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"Bellringing Beginners"

See the poster on the Events Page: give bellringing a try at St Giles Church, Cropwell Bishop.

70s Night

70s night was a lot of fun; all those present danced and sang through the night.

The 'Persuaders' performed with a cheeky smile, wit and great musicality.

A good night was had by all.

Tim Travis

70s Night

70s Night

70s Night

70s Night

70s Night

70s Night

Farewell to the Cabin





After nearly 50 years the shop opposite the Church on Church Street is no more. This morning the final act in its demolition took place.

It was not so long ago that the Cabin was our newsagent, post office, grocer and diy centre—all in one. At one time there was another shop (Mace) across the road (the white house) which sold veg and groceries. But then, in those earlier days, there was no internet or supermarket home-deliveries.

Nothing stays the same for ever and this year we should see our Village Co-Op open a bigger store opposite the Wheatsheaf.

Forty years ago Church Street was probably the busiest part of the Village having, not only the newsagent/post office and Mace, but also a cobblers/sweet shop (Tom Barratt), Snips, the Co-Op and also the Doctors Surgery. Soon only Snips will remain and Nottingham Road will effectively become Cropwell Bishop's "Hub".

Within 150m you will be able to shop at the Co-Op, Gary Jowett's shop and the Creamery. Then get something to eat at Nyce before popping into Hair Barn and Beauty Barn before visiting the Wheatsheaf for a drink.

Afterwards, you will be able to walk up Fern Road to visit the doctors or pick up a prescription, then call in the Old School to buy tickets for the next Cinema showing (also available from Gary Jowett), before finally calling in at the Chequers for a drink and a meal.

Does any other local village offer so much within easy walking distance of home?

Tony Jarrow

(Thanks to Hilary Jarrow for the photos)

Memorial Hall

Mem Hall

A lot goes off at our Memorial Hall, and it has done for a very long time; almost 100 years.

Something a bit different will be happening there in a few weeks time (19th — 23rd Feb): here is Pam Barlow (Hall Committee) to tell your more ......

We're having a new ceiling put up in the main hall during the course of the 1/2 term holiday and we are looking for any willing volunteers who may like to give us a hand to paint it?

They would have to bring their own brushes etc..., and we will supply refreshments.

It would be the latter part of the week and possibly over the weekend.

If anyone should be interested they can of course get in touch with me or any other committee member.

Thanks in anticipation,

Pam Barlow

Facebook Page


Message from Willow Allison ......


We have a new Facebook page up where you can find information about upcoming events happening in Cropwell Bishop. Like the page to find out more!

Click on the link below:

What's on? Cropwell Bishop

CBPC Councillor Willow Allison

Cinema Screen & Sound a Big Success

The Old School was packed this evening for the showing of Victoria and Abdul at the monthly Cropwell Bishop Cinema.

The 60+ people there were the first to enjoy an even better cinema experience following the installation of a new projector, bigger screen and new speakers. The improvement in both sound and vision was very noticeable.

These pictures give you an idea of the bigger screen: only a visit to a Cinema show will reveal the better sound.

The next film is on 16th February, see Events for details.

Tony Jarrow



Mobile Library Times

Please note that the times and dates for visits of the Mobile Library to Cropwell Bishop printed on page 37 of the latest edition of Cropwell Bishop News are incorrect. Unfortunately incomplete information was given to the Parish Council.

The table below shows the correct dates and times.

Library timetable

Plans for Developing Cropwell's Service Station

A couple of years ago, plans were submitted for the development of our local filling station down by the A46. The plans were approved but the development never happened.

Now new plans have been submitted with the aim of making the business successful in the long term.

The plan now is to demolish all the existing buildings and to install new facilities and buildings in their place.

There will be a shop selling fresh produce and chilled goods, and also a coffee shop/cafe with indoor and outdoor seating. It is proposed to offer 24 hour trading. There will also be a car valeting service.

You can download all plans and documents associated with the planning application from the Rushcliffe Borough Council website. The application reference is: 17/02657/FUL

Tony Jarrow



Grantham Canal Clear Up

These pictures show the joint effort of the Grantham Canal Society (GCS) and the Waterway Recovery Group (WRG BitM) to clear a section of the Grantham Canal bed at Town Bridge.

Unfortunately the weather forecast for the second day indicated heavy snow and although Cropwell only received a light covering, other parts of the country had bigger problems.

Some of our guests were many miles from home (the cook came from Kent!) so the Sunday workparty was abandoned. The work will be continued at a later date.

My thanks to our Guests and the one volunteer from the Village who joined us.

