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Where is it? (16-8-14)

The map below shows the location of the proposed landfill site referred in the previous news report.


Tony Jarrow

Land Fill Application (15-8-14)

Cropwell Bishop Parish Council has called an Extraordinary Council Meeting for next Monday evening (see notice of 11-8-14 below).

Since I was Chairman of the Cropwell Bishop Parish Plan I feel that it is in order for me identify points in the Application that may have a bearing on how residents view the proposal.

landfill site The Application is available on-line for anyone to see. However, because it is 26 pages long, I have tried to summarise it and pin-point the passages that might cause residents most concern.

The planning application by Chris Allsop Properties relates to the land that lies behind the Canalside Industrial Park. (see picture right)

Ostensibly, the planning application is to restore the site by filling it with 60,000 tonnes of material that is unsuitable for recycling, and then cover the waste with clay that already exists on site.

It is said that it will take 3 years to fill the hole and that by 2020 the job will be finished.

The photos below show the site.

landfill site landfill site

The purpose of the Cropwell Bishop Parish Council's Meeting next week is to enable residents to express their views of the Application.

Residents who have lived in the Village over 20 years, will recall the planning application by British Gypsum to fill with waste the giant hole left by its mining. That proposal was rejected by a packed meeting of Villagers at the Memorial Hall. As a result, the plan was abandoned and the land was restored to the site you can now visit across the road from the Canalside Industrial Park.

The current Application by Chris Allsop Properties is likely to affect, in some way, all residents of Cropwell Bishop. Now is the time to consider the impact it is likely to have on your lives over the next 6 years.

Key points:

  • In 2001, the land was covered with mounds of clay that had been left by British Gypsum. Even so, it was designated a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation and referred to as a Local Wildlife Site. This status protected it from any damaging development—or so it was thought.

  • Apparently, the owners of the land, Chris Allsop Properties, were not aware of its status.

  • In 2011 Chris Allsop Properties dug out clay from the site and sold it. There now remains a large hole as a result. See pictures above.

  • Now Chris Allsop Properties wish to restore the hole it dug to its original status as a Local Wildlife Site.

  • The Company proposes to fill the hole with clay, rubble, concrete, etc and then cover it with native clay on the site. The Company's view is that this would be more beneficial than leaving the site unfilled: there is no supporting evidence for this view.

  • It would first have to dig up more clay to enable the final mound of waste to be covered.

  • To deliver waste to the site, there would have to be, on average, 9 lorries (32 tonnes lorry with 20 tonne capacity) arriving—and then leaving—each working day.

  • However, the Applicant states that it may wish to import up to 15 lorry loads (that is 30 lorry movements) per day.

  • The site's working day would be: 7.00am-6.00pm weekdays, 7.30am-12.30pm on Saturday.

  • The application is to import, stockpile and process waste with a crusher/screener and compact the material into the hole.

  • The apparent uncertainty in the number of loads being delivered each day (9 to and fro, or 15 to and fro) is probably because the site will be used to process and stockpile waste. It looks like the waste material delivered to the site will not be simply dumped into the hole, it will be screened, some crushed and then any material that can be sold elsewhere, will be stockpiled and eventually taken away by another lorry. What percentage of arrivals will be treated in this way is unknown.

  • Using figures quoted in the application, it is calculated that the volume of waste that will be delivered to the site will be equal to 100m x 100m x 2m. Interestingly, the hole appears to be about 6m deep: does that mean that at some future date there could be will be an application to import more waste to completely fill the hole?

  • Dust, fibres and particles will be generated, particularly during dry weather.

  • Noise will be generated by the crusher, mechanical loading shovel and compactor. This will be most noticeable to properties downwind from the site.

  • If the sole aim was to correct the damage done in 2011 and restore the site to its original designation as a Local Wildlife Site, it could be done by simply re-contouring the existing material on site. The motives for filling the hole with waste lie elsewhere.

  • The desire of everyone concerned to make the site, once again, beneficial to local wildlife is commendable. However, sadly, there is no suggestion that the general public will be allowed access to the site if the proposed project is completed. The land will continue to be owned by Chris Allsop Holdings.

Data used was extracted from the Planning Application Supporting Statement. I have annotated a copy with a highlighter to draw attention to what I consider important points. To download a copy, click this link:

Planning Application Supporting Statement (with highlighting)

The 'Highway Impact Statement' is a document which analyses the possible effect of the Application on the roads around the Village. I have annotated a copy in a similar fashion: to download a copy, click the following link:

Highway Impact Statement (with highlighting)

If you are concerned about this possible development, I would urge you to attend the Meeting next Monday evening (Old School, 7.30pm).

It is unfortunate (for residents) that this Application has been made at time of the year when many people are on holiday (like I will be next week).

Attending this Meeting might offer you your only opportunity to have a bearing on the outcome of this Application.

Tony Jarrow

"NO" to Tip (20-8-14)

Old Gypsum Mine Last Monday, over 500 people visited this website and in the evening the Old School was packed with Villagers who wanted to speak their mind on the Planning proposal to tip at least 60,000 tonnes of waste in our village.

