Cropwell Bishop Village Parish Plan

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Village Show will be in September (9-6-14)

Once again there will be a Village Show at the Old School. This year it will take place on Saturday 6th September.

It will be organised along the same lines as last near with just a few updates to categories. Full details will be released very soon but, in the meantime, make a note of the date and start thinking about all the things you might grow or make.

Tony Jarrow

St Giles Church (4-6-14)

Church “We are pleased to let you know that the first phase of work has begun at St Giles’ Church.

This involves mainly drainage work and guttering to help stabilise the ground conditions around the church building, and should be completed within six weeks. This is part of the work which is being grant-aided by English Heritage / Heritage Lottery Fund which was already in the pipeline before the structural problems with the Chancel arch became apparent at the end of last year.

Unfortunately access will be restricted in some areas of the churchyard while this is going on, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. Services are continuing as advised on the notice boards.

The masonry work including the repair of the chancel arch is expected to take place in the Autumn, with timing dependent upon complying with bat protection legislation.

Thanks to the generosity of villagers and supporters from further afield, and news spreading of our needs, contributions continue to come in towards our Appeal Fund. We have also had welcome news of a significant boost by way of a promised grant of £5000 grant from Notts Historic Churches Trust towards the rebuilding of the chancel arch wall.

We now have approximately £35000 towards our target of £80000. Our next big fundraising effort will be across the Celebration Weekend (see Diary page, July 6th, for details) and we look forward to welcoming you at one of our events then.”

Hilary Tabron

Saturday Cafe (21-7-14)

Sat Cafe

We are the Best (almost) (3-7-14)

Best Village Poster

July Cropwell Cinema (19-6-14)


Everyone Welcome (3-7-14)


Summer Songs at Old School (11-6-14)


Celebration Weekend 2014 (29-6-14)

Celeb Weekend It is nearly here: our 2014 Village Celebrations will be held next weekend.

Friday July 4th to Sunday July 6th

Have you planned what you are going to do? Do you know when it is happening? Have you bought your ticket for 'Picnic in the Park'?

A program of events is inside this month's copy of Cropwell Bishop News. Alternatively, you can view a copy by 'right clicking' the images below and downloading them onto your computer.

See you there then!

Tony Jarrow

Celeb Weekend Celeb Weekend

Songs to Support the Roof (7-6-14)


It's Celebration Weekend! (2-7-14)

Picnic in the Park

Safari Sale on Saturday (25-6-14)

Safari Sale Just a few days to wait for the Safri Garage Sale in the Village. Nineteen stalls will be open and four will also be serving refreshments.

Start by getting a printed map from the 'Starting Point' on Fern Road (just opposite the Church) and then set off along any route you fancy.

Stalls will be open from 10am until 2pm (apart from a couple as indicated on the map).

See you there.

Tony Jarrow

June Saturday Cafe (24-6-14)

Sat Cafe

The Best Kept Village? (4-6-14)

Best Kept Village

Summer Planting (21-5-14)

Planting Members of the Gardening Club have been busy in the village planting flowers for the summer.

It is easy to take the beautiful displays for granted but the fact is it takes a lot of human effort to create them.

We are fortunate in Cropwell Bishop to have people with both the skills and energy to make it happen. Here they are at work.

Tony Jarrow

Planting Planting Planting Planting Planting

For maggie's (6-6-14)

Open Garden Open Garden

Pop Quiz (22-5-14)

Pop Quiz

June Cropwell Cinema (16-5-14)

Saving Mr Banks

New Footpath for the Village (16-5-14)

Map Road A new footpath is to be constructed between the Memorial Hall and the Creamery Store Building (& Quarry Farm): see map above.

This will, at last, make it safe for people to walk to these places and also provide access to the footpath across fields that starts just beyond the Creamery Building. At the same time, drainage work will be completed.

Whilst the work is being done, there will be a 30mph speed limit and temporary traffic lights will be in operation.

Make a note of the dates:

Monday 2nd June to Friday 8th August

Tony Jarrow

A Buzz in the Villlage! (4-6-14)


Father's Day: a unique gift (2-6-14)

Carolyn's Crafts

Litter Picking (29-5-14)

The Parish Council, Scouts, and Youth Cub all worked together to help with litter picking in the Village last Saturday.

Litter Picking Litter Picking Litter Picking

Photos by Mel Stanley

Litter-pick for the Best Kept Village (21-5-14)

On Saturday Morning (24th May) the Councillors, Scouts and village volunteers will be meeting at the Old School at 9,00am to do a Litter Pick and some Weeding around the village.

If you can spare a couple of hours to volunteer your services we would be more than grateful to see you at the Old School at 9.00am.  Disposable Gloves, Litter Grabbers and Black Bags will be provided for the task courtesy of The Borough Council - Streetwise.

