted in Cropwell Bishop and over two hundred of you completed the questionnaire.

The results are now available in a report produced by Midland Rural Housing. It contains many charts and graphs and makes interesting reading—for everyone, not just those actively looking to move house.

To download a copy of the report as a pdf document, click:

An Investigation into the Housing Needs of Cropwell Bishop

The report was made available to our Parish Councillors at the Parish Meeting this week.

Tony Jarrow

A Rare Visitor


What bird is this?

Ian Wakefield took its photograph in his back garden last month: did anyone else see one like it in Cropwell Bishop recently?

My first thought was that it is a Snipe but after checking my bird book I believe it is a Woodcock.

Has anyone else spotted unusual wildlife in the Village? Let me know if you have.

Tony Jarrow

Nyce is Back—and it is Very Nice!

The little food shop commonly referred to as the "Cob Shop" has re-opened. It is now back under the mangagement of a previous owner and has reverted to its earlier name, "Nyce".

Situated between the Wheatsheaf and the Hair Barn opposite the Church, Nyce is already attracting new and old customers. I popped in this morning and can vouch for its lovely food, drinks and warm friendly atmosphere.

Not only is it proving popular with passing drivers, but also village folk who want somewhere to go for freshly cooked food and a friendly chat.

You can eat-in or take-out, its up to you. For more details or to place an order phone: 0115-837 4230.

It is open:

Tuesday to Friday: 8am—2pm
Saturday: 8am—1pm

Why not give it a try?

Tony Jarrow







Centenary Field

At 12.30pm today, a plaque commemorating the Memorial Hall Field being registered as a Centenary Field was unveiled. The plaque is on the wall by the entrance to the Memorial Hall.

Afterwards there was a short ceremony and wreath laying inside the Memorial Hall to remember those men from Cropwell Bishop who gave their lives in World Wars.

The Centenary Fields programme aims to protect green spaces to commemorate the centenary of World War I. Fields in Trust is working in partnership with the Royal British Legion to deliver the programme.

The Memorial Hall Field will not change its name as a result of this and neither will it receive any additional funding, but via a legal document called a deed of dedication, the field should be protected as a playing field in perpetuity for future generations to enjoy.

Even so, should circumstances change, the Village could sell all or part of the site provided it was clearly in the best interests of the community from a recreational perspective.

The criteria which Fields in Trust applies to replacement facilities are that they should be of:

• at least equal size
• better quality
• serving the same community in terms of catchment area.

Additionally, and very importantly, the entire proceeds of any disposal would be re-applied to new sport, recreation and/or play facilities, with priority given to outdoor before indoor facilities.

Facilities on the playing field have been greatly enhanced by the Parish Council in recent years and hopefully this is encouraging all of us, but particularly our children, to take part in outdoor activities. If you think we need other facilities, tell one of our Parish Councillors.

Tony Jarrow

Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field

Our New Parish Councillor

Willow Allison

The Parish Council would like to welcome, and introduce you to, our new Co-Opted Parish Councillor, Willow Allison.

Contact Details for Cllr. Allison are:
0115-989 9275

This is how Willow describes herself:

"Raised in Cropwell Bishop, I have lived within the village for my whole life, besides student years spent in Kent and in Canada.

One of my favourite things about Cropwell Bishop is how many things are going on; from fun exercise classes to tea and cake. I have been involved with the former Girl Guide unit, insomuch that I refused to leave so became a young leader!

Having recently graduated, my current work involves helping vulnerable individuals with their finances.

Outside of work, you will probably find me walking through some of the glorious countryside Cropwell Bishop has to offer … or on a flight to the other side of the world.

For the most part, I aim to bring the view of those in their 20’s to the table. I care greatly about the public transport links for the village, and hope to bring everyone together for a thriving village community."

Parish Clerk

Fireworks Display

Once again our Parish Council organised a family fireworks display this evening, for everyone in Cropwell Bishop to enjoy in complete safety. Weather conditions were perfect; dry, little wind and very dark.

There must have been over 200 people there—including many children, and we were fed with hot dogs, mushy peas and drinks before going outside to the Memorial Hall Field to enjoy the fantastic, free fireworks display.

Thanks to everyone involved with organising and working to make everything go smoothly.

Tony Jarrow

Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks

Housing Plan

If you would like to see and comment on the proposed plan for housing on the land behind the Memorial Hall Field accessed via Mercia Way, why not pop down to the Old School this evening where Davidson Developments have drawings on show and people to speak to. It is open until 7.30pm.

Tony Jarrow

House Plans

House Plans

Stilton Stumble—Lots More Photos

You should be able to view all 600+ photos taken at yesterday's Stilton Stumble 10k Run by clicking on the link below:

If that doesn't go smoothly, try this link:

Hopefully you will get straight though to my album of photos; or you may get to my "photostream" on the Flickr Photo Website. This consists of a continuous sequence all my photos on Flickr—sometimes in reverse order.

To make sense of it, click on the "Albums" tab above the photos. You should then see the Albums, starting with "Stilton Stumble 2017". Click on that to see yesterday's photos in chronological order. You will also be able to view photos from the previous two years of the Stilton Stumble.

Unfortunately this link, provided by Flickr, doesn't always work! You are told that you must "Sign In". To join Flickr costs nothing and only takes a few seconds. It may be that you will have to do this—but it is worth it.

Click the "Sign In" tab and you will come across the option to "Sign Up" if you don't have an account. Click this and follow the steps.

Tony Jarrow

Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble

Stilton Stumble

With 500 runners, around 200 supporters and hundreds of people from 'Friends of Cropwell Bishop School' and Cropwell Bishop Scouts plus scores of other individuals from the village and nearby, this had to be the biggest event in Cropwell Bishop for many a year: I can't think of a bigger one.

After many weeks of planning, the Stilton Stumble Committee and their many helpers, were moving into position from 7am this Sunday morning. There was no wind, it wasn't too hot, it wasn't raining and Hurricane Ophelia was still in the Atlantic: everything was looking good.

Careful planning was evident as teams of volunteers guided incoming cars, served bacon butties, helped runners sign-in and pointed almost everyone to the portaloos. It was all very slick.

Out of sight, but every bit as important, were the many marshals who were arriving at every corner of the 10k route.

This year, for the first time, the organisers employed an electronic timing organisation that provided every runner with a 'chip' which will enable every runner to be provided with an accurate time automatically.

Just after 10am the runners set off. Just 33 minutes later the winner arrived back at the Memorial Hall Field and around an hour later, everyone else was safely back too.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this great event—both our Primary School and Scout Group will greatly benefit from your efforts.

Tony Jarrow

NB: I will release many more photographs in the coming days.

Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble

Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble

Housing Consultation

When Rushcliffe Borough Council displayed possible building sites for new homes in Cropwell Bishop in March, they asked for your comments: here are the results of that survey:

Tony Jarrow

New Housing Survey

Sites of New Housing

New Housing Sites

In March, Rushcliffe Borough Council used the Old School to display possible sites for new housing in Cropwell Bishop and invited residents to comment.

The Council has now proposed that two of those sites should be removed from the Green Belt and used to build around 160 houses. The sites are:

Site CB12 - Land north of the Memorial Hall (90 homes approx)

Site CB15 - Land east of Church Street (70 homes approx)

Firm decisions on actual building will not be made until June 2018.

It should be noted that the area referred to as CB15 in the released plan of the village (see above) is actually smaller than the area shown in the presentation in March (see the plan at the very bottom of this web page).

Below is a sketch of a possible housing plan for the CB15 site.

Tony Jarrow

CB15 Housing Plan