I didn't manage to thank our local man but if he or anyone else is interested in 'looking after' our bit of the canal, please get in touch with me at:

Ian Wakefield









Carols by Candlelight


Today is Christmas Eve and this evening St Giles Church was full for the "Carols by Candlelight" service.
This picture was taken from the "ringing gallery" by the Bellringers Tower Captain, Colin Bryan.

Food For Christmas (and food for thought)


Thanks to the many people who were able to make gifts to the Christmas Food Bank.

The collection was organised by the Methodist Chapel in Cropwell Butler but people were able to leave donations with our Parish Clerk at The Old School: here is Will delivering his there.

Happy Christmas—Tony Jarrow

The Cabin and Change

Nothing stays the same for long—even in Cropwell Bishop.

In past times, many of you will have visited our old Post Office and Newsagent on a weekly basis to pay for your papers and many more will have entered it almost daily.

Maybe you stopped off on the way from Primary School, or when you were returning on the school bus from Bingham.


Maybe you popped in to buy a birthday card, chocolate or whatever. It was our "corner shop" that always seemed to stock that odd item that you desperately needed, whether it was for a meal, putting on a kids party or repairing a leaking radiator. And it was even quicker than "next day delivery".


Those couples who ran the shop were village characters themselves and probably knew as much as anyone of all the goings-on in Cropwell Bishop.

It all came to an end in the summer of 2015 when Chantelle and Mark closed shop for the last time (but continue to deliver newspapers here). Today, only the front wall still stands and that won't be there for much longer.

I wonder if, in time, we will look back and say that it was all inevitable. Credit cards, emails, mobile phones, online-banking, online-newspapers and next-day home-deliveries have replaced virtually everything our Sub Post Office had to offer.

The one thing this new technology did not replace is the face-to-face, ad-hoc, social contact that it provided.

We are fortunate in having a fairly wide variety of shops, services and businesses in Cropwell Bishop. Compare us with other similar sized villages and you will see that we have a lot to be thankful for (excluding the current bus-service!).

It is up to us to make good use of what we have. Walking along village streets and bumping into people and having a chat does not happen everywhere. I think we should value that and try to preserve it while, at the same time, we welcome "change" in Cropwell Bishop.

Tony Jarrow

The photos below were taken in 2006.

Cabin Cabin

Xmas Buffet At Old School

It was the Senior Citizens Christmas Buffet at the Old School today. With generous donations from Rushcliffe and County Councillors and with donations for the Raffle, everyone was in festive mood from the start.

The food was excellent and there was plenty of it—including gluten free food provided for free. The volunteer helpers were also busy topping up glasses.

With a film to follow, the £1 tickets represented amazing value. Cropwell Bishop Parish Council is spreading some Christmas Magic early this year.

Tony Jarrow

Xmas Buffet

Xmas Buffet

Xmas Buffet

Xmas Buffet

Xmas Buffet

Xmas Buffet

Xmas Buffet

Xmas Buffet

Xmas Buffet

It Must Be Nearly Christmas!


Today we had the first snow of winter and the children on Barratt Close were quick to make the most of it.

Tony Jarrow

A Smashing New Facility for Cropwell Bishop

A consequence of the recent closure of the Lime Kiln Pub, was the loss of a Village glass-recycling centre. Fear not, now we have an even better facility.

This morning a new Glass-Recycling Centre was formally opened. It is located in the car park alongside the Cropwell Bishop Memorial Hall. It is the result of talks between the Memorial Hall Committee and Rushcliffe Borough Council.

The bins are even better than the ones that were at the Lime Kiln, in that their walls have a sound insulating layer which greatly reduces the sound of falling bottles.

They will be emptied twice a week so no need to worry about bins overflowing, assuming they aren't spotted by the rest of the Vale of Belvoir!

Incidentally, it is good to leave the metal screw cap on your bottle; it increases its value to recyling companies.

At the opening were: Rushcliffe Borough Councillors, Debbie Mason and Gordon Moore; Cropwell Bishop Parish Council Chair, Alan Wilson; and Memorial Hall Committee members, Pam Barlow and Irene Hickman.

Tony Jarrow

Glass Recycling

Glass Recycling Glass Recycling Glass Recycling Glass Recycling Glass Recycling

Cropwell Bishop Housing Needs

A few months ago a Housing Survey was conducted in Cropwell Bishop and over two hundred of you completed the questionnaire.

The results are now available in a report produced by Midland Rural Housing. It contains many charts and graphs and makes interesting reading—for everyone, not just those actively looking to move house.