The prize for winning the '2014 Best Kept Village Competition' is up to £1000 for our community—lets all work together to try to make our village a contender for this community prize.

Thank you
Janice Towndrow – Parish Clerk

Getting a Grand Piano into Old School (21-5-14)

How do you get a grand piano into the Old School? I would have imagined it to be an almost impossible task but, as these pictures show, it is relatively easy if you have the expertise and right equipment.

The piano was used for the music events at the Old School last weekend.

Photos from Elaine Robinson.

Tony Jarrow

Piano move Piano move Piano move Piano move

Beware! (20-5-14)

Cameron The other year Labour leader, Ed Miliband, got married at Langar Hall and last week David Cameron popped in the Stragglethorpe service station on the A46 to buy an ice cream. Here he is with shopkeeper Krunal Barot.

I shudder to think what a certain other another party leader might say or do if he appears in Cropwell Bishop!

Tony Jarrow

Sunday Recital at Old School (18-5-14)

Sunday Recital Sunday Recital Sunday Recital Sunday Recital Sunday Recital

Photos by Mel Stanley

Lynne Dawson at Old School (18-5-14)

Evening Recital International soprano, Lynne Dawson, gave a recital at the Old School last night: she was accompanied by Jonathan Fisher.

"An amazing night ... " reports Mel Stanley who also provided the photographs.

Evening Recital Evening Recital Evening Recital Evening Recital Evening Recital Evening Recital Evening Recital Evening Recital

Prince: did he or didn't he? (16-5-14)

Mem Hall opening In a recent article about the Memorial Hall (see 1-5-14) it was casually mentioned that the Hall was opened in 1932 by, the then, Prince of Wales.

Nothing new about that surely, there is a photo in the Hall showing the Prince arriving at our Memorial Hall. But did he actually open the Hall?

Anne Terzza sent me a paper clipping (see right) which clearly states that the Memorial Hall was actually opened by Mrs J. Derbyshire in 1929. So is that the truth?

I decided to rexamine the picture in the Memorial Hall. Beside the photo of the Prince is a faded paper clipping from the Nottingham Guardian dated 'Friday July 26th 1929'. It includes the following passage:

"Mrs J.N. Derbyshire will perform the opening ceremony on August 3rd ..."

So is that an end to the matter, or is there more to add?

Tony Jarrow

Guardian 1929

Memorial Hall Bookings (15-5-14)

Memorial Hall I know that many of you make use of the Memorial Hall for events. Please note that the contact details for making bookings has been updated from today.

If you wish to make a booking please phone Pam Barlow on 0115-989 2361 or Irene Hickman on 0115-989 2812. Alternatively, you can email Pam at:

Tony Jarrow

A Gruesome Service Available on Old Fosse Road? (13-5-14)

Cats Eyes

Thanks to John Greenwood for the photograph.

Memorial Hall: New Building Planned (1-5-14)

Poppy The Memorial Hall Committee want to build a new Memorial Hall to commemorate the centenary of the end of the Great War.

Following a committee meeting last Monday 28th April, the Committee has resolved to hold a public exhibition showcasing the suggested designs for the renewal of the Hall. This will be on:

Thursday 5th June 2014, from 5pm to 7pm, at the Memorial Hall.

Everyone is welcome to come and give their views.

Memorial Hall Memorial Hall Cropwell Bishop Memorial Hall was built in 1928 by the men of the village who volunteered their services to provide a building in memory of those who fell in the Great War, 1914 – 1918. It was opened officially by the Prince of Wales in 1932, who later became King Edward VIII (although never actually crowned—thanks to Mrs Simpson).

The Hall has served the village well for eighty six years and the time has come to think about a replacement which will last for another hundred years. The Committee have joined with Post Graduate students from Nottingham Trent University in launching a project to design a replacement to be ready to open on 11th November 2018 at 11am.

Memorial Hall Committee

St Gile's Way is ranked 48th in the UK! (30-4-14)

A press release by Notts County Council states .....

Good news could be on its way for residents of a Nottinghamshire street named as having one of the slowest broadband speeds in the UK.

A report by, the independent price comparison and switching service, names St Giles Way in Cropwell Bishop as having one of the 50 lowest download speeds in the UK. The street was ranked 48th slowest in the report, with an average download speed of 1.99Mbps.

However, the exchange area serving this location is expected to be upgraded as part of the first phase of works under the £20m Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire programme, being led by Nottinghamshire County Council and BT.

Works are due to commence on upgrading the exchange in June and, once complete, will result in many households and businesses being able to access a fibre network capable of delivering significantly faster speeds.

So that's all good then!

I suspect that there are other streets in the village that would claim that they are even slower. Let's hope that by the end of the year such arguments will be consigned to the past: fingers crossed.

Tony Jarrow

School: Working Together (25-4-14)

School Governor