Memorial Hall

Mem Hall

A lot goes off at our Memorial Hall, and it has done for a very long time; almost 100 years.

Something a bit different will be happening there in a few weeks time (19th — 23rd Feb): here is Pam Barlow (Hall Committee) to tell your more ......

We're having a new ceiling put up in the main hall during the course of the 1/2 term holiday and we are looking for any willing volunteers who may like to give us a hand to paint it?

They would have to bring their own brushes etc..., and we will supply refreshments.

It would be the latter part of the week and possibly over the weekend.

If anyone should be interested they can of course get in touch with me or any other committee member.

Thanks in anticipation,

Pam Barlow

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Message from Willow Allison ......


We have a new Facebook page up where you can find information about upcoming events happening in Cropwell Bishop. Like the page to find out more!

Click on the link below:

What's on? Cropwell Bishop

CBPC Councillor Willow Allison

Cinema Screen & Sound a Big Success

The Old School was packed this evening for the showing of Victoria and Abdul at the monthly Cropwell Bishop Cinema.

The 60+ people there were the first to enjoy an even better cinema experience following the installation of a new projector, bigger screen and new speakers. The improvement in both sound and vision was very noticeable.

These pictures give you an idea of the bigger screen: only a visit to a Cinema show will reveal the better sound.

The next film is on 16th February, see Events for details.

Tony Jarrow



Grantham Canal Clear Up

These pictures show the joint effort of the Grantham Canal Society (GCS) and the Waterway Recovery Group (WRG BitM) to clear a section of the Grantham Canal bed at Town Bridge.

Unfortunately the weather forecast for the second day indicated heavy snow and although Cropwell only received a light covering, other parts of the country had bigger problems.

Some of our guests were many miles from home (the cook came from Kent!) so the Sunday workparty was abandoned. The work will be continued at a later date.

My thanks to our Guests and the one volunteer from the Village who joined us.

I didn't manage to thank our local man but if he or anyone else is interested in 'looking after' our bit of the canal, please get in touch with me at:

Ian Wakefield