Jo is Running to Help Others

Many parents of children living in Cropwell Bishop will know Jo Wroughton.

Not only does she work with children at Cropwell Bishop Primary School, but also, for the last 8 years or so, she has been in charge of our own Village Youth Club, Cool Kids of Bishop (CKOB).

Twice a month on a Friday evening, Jo and her team of volunteer parents and helpers, are at The Old School where they work hard to help our village kids learn new things, work off some energy and socialise. I suspect that Jo and the adults use up even more energy than the kids on those evenings!

Jo has given many kids help over the years but now she is asking for help from the adults in Cropwell Bishop.

It is not Jo herself that actually needs help, but the people who suffer from a disease called Lupus. Jo's aunt suffers from Lupus and Jo has taken it upon herself to raise money for the Lupus UK Charity.

Here is what Jo has to say .....

Jo Wroughton

You may be aware that I am busy fundraising for Lupus, a horrible disease that my Aunt and 50,000 others have in the UK. I am doing this through running.

The main income comes from 11 members of my family and friends sponsoring me per km that I run each week, ranging from 1p to 10p per km, over the course of a whole year.

They all have a sealed tin and don't tell me how much they sponsor me and I simply advise them each week how many kms I run.

My year ends on September 3rd 2017 and on that day we are having a huge tin opening and count up at my Auntie Gill's to see how much we have raised. I have also been sponsored for a 10k and half marathon over the year.

The reason I am telling you this is because I am having a huge push over the remaining three weeks to raise as much as I can and to this end, I have pledged to run 50k per week for these last three weeks.

I have put this on facebook and have two collecting tins in the Co-op.

Jo Wroughton

The way that the people of Cropwell Bishop can help Jo, is by making a donation to the collecting tin at the Co-op in the village. Alternatively, if you know Jo, you can make a donation direct to her.

I know that this requires a bit of effort from you, but just think of the effort that Jo is making. Over the last year she has run the same mileage as from Land's End to John O'Groats!

Tony Jarrow

Picnic in the Park 2017

Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park Picnic in Park

Thanks to Janice Towndrow for supplying these photos.

Best Flower Display Competition

This year’s "Best Flower Display in an Outside Container" competition saw many entries in the village and the Parish Council would like to say a huge thank you to all those who took part.

We would also like to thank our judges, Sue Ward and Natalie Pearson, for taking the time on Friday 30th June to walk around the village and judge all the fabulous entries.

In first place was Irene Hepple with this fabulous Bicycle made to look amazing:

Irene Hepple

In second place was Pat Westmoreland with a beautiful display of baskets:

Pat Westmoreland

In third place was Sue Coe again with a beautiful hanging basket:

Sue Coe

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk

Thefts from St Giles’ Church

Dear friends

You may be aware that St Giles’ Church has been the victim of a series thefts this year: money stolen from the donations box and electrical equipment worth several hundred pounds also taken.


We are saddened by such mean crimes as they strike at the heart of the community. The Church Council is keen to keep the church open during daylight hours because it provides a peaceful place for people to come in for prayer or simple reflection or just to admire the beauty of this 800 year old building.

However the Council is equally determined that those responsible for committing such mean offences should be caught and prosecuted. There are other churches in neighbouring villages and towns both in the Vale and over the borders into Leicestershire and Lincolnshire which have suffered similar attacks, leading us to suspect that there is an organised team of thieves operating in the area.

In view of this the Church Council has been in direct contact with the District Commander at West Bridgford Police Station and met with PCSO John Heaps who is responsible for policing in Cropwell Bishop. John passes through the village several times every day he is on duty and so the police have promised extra vigilance towards the Church as well as support for the measures the Council is itself putting in place to catch these thieves. Thanks to the vigilance of one particular member of the Church family information of great interest has been passed to the police following two men seen acting suspiciously whilst inside the Church.

