A Different Kind of Life

Clive Matthews

Would you be happy spending Monday evening at the Old School with a man who has spent his life wielding this?

Well last night almost 40 people did just that and are still around to happily relate his tales of yesteryear. Find out what was going on by clicking on the Gardening page.

Tony Jarrow

Beating the Bounds


How well do you know your village?

Where does Cropwell Bishop begin and end?

Join our village walk/cycle ride/car tour and find out!

On Saturday 20th May we will be updating the Anglo-Saxon tradition of “Beating the Bounds of the Village” for the 21st century.

Collect coloured wristbands at any or all of seven markers on the boundary of the village and return them to St Giles’ Church for free refreshments (and a certificate for all children taking part).

You can use any combination of walking and/or transport. Follow our suggested routes or plan your own.

In accordance with ancient tradition, locally-brewed ale, hot and cold drinks and other refreshments will be served from our new tea-point in the church tower.

Look out for more details later. Save the date!

Susan Macdonald

Person attacked in Cropwell Bishop

Our Parish Clerk has been allerted to an attack on a carer who was attending a resident in Cropwell Bishop last Sunday evening at around 9pm. David Crawley, who lives in Cropwell Butler and is the son of the lady who the carer was attending, said:

"My mother, who is 96, lives at 2 Etheldene, Cropwell Bishop. I would like to bring to your attention that at around 9.00 pm on Sunday evening the 8th when her carer was leaving the property the carer was attacked by a man.

His objectives are unknown but after a lengthy tussle he ran off towards the main road. The police were called and are therefore fully aware of the incident."

If you have any information that could help the police to identify the attacker, then please contact them.

Meanwhile, it would be sensible for people walking around in Cropwell Bishop to be particularly alert and careful, especially after dark, until the attacker has been caught.

Tony Jarrow

Wheatsheaf Car Park Plans: Latest News


As many of you are aware, last February the owners of the Wheatsheaf Pub, Marstons Estates Ltd, put in a planning application to build a Retail Unit on the site of the Pub's car park.

Our Parish Councillors rejected the proposal, as did Rushcliffe Borough Council at their Planning Meeting in July.

However, when applicants have their planning applications rejected, they are entitled to appeal against the decision. Rushcliffe Borough Council have informed me that Marstons Estates have indeed appealed against their decision.

To download a copy of the letter, click on:

Letter to Residents

The letter explains how you may submit any additional comments to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol.

To download an extract from Rushcliffe Borough Council's minutes listing their reasons for rejecting the proposal, click on:

Reasons for Rejection

I will publish the date of the Appeal when it has been fixed.

Tony Jarrow

Mary Berry in Cropwell Bishop this Evening!

Well, not quite true.

On BBC2, at 7.30pm, there was the programme, "Mary Berry's Absolute Christmas Favourites - Episode 1". During the programme, Mary had a guided tour of the Cropwell Bishop Creamery.

Apparently, the programme was made in 2014 and has been on TV a few times since then. Even so, if you have not seen it before, it is worth viewing on iPlayer.

Tony Jarrow

Mary Berry Mary Berry Mary Berry Mary Berry Mary Berry Mary Berry Mary Berry Mary Berry

Keyworth Turkey Trot

There was definitely a festive atmosphere to the Turkey Trot in Keyworth yesterday.

The half-marathon has taken place every December since 1984. It is an extremely popular event with local runners and all 1000 places were taken within hours of it opening for entries—a bit like Glastonbury!

The route passes through Wysall, Willoughby-on-the-Wolds and Widmerpool before returning to Keyworth. It is a scenic, but far from easy, course with many hills and long drags along the way.

The winner, Andrew Peat of Long Eaton (number 757 in the first photo), got around in 70 min 13 sec. The first female runner was Victoria Nealon (number 697 in the second photo). Most of the other runners were happy to just "trot" around.