To download a copy of the report as a pdf document, click:

An Investigation into the Housing Needs of Cropwell Bishop

The report was made available to our Parish Councillors at the Parish Meeting this week.

Tony Jarrow

A Rare Visitor


What bird is this?

Ian Wakefield took its photograph in his back garden last month: did anyone else see one like it in Cropwell Bishop recently?

My first thought was that it is a Snipe but after checking my bird book I believe it is a Woodcock.

Has anyone else spotted unusual wildlife in the Village? Let me know if you have.

Tony Jarrow

Nyce is Back—and it is Very Nice!

The little food shop commonly referred to as the "Cob Shop" has re-opened. It is now back under the mangagement of a previous owner and has reverted to its earlier name, "Nyce".

Situated between the Wheatsheaf and the Hair Barn opposite the Church, Nyce is already attracting new and old customers. I popped in this morning and can vouch for its lovely food, drinks and warm friendly atmosphere.

Not only is it proving popular with passing drivers, but also village folk who want somewhere to go for freshly cooked food and a friendly chat.

You can eat-in or take-out, its up to you. For more details or to place an order phone: 0115-837 4230.

It is open:

Tuesday to Friday: 8am—2pm
Saturday: 8am—1pm

Why not give it a try?

Tony Jarrow







Centenary Field

At 12.30pm today, a plaque commemorating the Memorial Hall Field being registered as a Centenary Field was unveiled. The plaque is on the wall by the entrance to the Memorial Hall.

Afterwards there was a short ceremony and wreath laying inside the Memorial Hall to remember those men from Cropwell Bishop who gave their lives in World Wars.

The Centenary Fields programme aims to protect green spaces to commemorate the centenary of World War I. Fields in Trust is working in partnership with the Royal British Legion to deliver the programme.

The Memorial Hall Field will not change its name as a result of this and neither will it receive any additional funding, but via a legal document called a deed of dedication, the field should be protected as a playing field in perpetuity for future generations to enjoy.

Even so, should circumstances change, the Village could sell all or part of the site provided it was clearly in the best interests of the community from a recreational perspective.

The criteria which Fields in Trust applies to replacement facilities are that they should be of:

• at least equal size
• better quality
• serving the same community in terms of catchment area.

Additionally, and very importantly, the entire proceeds of any disposal would be re-applied to new sport, recreation and/or play facilities, with priority given to outdoor before indoor facilities.

Facilities on the playing field have been greatly enhanced by the Parish Council in recent years and hopefully this is encouraging all of us, but particularly our children, to take part in outdoor activities. If you think we need other facilities, tell one of our Parish Councillors.

Tony Jarrow

Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field Centenary Field

Our New Parish Councillor

Willow Allison

The Parish Council would like to welcome, and introduce you to, our new Co-Opted Parish Councillor, Willow Allison.

Contact Details for Cllr. Allison are:
0115-989 9275

This is how Willow describes herself:

"Raised in Cropwell Bishop, I have lived within the village for my whole life, besides student years spent in Kent and in Canada.

One of my favourite things about Cropwell Bishop is how many things are going on; from fun exercise classes to tea and cake. I have been involved with the former Girl Guide unit, insomuch that I refused to leave so became a young leader!

Having recently graduated, my current work involves helping vulnerable individuals with their finances.

Outside of work, you will probably find me walking through some of the glorious countryside Cropwell Bishop has to offer … or on a flight to the other side of the world.

For the most part, I aim to bring the view of those in their 20’s to the table. I care greatly about the public transport links for the village, and hope to bring everyone together for a thriving village community."

Parish Clerk

Housing Plan

If you would like to see and comment on the proposed plan for housing on the land behind the Memorial Hall Field accessed via Mercia Way, why not pop down to the Old School this evening where Davidson Developments have drawings on show and people to speak to. It is open until 7.30pm.

Tony Jarrow

House Plans

House Plans

Sites of New Housing

New Housing Sites

In March, Rushcliffe Borough Council used the Old School to display possible sites for new housing in Cropwell Bishop and invited residents to comment.

The Council has now proposed that two of those sites should be removed from the Green Belt and used to build around 160 houses. The sites are:

Site CB12 - Land north of the Memorial Hall (90 homes approx)

Site CB15 - Land east of Church Street (70 homes approx)

Firm decisions on actual building will not be made until June 2018.

It should be noted that the area referred to as CB15 in the released plan of the village (see above) is actually smaller than the area shown in the presentation in March (see the plan at the very bottom of this web page).

Below is a sketch of a possible housing plan for the CB15 site.

Tony Jarrow

CB15 Housing Plan