We would like to ask for your help too. We know that many of you walk past the Church on either Church Street or Fern Road almost every day: taking children to school, visiting The Old School, the doctors or the shops, walking the dog. Others come to visit the church itself or to walk in the churchyard or lay flowers at a grave. So if you see (or hear) anything suspicious or someone hanging around who looks uncomfortable or simply out of place, please would you let us know.

You may pass on information (which will be treated confidentially) to:
Hilary Tabron (Churchwarden) 0115 989 4836
or Mick Beazley (church council member) 0115 989 2315
otherwise contact John on 07525 22 64 66 or email:

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Bronwen Gamble


Cropwell Bishop Creamery Wins Again


The Cheesemaker's Shop, Nottingham Road.


Planning Application for Church Street Submitted

11 Church Street 11 Church Street

A planning application has been submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council for 8 homes on Church Street—on the site of the former Post Office and Stockyard.

Here are some sketches of how it might look and a map of the proposed development.

You can download plans of each of the proposed houses from the Rushcliffe Planning website. (I suggest you use the "map" feature to locate and then click on the site.)

Tony Jarrow

11 Church Street

11 Church Street

Beating of the Bounds: What does it Mean?

The first entry which the Rev. John Astie made on May 22nd 1693 on behalf of the Churchwardens in their account book, was ‘at ye perambulation’ from very early times. During the Rogation Days – the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday preceding Ascension Day – the Parish boundaries were checked for any encroachments. It was a very special occasion and associated with a religious ceremony, when the Parish Priest asked divine blessing on the crops. Boys who had accompanied their elders on the perambulation of the Parish boundaries were ceremoniously lightly beaten – a custom which had its origins in the midsts of antiquity – probably to impress upon them the importance of knowing were land, they might eventually inherit, extended.

Queen Elizabeth I encouraged the custom for in 1559, the year of her coronation, she ordered ‘the clergy shall once a year at the time accustomed, walk about their Parishes with the Curate and other substantial men of the Parish and at their return to the Church make their common prayer”. We are also told in the scriptures ‘woe be to him who moveth his neighbour’s land mark”.

It was not until the surveyors made the enclosure map that the Parish boundaries were clearly defined and drawn on paper, followed by the fencing and planting of hedges. Before then, very heavy stone pillars were fixed here and there and a sighting between any two of them would show if there had been an encroachment, particularly where the arable land of two Parishes abutted. Sometimes a substantial wood post was used.

Good examples of these stones pillars may still be seen at the entrance to the residence of Ebenezer House on Church Street (which is built on the site of the earlier Fillingham Farmhouse), near the White Cottage on Fern Road and at the entrance to the Manor House on Fern Road.

This annual perambulation was an important event and the long journey round the Cropwell Bishop Parish boundaries called for some refreshments. As from Rev. Astie’s records.

Anne Terzza

Boundary Pillar

Entrance to the residence of Ebenezer House on Church Street.

Boundary Pillar

Boundary Pillar

Stone pillar marker between Dovecote House and The White Cottage on Fern Road.

Boundary Pillar

Do You Know Someone Who Would Benefit?

contact the elderly

Contact the Elderly, a leading national charity dedicated to tackling loneliness and isolation among older people, is inviting local residents in the Bingham area (including Cropwell Bishop) to join its monthly tea parties and enjoy a few hours of tea, chat and good company.

Contact the Elderly, with the support of thousands of volunteers all across the UK (including Cropwell Bishop), organises monthly tea parties for small groups of older people, aged 75 and above, who live alone and would like some company on a Sunday afternoon.

Each guest is collected from their home by a volunteer driver and taken to a volunteer host’s home, where they meet with a small group for tea, chat and friendship. The group is welcomed by a different host each month, but the drivers remain the same which means that over the months and years, acquaintances turn into friends and loneliness is replaced by companionship.

Contact the Elderly’s North Development Officer, Emma McPhilbin, said:

“For older people who live alone, Sundays can be particularly long and difficult. These tea parties give people a chance to get together with others, make new friends, eat delicious cakes and enjoy a cup of tea. The monthly events make a real difference to the lives of those in the group and we would encourage anyone interested in coming along, or those who know of people to whom it might appeal, to get in touch.”