I spotted three runners from Cropwell Bishop, maybe you can see more. Take a look at all the photos: click on:

Turkey Trot Photos

Tony Jarrow

Turkey Trot Turkey Trot Turkey Trot Turkey Trot Turkey Trot Turkey Trot Turkey Trot Turkey Trot Turkey Trot Turkey Trot

Winter Warmer Concert

Wonderfull Winter Warmer Concert by Cropwell Bishop Singers. Abba to African songs. Entertaining group of Village carol singers. Audience participation, wine and homemade mince pies. Lovely start to the season's entertainment.

Mel Stanley


Flowers for Christmas

How do you go about making a flower decoration for Chrismas—are there some tips for doing a good job? Find out more by going to the Gardening page.

Allsop Waste: Planning Inspectorate goes against Councils Decision

The plan to dump thousands of tons of waste in Cropwell Bishop was rejected by both our Parish and County Council but the applicant appealed and today the Planning Inspector announced that he was overruling that decision and allowing the plan to go ahead.


So the developent work can now go ahead but the Inspector has imposed a large number of conditions. I have read his report and below is a summary of the conditions that I believe will be of most interest to residents and businesses of Cropwell Bishop.

No doubt many people living nearby will be checking that these condition are not violated over the coming years.

If you do see a violation taking place, you can report it to: Tim Turner (Senior Enforcement Officer at N.C.C.) on 0115 9932585 or email him at:

To download a pdf copy of the Appeal Decision click on:

Appeal Decision

Tony Jarrow

Summary of Key Conditions

The development must begin within 3 years and be completed within 3 years of starting.

Restoration work must be completed within 1 year of stopping work.

No waste disposal operation, including the operation of any associated plant, machinery or vehicle shall be carried out and no storage or excavation of materials shall take place.

No development shall take place until the following have been submitted and approved:

• Dust Management Plan

• Method statement detailing techniques for the control of noise and vibration

• HGV Management Scheme

• Ecological walk-over survey

• Biodiversity Management Plan

• Highway improvement works have been carried out

• Detailed restoration scheme

• Aftercare and habitat management strategy

Operations (including the use of floodlights) shall only take place during the following times: Mondays to Fridays 7am to 6pm and Saturdays 7:30am to 12:30pm. No operations shall take place on Sundays or on Bank or Public Holidays.

During school term times, no HGVs shall enter or leave the site between 8:30am to 9am and 3:30pm to 4:30pm on Mondays to Fridays.

No crushing or screening of waste shall take place on or adjacent to the site.

Only one bulldozer (or one tracked excavator) shall be operated on the site at any time. The mobile plant shall be fitted with white noise reversing warning devices and shall be fitted with silencers.

In the event of a noise complaint which, in the opinion of the Waste Planning Authority may be justified, a noise impact survey shall be carried out by the site owner or operator and submitted to the Waste Planning Authority.

There shall be no more than 18 HGV movements to and from the site (9 in, 9 out) in any one working day between Monday and Friday and no more than 8 HGV movements to and from the site (4 in, 4 out) on Saturdays.

The Waste Management Area shall be restored to a nature conservation end-use.

Fireworks Display

Once again our Parish Council organised a family fireworks display this evening, for everyone in Cropwell Bishop to enjoy in complete safety.

In slick fashion, it took less than an hour to feed hot dogs, mushy peas and drinks to over 200 people—including many children, and then entertain them with a fantastic free fireworks display.

Whilst it is lovely to turn up at 6.45pm and enjoy the next hour, we must remember—and fully appreciate—that during the preceeding 3 hours, dozens of villagers, including all available parish councillors, had been labouring to set up fences, slice cobs, cook hot dogs, warm peas, and prepare drinks. And all these thing had to be purchased in the days before. And then, of course, after we went home they stayed behind to clear up everything.

So let's remember to celebrate our good fortune in living in a community where there are people who are prepared to put on events such this, year after year.

Tony Jarrow

Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks