Cropwell Bishop Village Parish Plan

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NHS Survey (1-5-14)

The NHS in Rushcliffe has a question for us ...

How can your GP practice meet your health needs in the future?
Tell us what you want in the Rushcliffe patient survey.

GP practices in Rushcliffe would like to know what you think about how they should deliver health services in the future.

As you may know, the NHS is under considerable financial pressure as patients’ healthcare needs are changing – people are living longer and are now more likely to need treatment for long-term conditions. Simply keeping things as they are is not an option for local or national NHS services. We would like to hear your views about how we can make best use of local resources to deliver patient-focused care services through your family doctor in Rushcliffe.

It’s really important that as many people as possible complete the survey so that we can make sure local health services really do meet people’s needs in the future. We would be really grateful if you could take the time to fill in the survey and let us know your views.

The surveys will be sent out to all households in Rushcliffe and will be availablein GP practices from Tuesday 22 April. There is also an online survey at

The last date for posting completed paper surveys is Tuesday 3 June 2014 and responses can be completed online until midnight on Monday 9 June 2014.We very much appreciate your support during this period.
The survey is being carried out on our behalf by Seymour Research, an independent company which will provide us with an impartial report on the results. If you have any questions please email or call 0115 883 7880.

Thank you for your time.

Saturday Cafe (29-5-14)

Sat Cafe

Half-term Cinema (20-5-14)


St George's Day Parade (30-4-14)

St Georges Day

On Sunday 27th April Cropwell Scouts paraded to St Giles Church to celebrate St George’s Day, St George being the Patron Saint of Scouting and of England. 
The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts together with their leaders and members of the congregation who had also been Scouts or Guides in the past renewed their Promises before forming a guard of honour at the Church door. 
The parade was held in the village because Nottinghamshire Police could not provide support for the District Parade which would normally have been held in West Bridgford. 

Chris Keast
(Group Scout Leader)

Lovely Day for a Village Wedding (26-4-14)


Easter Bonnets on Show (18-4-14)

Cropwell Bishop had its own little Easter Bonnet Parade this morning. Easter Bonnets

Easter Bonnets Easter Bonnets Visitors to the Cropwell Care Coffee Morning at the Old School, jumped at the chance to show off some wonderful bonnets that had been home-made especially for the occasion.

Even Parish Council staff took the opportunity to join in the fun.

As you can see, all the hats were works of art but the one with daffodils and chicks seemed especially appropriate for this Easter Weekend. A box of chocolates was presented to the wearer.

With the sun shining and everyone in a happy mood, it was a great start to the holiday weekend.

Easter Bonnets Easter Bonnets Easter Bonnets Easter Bonnets Easter Bonnets Easter Bonnets Easter Bonnets Easter Bonnets

Tony Jarrow

Classical Music at Cropwell Bishop (13-5-14)

17th & 18th May 2014
The Old School
Two great artistes - Two recitals
Lynne Dawson Lynne Dawson
Accompanied by Jonathan Fisher
Evening Recital
7.30pm Saturday, 17th May 2014
Lynne Dawson is an internationally acclaimed British soprano. She came to great prominence through her performance as a soloist in Libera me from Verdi's Requiem with the BBC Singers at Princess Diana’s funeral in September 1997. Lynne has recorded over seventy-five CDs and has a varied concert and operatic repertoire.

Tickets £22

Bar ~ Evening wear


Helen Brackenbury

Accompanied by Philip Robinson
Lunch-time Recital
1 pm Sunday, 18th May 2014

Helen Brackenbury, Mezzo-Soprano and former Principal Soloist of the legendary Cantamus Girls’ Choir, prize-winner and relative newcomer to the world of professional singing. We are delighted to welcome the return of Helen, the young Royal academy trained singer, in concert with Philip.
Tickets £12
Tea/Coffee/wine ~ home-made cakes


Elaine & Mell

Take Note (30-4-14)

Road restrictions

Big Bird in Village (16-4-14)

Osprey Osprey

Apparently we had rare visitor to Cropwell Bishop last week: an Osprey.
Thanks go to Neil Chadborn who took these photos of it eating a fish whilst perched on top of a telegraph pole.

I wonder where he caught the fish! I understand that Ospreys do breed at Rutland Water but surely he got it from closer by.

Tony Jarrow

What makes an accident more likely? (15-4-14)

A lovely sunny morning but don't let it distract you from where you are and what you are doing. Especially, take care when you are driving; cars are fast moving lumps of metal that can injure and kill.

The Speed Watch team detected 40 vehicles at over 30mph in Cropwell Bishop this morning: several were travelling at over 50mph. Their details will be passed to the Police who will then contact drivers.

The Village Speed Watch was set up in response to the concerns of many residents who were alarmed by the speed of cars passing through Cropwell Bishop.