Cropwell Bishop residents, aged 75 and above, who live alone without the support of family and friends, who are interested in joining the Bingham Contact the Elderly group can phone Emma McPhilbin, North Development Officer, on:
0161 669 6232
or email:

In practice, it may well be that initial contact is made by friends and neighbours of these people—with, of course, their consent.

Proposed Bus Service: How will it Affect Cropwell Bishop?

The County ‘822’ proposals (issued 14/06/17) are intended to replace the V2 from 23 July 2017.

The proposed 822 service will run from Bingham via Aslockton and the Vale villages to Cropwell Bishop (serving Church St and Hoe View Road as the current V2 route) and then on to Cotgrave Hollygate Lane Estate and Cotgrave Manvers Arms (missing out Ringleas).

It then continues to Tollerton airport, Morrisons and West Bridgford (again as the existing V2).

Daytime 822 services stop at West Bridgford, whereas peak-time 822 services go through to Friar Lane.

Through ‘peak-time’ buses from Church St (labelled as Post Office on the 822 timetable) to Nottingham Friar Lane run at 0643, 0713 and 0803 in the morning and at 1623 and 1708 in the late afternoon (41 minute journey time).

In the late afternoon, through 822 buses from Friar lane to Cropwell Bishop run at 1630, 1705 and 1755 (40 minute journey time). Note that these buses from Friar lane do not stop at Broadmarsh.

In the daytime, the 822 provides a service from Church St to West Bridgford at 33 minutes past the hour from 0933 to 1533 (then 1623 and 1708 which continue to Friar Lane) timings one minute later from Hoe View Road.

For the return daytime journey the 822 leaves West Bridgford on the hour between 0900 and 1600 (with buses at 1645, 1720 and 1810 which originate in Friar Lane).

Buses to Bingham from Cropwell Bishop Church St run hourly from 0925 to 1525 (34 minute journey time) with return buses from Bingham on the hour from 0900 to 1500 (33 minute journey time).

Parish Councillor John Greenwood

County Council Proposes Bus Solution

The following note was issued today (14/06/17) by Chris Ward, County Manager, Transport & Travel Services, to accompany the proposed timetable for the ‘822’ service to replace the ‘V2 Service’.

Following discussion with Members a final timetable has been produced to replace the Villager 2 service from 24th July, a copy is attached for your reference.

The final route covers as much of the current Villager 2 service as possible, maintains the peak time journeys to Nottingham but with the off peak journeys connecting in West Bridgford where there are many options for connections to Nottingham.

Peak journeys to Nottingham are also maintained through connections in Bingham with the Rushcliffe Mainline or rail services.

We are hoping to introduce a ‘through’ ticketing agreement with both Trentbarton and Nottingham City Transport, details of this will be made available as soon as possible.

I hope to be able to advise you who will be operating the new service at the end of June following a short procurement process, timetables and full information will follow as soon as possible after that, your help in circulating this would be greatly appreciated.

We are initially looking to award the contract for 2 years to try and get some stability in the area, during this time I intend to review the service and will be inviting representatives from each Parish/Town as we have done previously.

I recognise that this situation will cause some concern to your residents, we are however trying to minimise any disruption and maintain as much of the service across the whole area as possible within the budget available.

If you have any queries regarding this please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Chris Ward
Manager, Transport & Travel Services

Opera Dudes at The Old School

Opera Dudes

First, let's be clear, Neil and Tim—the Opera Dudes—are tremendous singers of opera and, for that matter, any other kind of singing. But they are also great entertainers who have the ability to make a night at the village hall a memorable event.

At the Old School last night, a sell-out crowd enjoyed classical opera, relaxed singing and, from Tim, wonderful classical piano music. On top of all that there was the banter between them and the audience. There was the audience participation, the larking around and the many shared laughs. It was Margaret Brentnall's birthday and the Opera Dudes knew it: they made it a memorable event for her!

Another great night organised by the Entertainment Committee at the Old School. With entertainment, food and a bar all within walking distance of home, they put together another great night for Cropwell Bishop.

Tony Jarrow

Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes Opera Dudes

Pop Quiz at The Old School

Pop Quiz

Last night the, now annual, Pop Quiz was held at The Old School. This is the forth year this popular event has been held and, as ever, it was hosted by the super efficient and very capable Richard Turner.

Richard clearly enjoys organising the quiz otherwise he would never take on the task of planning the hundreds of questions and hundreds of sound clips. Everything is stored on his iPod and was played from his 'player' which continually filled the hall with music.

For every question, our musical memories were stretched, and often the answer simply wasn't there. The teams with a variety of ages were at an advantage with each member being an expert on the music of their teenage and 20s years.

Surprisingly, the teams were not so far apart by the end of evening but the winner was a team from Radcliffe-on-Trent. Well done to them: no doubt the medals and bottles will help them enjoy more old pop music over the coming year.

The pictures below illustrate the stress experienced by the players—and the means they used to relieve it.

Tony Jarrow

Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz Pop Quiz

More Beauty in Cropwell Bishop

Beauty Barn
This coming Saturday (22nd April), "The Beauty Barn" will be opening in Cropwell Bishop.

Beauty Barn
Located on Nottingham Road, where Beauty Box used to be—next to Gary Jowett (Butchers), it will be open between 4pm and 6pm. Join staff for a glass of prosecco, mini treatments, demos and a raffle to win treatments.

Beauty Barn Beauty Barn
The Beauty Barn will be a local place for: facials, massages, nails, lashes, reflexology, waxing, gifts and vouchers—and more.
For appointments phone: 0115-8373020.

Beauty Barn
See the next Issue of Cropwell News (late April) for more details.

County Council Elections

You have probably had leaflets pushed through your letterbox in recent days from people asking for your support in the forthcoming Notts County Council elections on 4th May. But you will not have had one from the County Councillor who currently represents Cropwell Bishop, Richard Butler—even though he would very much like to represent you. Puzzled?

The reason is that boundaries of County Council voting divisions have changed and Cropwell Bishop is no longer linked to Cotgrave (where Richard lives), but is now part of a the newly created Bingham West Division.

Richard Butler

Richard has been our councillor for 16 years. Just imagine, back then in 2001, digital cameras were of poor quality, mobile phones were just that, they only let you talk to people, and there was no Facebook, Twitter and all the rest—and this website was still 7 years away.

Richard Butler

Richard was in his usual seat at last night's monthly Parish Council Meeting at the Old School but it may well have been his last appearance. No big party or farewells but thanks from everyone for the work he has done for our village over many years—always in a calm and courteous manner and with a friendly smile.

Richard Butler

Richard Butler

Richard Butler

Thank you

Tony Jarrow

Cropwell Bishop Fete 2017

Make a note of the date:

Sunday 11th June
12 - 4pm
Memorial Hall and Field
(all subject to confirmation)

But, this will only happen with the help of,
YOU, the people of Cropwell Bishop.

Can you help?

Older people in the village will have fond memories of the annual Village Fete that was held thoughout the late 1900s.

We'd really like to get the fete up and running again but we really do need the help of other people—not just to say they'll help on the day, but in the run up. If we don't get enough people, we can't go ahead with it: it can't be organised by just two people.

Will you help?

The Memorial Hall committee need COMMITTED volunteers to come up with with ideas for games and entertainment, help plan the day, help make sure that everything is ready on the day, help set up and clear away and help run stalls.

You will help??

Offer to help, or just find out more, by sending an email to:

Thank you

Lisa and Steve Newbold

APPROVED: Wheatsheaf Car Park Planning


The Appeal to allow a convenience store to be built on the site of the Wheatsheaf car park has been approved by the Planning Inspectorate.
It is anticipated that a Co-op Store will now be built there and replace the existing one on Church Street.