Tony Jarrow

Cropwell Cinema (17-4-14)

12 Years a Slave

Your Annual Parish Meeting (23-4-14)


Cricket Match (27-4-14)

Cricket Match

If you are interested in cricket, have a look at the fixtures for Cropwell Cricket Club this summer. Click on the Sport Page.

Concert (19-4-14)


Changing Habits (updated 3-4-14)

No Spitting I am old enough to remember when there were signs inside Nottingham buses saying, 'No spitting'. Even to me then it seemed strange that anyone might want to spit onto the floor of a bus, but presumably an earlier generation thought it acceptable.

seat belt I can also remember when seat belts for the front seats of cars were introduced. Many people objected and some refused to wear them only to end up being fined. Only later were they also made compulsory for back seat passengers. Imagine people objecting to the introduction of something that would make travel safer for car users—but many did.

Smoking Day
The dangers of smoking to our health were not recognised by the vast majority of the population for most of the last century. You only have to see an episode of 'Call the Midwife', which is set in the 1950s, to see smoking as an acceptable habit without risks. You could smoke anywhere and everyone smelled of tobacco, whether they smoked or not. To us, today, it seems incredible.

Speed limit There was a time when most car drivers looked upon the speed limit signs as little more than a 'suggested top speed' and were largely ignored for much of the time. That was before the dangers of speeding cars to pedestrians were graphically displayed on television—and before the introduction of speed cameras.

Nowadays we all know that speeding cars kill innocent people. Speed limits have come down over the years and almost anywhere there are houses at the side of a road, there will be a speed limit of 30mph. Even so, there are still people who either ignore the signs or are not concentrating sufficiently on the road ahead to notice them.

This week, the Cropwell Bishop Speed Watch team has been monitoring the speed of traffic through the village. During speed checks at three different locations in both morning and afternoon sessions, over 70 drivers were found to be driving well in excess of the 30 mph speed limit: they will soon be receiving a letter from the Police. Incredible!

Tony Jarrow

Bike Ride 2013—seriously (31-3-14)

Bike Ride Cheque Presentation Do you remember the Cropwell Bishop 24 hour Bike Ride last summer? It was great fun for those who took part and, for the many who were involved in its organisation and its smooth running on the day, tiring but very satisfying.

However, there was a serious side to the event. The many bike riders who took part encouraged their friends and family to sponsor them. It takes time for the sponsorship money to get back to Cropwell Bishop but now all the money has been totted up and tonight the organisers were able to present two cheques.

As in previous Bike Ride events, the money collected has been split equally between the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance and Cropwell Bishop Memorial Hall. This evening at the Memorial Hall, each of them were presented with a cheque for £1373.

The picture above shows the organiser of the Bike Ride, Steven Newbold, presenting a cheque to Karen Carter of the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance. The picture below includes two young people who took part in the event.

Tony Jarrow

Bike Ride Cheque Presentation

Day of Gifts at St Giles (29-3-14)

St Giles As promised, St Giles Church was open today to allow everyone to see what can happen to a big stone building that has been standing on clay, without proper foundations, for 800 years. The crack was there for all to see but so were lots of other things.

On a beautiful sunny spring day, the people who arrived were able to look through the Baptism Register and the Marriage Register. For many, it was a chance to recall a momentous event in their family's history. Some, were able to relive a joyous moment long ago—possibly many decades ago, whilst others were able to locate a family event that happened before they were even born.

St Giles The main purpose of the Day was to raise awareness of the massive challenge facing the village community. Eighty thousand pounds will be needed to repair the damage to the chancel arch and make the building safe for use again—without the need for scaffolding.

St Giles The good news is that today's 'Gift Day' inspired a wonderful response from the people of Cropwell Bishop and beyond. Today, £7,700 was donated. This brings the current total of donations to over £24,000.

The organisers of the event send out a big thank you to everyone in the village for their fantastic support. If there is anyone who couldn't make it today but would like to make a donation, they can check out how they can still do so on the "How to Donate" page of the website:

For more news about the day and additional photos, go to the Church's Blog page at:

Tony Jarrow

St Giles St Giles St Giles St Giles St Giles St Giles St Giles St Giles St Giles St Giles

More about Gift Day on Saturday (28-3-14)

St Giles

As part of the 800 year anniversary of St Giles in 2015, the Church is compiling people's memories of times in St Giles—happy, sad, quiet and loud! There will be a special book for people to write down their thoughts as to why St Giles is important to them. It will be in Church at the Gift Day tomorrow.

This book will be something to hand down to future generations and show why St Giles was important to the village and villagers at the beginning of the 21st century.

You might like to give some thought about what you would like to write down in the book tomorrow. The Church will be open tomorrow, Saturday 29th March, from 10am to 2pm.

Tony Jarrow

Listen to Bron … (28-3-14)

Bronwen Gamble will be on BBC Radio Nottingham (the Sarah Julian show) at about 8.20am on Sunday morning. She is being interviewed about the Church and how the community is rallying round to help. Tune in and listen.

Tony Jarrow

80 for 800? (26-3-14)

Nottm Post What is the news in today's Nottingham Post newspaper?.
Find out by clicking on this link: Nottm Post

Tony Jarrow

What's going on next door? (23-3-14)

Magna Carta & St Giles It is also Gift Day at St Giles Church on Saturday (see article of 11-3-14 for details—lower down this page).

The building is open from 10am to 2pm. Why not call in to see "the Crack" on your way to, or from, Saturday Cafe.

Over the last ten days, donations have been arriving at the rate of over £1000 a day: a magnificent effort. The Appeal has raised £14,000 so far and the target is £80,000. Can you imagine Cropwell Bishop without St Giles at its centre?

The Church was standing in 1215, the year that Magna Carta was signed by King John at Runnymede. A few copies of Magna Carta still exist but the original one was lost.

There are no copies of our St Giles Church, but we still have the original one from 1215: if we work together we can keep it that way.

Tony Jarrow

Free food—plus a lot more (20-3-14)

Find out why people are making appointments to visit the Cropwell Bishop Allotment site on Fern Road. But don't leave it too long; your options are likely to get less daily.

Click on the Allotment Page above now.

Tony Jarrow

Antiques & Flea Market (19-3-14)

Memorial Hall There is going to be an Antiques and Flea Market at the Memorial Hall next month, on:

Sunday 27th April: 9am to 3pm.

It will then be held every month thereafter on suitable dates.

There will be stalls inside (available from £20) and outside (from £10) and stall holders will be able to set them up from 8am.

The Memorial Hall Committee is arranging to provide refreshments.

For more details, contact the organiser Claire at: clairefisher37atgooglemaildotcom

Tony Jarrow

St Giles' Appeal (14-3-14)

Bronwen Gamble A website has now been set up in support of the St Giles Special Appeal.
The site includes a brief history of the Church and detailed photographs of the crack in the arch. To view it, click:
Save St Giles Church

Bronwen Gamble has also recorded a short video in which she makes a personal appeal. To view it, click:
What needs to be done

30mph is still the limit (13-3-14)

Speeding car The misty weather this morning made driving more hazardous than usual. Even so, some drivers failed to observe the village speed limit as they entered Cropwell Bishop.

The Speed Watch team detected 29 vehicles driving at over 30mph during the early morning. Their details will be passed to the Police who will then contact drivers.

The Village Speed Watch was set up in response to the concerns of many residents who were alarmed by the speed of cars passing through Cropwell Bishop.

Tony Jarrow

30mph is the limit (10-3-14)

Speeding car Members of the Village Speedwatch team were checking the speed of cars passing through Cropwell Bishop this morning. It was the second time in the last week they have been out.

Around 18 cars have been found to be over the 30mph speed limit. Their details will be passed to the Police who will then contact drivers.

The Police were also checking speeds last week. Altogether, four different locations have been used in the last week.

The Village Speedwatch team was set up in response to the concerns of many residents who were alarmed by the speed of cars passing through Cropwell Bishop.

Tony Jarrow

Stop here—rain or shine (7-3-14)

Bus Shelter What was going off outside the Cabin this morning? Lorry, barriers, road signs, men in yellow jackets.

A short time later, the lorry, together with men and equipment, pulled away and all was revealed. A new bus sheleter!

No longer need you worry about getting wet from above or from passing cars. It is also reassuring to see the bus company investing in its connection with our village.

Tony Jarrow

Bus Shelter

1914—Photos (3-3-14)

I now have photos of some of the men in my list of WW1 soldiers (see article of 27-2-14). The ones below were supplied by Anne Terzza.
The number in brackets refers to their position on the list.

First row: V. Hall (86) and O. Clarke (3)

Second row: W. Knight (50) and G. Hall (8)

Tony Jarrow

V. Hall O. Clarke W. Knight G. Hall

1914—John Hampson (3-3-14)

Johnn Hampson I have been contacted by Malcolm Dabell of Cropwell Bishop, who has kindly provided several photos relating to John Hampson (46 on the list). He writes:

"I thought that you may be interested to know about my great uncle, John Hampson.

John was born in Cropwell Bishop in c1891, and was baptised at St. Giles on the 8th February the same year.  He was one of twelve children born to John & Caroline Hampson (nee Squires).

John & Polly Hampson

In the 1911 census John was living with his parents on West Row, which I understand was opposite the Cropwell Creamery. He was employed as a gypsum miner.

He married local girl Mary Rick in 1914. Mary was always known as Polly.

He originally enlisted with the Notts & Derby regiment but was transferred to the 9th Battalion Royal Sussex regiment where he served as private.

John died from wounds in France on the 13th November 1918.

He is buried at the St. Sever cemetery, Rouen, France.

I feel that it is important that these brave men are not forgotten.

Best regards,

Malcolm Dabell"

Johnn Hampson

Johnn Hampson Wooden cross mounted on the outside wall at the rear of St. Giles church