Here are some of the comments (some edited) made by the inspector in his report:

"I visited the site and the existing co-op in the village three times, each time staying for a lengthy period of time. Twice on the 20th February around mid-afternoon and early evening and once early evening on the 9th March. Each time I saw that there was a high turnover of car parking availability at the existing co-op. I consider therefore that the findings regarding the length of average visitors stay within the retail unit to be reasonable."

"The relatively narrow width of Nottingham Road means that if cars were parked on the carriageway then it would effectively create a single lane for traffic. However, at my first site visit at mid-afternoon there were no cars parked on the street and in the evening there was only one. At my third site visit there were no cars parked on the street. While I appreciate that this is just a snap shot in time I have been provided with no evidence that on street parking is already at a high level near the appeal site."

"Reference has been made to use of the car park by vehicles other than those using the pub, in particular by car owning residents of Mill Lane and local businesses who have no off street parking available. I saw that the car park is available for permit holders only and the Council advise that the arrangement to allow residents to park in the car park has ceased. While I appreciate the resident’s concerns, the car park is a private one that could be withdrawn from use at any time."

"Concerns have been raised regarding the closure of the existing vehicle access from Mill Lane, which residents state is used as a shortcut to provide safe access from Mill Lane. However, I understand that this is an informal arrangement between the residents of Mill Lane and the owners of the car park. It is not a formal arrangement with the Local Highway Authority to improve highway safety."

"I share the view of the Council’s Conservation Officer that the use of the building as a pub contributes to its special historic significance. Therefore, I consider it necessary to impose a condition ensuring that there is no time restriction on the parking spaces available so as not to deter patrons of the pub parking in them."

To download a copy of the Appeal Decision click on: Planning Appeal.

Tony Jarrow

Surveying Begins in Cropwell Bishop

cb12 survey

In the presentation by Planners on Monday (see report posted below) the land referred to as CB12 lies between the Canal and Hoe View Road. Jan Marsh's home overlooks it.

This morning she took this photo and asked the man what he was doing. He replied, "surveying the land for a sales firm".

Tony Jarrow

Pothole Repaired!

The pothole I reported yesterday has been repaired, less than 24hrs after I contacted Notts County Council. They even sent an email to confirm the job was done—and indeed it has been, I have just driven over it.

An excellent "pothole service" by the County Council.

Tony Jarrow

Help Fill the Potholes


Deep potholes like this one on Nottingham Road are a nuisance to car drivers but can cause serious injury to a cyclist.

Whilst it is easy for us to complain about the state of our roads, the quickest and most cost efficient way getting them repaired must be for us to tell the council where they are.

The County Council have a web page for us to do just that and you can reach it with just two clicks.

Click on the "Contacts" page of this website (on the right) and there you will find a link to the page where you can report a pothole. There is map for you to show the location of a pothole (anywhere in Nottinghamashire) and you can add a photo if you have one. It couldn't be any easier.

I have reported this pothole and also one at the corner of Barratt Close. Do you know of any others? If so, report them.

Tony Jarrow

Beating the Bounds


How well do you know your village?

Where does Cropwell Bishop begin and end?

Join our village walk/cycle ride/car tour and find out!

On Saturday 20th May we will be updating the Anglo-Saxon tradition of “Beating the Bounds of the Village” for the 21st century.

Collect coloured wristbands at any or all of seven markers on the boundary of the village and return them to St Giles’ Church for free refreshments (and a certificate for all children taking part).

You can use any combination of walking and/or transport. Follow our suggested routes or plan your own.

In accordance with ancient tradition, locally-brewed ale, hot and cold drinks and other refreshments will be served from our new tea-point in the church tower.

Look out for more details later. Save the date!

Susan Macdonald

Holy Moly at The Old School

Holy Moly

Last night, gypsy-folk rock-band, "Holy Moly", attracted a sell-out crowd to The Old School. The six highly skilled musicians from Newcastle first held the ears of villagers and then had them singing and laughing with their highly entertaining act: here are some photos from the event.

Tony Jarrow

Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly

Holy Moly

Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly

Holy Moly

Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly

Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly

Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly Holy Moly

Holy Moly Holy Moly

Holy Moly

Memories of British Gypsum in Cropwell Bishop

Retirement 1981

I have been sent these photos by Carole Hill who tells me she:

"lived the first 30 years of my life in Cropwell Bishop, in the house known as Rose Villa on the Cropwell Butler Road and my father Bert Williams, more commonly known as Taffy on account of his Welsh ancestry, worked at the village garage for a number of years.
In the 1950s/60s it was known, as far as I remember, as Starbuck's Garage."

Her late father then worked at British Gypsum as maintenance foreman, right up to his retirement in 1981. The photo on the left was taken at his retirement in 1981.

The photo below was taken at a British Gypsum Presentation in January 1980 and the final one is of the staff.

Many thanks to Carole for sending these fascinating photos: I am sure some of the older villagers will recognise faces.

Tony Jarrow

Presentation 1980 Staff Photo

Gardening Past

Following on from my changes to the Archive pages (see "Searching the Past" article below) I have implemented a similar change to the Gardening Page.

Clicking the Gardening tab will reaveal an extra orange tab labelled "2016". Clicking this will lead to a page showing all the articles on Gardening from 2016. The Gardening tab now shows news only items from 2017.

Tony Jarrow

Calm Before the Gales


Lovely view over the field towards the Woods at 8am this morning.

Jan Marsh

Searching the Past

Rushcliffe Awards: Nov 2008

I know that some of you have tried to locate news articles that appeared months earlier only to find that they have been removed.

The reason they are not there is because I regularly trim the content of web pages. If I did not, they would become slow to download—especially for those of you relying on mobile data with your phone or tablet.

To overcome this problem I have made improvements to the Archive page of this website. It will now be possible to view archive pages covering all of the last nine years. To find out more click on the Archive tab.

Tony Jarrow

(Photo from November 2008)

Parking Ticket Email Scam

Our Parish Council has been warned of a "Parking Ticket Email Scam". Full details below.

Tony Jarrow

Fraudsters are sending out emails purporting to be from a legitimate company called UK Parking Control LTD (UKPC) that claim you have a parking ticket.

The convincing looking emails have titles such as 'Parking Charge Reminder' and claim you have parked on private land belonging to one of UKPC's clients. The emails contain randomly generated reference numbers and quote a charge of 90 pounds.

The bottom of the email asks victims to click on 'payment options and photos' for more information.

Clicking on this link will result in the download of a file which contains malware! The malware is configured to capture confidential banking information such as PINS and passwords, together with payment authorisation codes.

If you receive one of these emails, DELETE IT and do not download any files or attachments.

If you have any concerns that your computer may have been compromised by one of these emails, please contact the ICT Service Desk immediately on 0115 914 8333

Nick Allen

ICT Service Support Manager
Rushcliffe Borough Council

New Housing in Cropwell Bishop?

Local Plan

Rushcliffe Borough Council is now preparing the second part of the Local Plan (Local Plan Part 2). It will include further policies and proposals for housing, Green Belt, employment, retail, open spaces and nature conservation.

The aim of the consultation is to get our residents views on whether the Local Plan should identify any sites around Cropwell Bishop for new housing development.

The date of the consultation will be:

Monday 6th March
The Old School
3pm to 8pm

Please come along to the consultation event at The Old School, Fern Road any time between 3pm and 8pm to find out more.

For further details of the consultation please go to or call 0115 981 9911

All residents will receive an invitation flyer from Rushcliffe Borough Council ahead of the consultation date.

Cropwell Bishop Parish Clerk

Villager 2 Bus Timetable

The Bus Timetable that appears on the Travel page has been updated after a resident discovered that one of the evening buses leaving Friar Lane now departs at a later time. Click on the Travel page for more details.

Tony Jarrow

Ready Steady 60s Night at Old School

Thanks to Mel Stanley for providing atmospheric picutures of last night's "Rave" at the Old School.

60s night 60s night 60s night 60s night 60s night

Speeding Driver Killed Young Father

Drive Safely

A speeding driver must do 300 hours community work after causing the death of a delivery man at a road junction.

School worker Natasha Waterworth could not explain why she was doing 60 mph - double the limit - with her two children in the back of the car, Nottingham Magistrates' Court heard on Thursday, February 2.

Her Ford Tourneo struck a car driven by 40-year-old Haroon Rashid, who had ignored a "give way" sign moments before the collision on Colston Road, Cropwell Bishop. He was later pronounced dead in the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham following the incident on April 15 last year. His widow was in court to see Waterworth plead guilty to causing death by careless driving.

A two-year driving ban was imposed on Waterworth, 41, of City Road, Stathern, Leicestershire. She must pay £160 prosecution costs and a government surcharge of £85.

District Judge Tim Spruce said: "There is no sentence any court can impose which can ever compensate Haroon Rashid's family for the tragic loss of a caring, supportive and loving husband, father, son and son-in-law.

"Whilst you can't compare it to the impact on Haroon Rashid's family, I do recognise this incident, these proceedings, have taken and will continue to take a considerable toll on Waterworth, her children and her family. "Being responsible for the death of Mr Rashid is something she will have to live with for the rest of her life. No-one would willingly choose to bear that mantle."

The judge referred to the "excessive speed" of Waterworth's driving but said it was "a single isolated incident where her driving fell below the required standard."

Judith Kirkham, prosecuting, said Waterworth's Ford was similar to a "minibus or people carrier, a substantial vehicle." She had a relaxed day and was returning home around 3.30pm after picking up her children from a swimming session.

A 30mph sign was visible on the approach to the village and the word "slow" was painted on the road. Mrs Kirkham told the court: "She could not explain to members of the police why she was driving at 60mph.

"Tragically, Mr Rashid failed to stop at a 'give way' sign. Mrs Waterworth, driving at 60mph as he continued to emerge from the junction, was unable to avoid a collision. She slammed on her brakes, began to take evasive action." The two vehicles went onto the grass verge and struck the supporting cable of a telegraph pole. People ran from a pub to help and Waterworth also wanted to provide assistance, the court heard.

In a statement read to court, Mr Rashid's widow Nobella Malik said they had been married for only 13 months. "He was a kind, caring, lovely, thoughtful and hard-working person. People who knew him said he was jolly and cheerful. "I am sure this lady in the other car didn't go out that day intending to kill someone but she has taken away my loving beautiful husband," she added.

Simon Morgan, for Waterworth, told the court: "While it does not compare with the pain of the family of Mr Rashid, she has been devastated and indeed crushed by her failings. "She accepts she was at fault and that is an important factor for everybody in this case. "A week after, she returned to the scene to lay flowers. She started counselling in September and has flashbacks. "Sadly she has to pass the scene on a regular basis."

Waterworth had been driving for 25 years with no offences committed. She gained a business degree and accountancy qualifications. Mr Morgan added: "She is unable to turn the clock back but through her guilt and sense of responsibility she wishes to make reparation."

Person attacked in Cropwell Bishop

Our Parish Clerk has been allerted to an attack on a carer who was attending a resident in Cropwell Bishop last Sunday evening at around 9pm. David Crawley, who lives in Cropwell Butler and is the son of the lady who the carer was attending, said:

"My mother, who is 96, lives at 2 Etheldene, Cropwell Bishop. I would like to bring to your attention that at around 9.00 pm on Sunday evening the 8th when her carer was leaving the property the carer was attacked by a man.

His objectives are unknown but after a lengthy tussle he ran off towards the main road. The police were called and are therefore fully aware of the incident."

If you have any information that could help the police to identify the attacker, then please contact them.

Meanwhile, it would be sensible for people walking around in Cropwell Bishop to be particularly alert and careful, especially after dark, until the attacker has been caught.

Tony Jarrow