Our own Parish Councillors were there and so was our Rushcliffe Councillor, Gordon Moore and Notts County Councillor, Richard Butler. I was unable to attend but I have been told that the message, loud and clear, from residents was that they do not want the proposed landfilling scheme to go ahead.

They let councillors know that they want to formally object to the proposal.

That was two days ago and, as all of you are now probably aware, our Parish Council has responded amazingly swiftly. I have only just got back from a holiday but I understand that less than 24 hours after the meeting, people were getting through their letterbox full details of how they can send in formal objections to the Councils.

The yellow leaflet stapled to the August edition of Cropwell Bishop News summarises the situation and provides names of the people to contact and the urgency required. Clearly, our Parish Council has been very busy and fully supports the objections of Villagers.

These details are also on the Cropwell Bishop Council's own website: click the link in the right-hand column to go straight to it.

Remember, it is no good just sitting and grumbling about the situation, you have got to send a message to the people who matter—and you need to get it to them by Friday—so start writing now!

Note: If, for any reason, it is not possible for you to get your message there by Friday, send it in as soon as you possibly can. If there are lots arriving, it is possible that the deadline for objections will be extended.

Tony Jarrow

(The photograph above was taken in 1992. It is of the old gypsum mine that British Gypsum wanted to fill with waste. Compare its depth with the distant yellow digger. That was a much bigger hole but the planning proposal was successfully opposed by residents of Cropwell Bishop)

Do You Care? (17-8-14)

Yes or No

Our Parish Council has called this Meeting and the turn-out will be an indication of the strength of feeling of residents towards the Planning Application to dump waste in Cropwell Bishop. Parish Councillors exist to represent you, but you have to tell them your opinion—and this could be your only chance.

Notts County Council may well be attracted to the idea of using our Village to dump waste, after all, once house building starts in Cotgrave and then Bingham we are perfectly placed to offload waste material. It might like the idea of a 'small carbon footprint', but leaving the waste in Cotgrave and Bingham would make an even smaller one.

But we are the ones who will have to live with the problems it causes over the next 6 years. And, if in 2020, the house building hasn't finished, and if there is still space in our 'hole', who is going to say NO to carrying on for a few more years?

Chris Allsop Holdings is a private commercial company and, quite rightly, exists to make a decent profit. There is nothing at all wrong with that.

However, let's remember that the only reason we now face this situation is because the Company ignored (however inadvertently) development restrictions to dig the hole in the first place—and made a profit in doing so.

It now appears only too happy to correct this error by filling it with waste—and making further profit.

If you built a granny-flat at the bottom of your garden without getting planning permission, can you imagine the Council saying;
"Oh well, you weren't to know, and anyway, we are a bit short of low-cost housing at the moment so, rather than fine you or ask you to pull it down, we will allow you to let it and keep all the profits".
I really can't see that happening to you or me, can you?

Cropwell Bishop is your Village: if you can, take this opportunity to tell your Parish Councillors how you want it to develop. Remember, the "hole" needs little more than bulldozing to bring it back to its Wildlife Park status: it does not need filling with waste.

Tony Jarrow

'Full Child Care Provision' at Cropwell Bishop School (23-10-14)

A brand new building at Cropwell Bishop Primary School was officially opened today. It is owned by the School and will be used during the School day as a nursery for pre-school children.

BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around However, the building will be used for much more than that.

It will open at 7.30am as a 'Breakfast Club' for children between the ages of 2 and 12 years old. Then, at the end of the School Day, it will continue as an 'After School Club'—again, for children between the ages of 2 and 12 years old.

What this means for parents is that their children—whether pre-school or at Primary School—can be left with fully qualified staff from 7.30am to 6pm every School day.

BJ Wrap Around They can therefore continue working full-time in the reassuring knowledge that their children are in a happy, safe, warm and stimulating learning environment within the confines of the Cropwell Bishop School site. And, when the School breaks up for holidays, there will be a Holiday Club.

This 'Full Child Care Provision' will be provided by 'BJ Wrap Around'. This local Company employs staff that are highly qualified and experienced. It already provides a similar service at Burton Joyce Primary School and also at Schools in Arnold, Carlton and Bingham.

Head of Cropwell Bishop School, Phil Palmer and the staff of BJ Wrap Around are all enthusiastic about this new chapter in the story of our local School.

You can find all about the Childcare that is to be provided at Cropwell Bishop, by going to the website: BJ Wrap Around . Alternatively, pop down to the School for a leaflet.

The School has now broken up for the half-term holiday: the new building will begin life on Monday 3rd November—at 7.30am.

Tony Jarrow

BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around BJ Wrap Around

See an Artist at Work (4-11-14)

WI Meeting

Family Event—Something for Everyone (17-9-14)


Reinvents social dance crazes that have swept dance floors all over the world, the kind of dances we all end up doing at discos, wedding and family gatherings.
Brimming with nostalgia, wit and mind boggling moves, Spiltmilk Say Dance is a family friendly event with something for everyone.

In the first half of the evening the three dancers put their unique spin on familiar dance favourites; think Disco dancing to Sinatra, the YMCA to Mozart, and The Twist on chairs!
In the second half it’s your turn!!
Chairs are pushed back, and everyone is invited to join in a social dance like no other, with the dancers mingling and a caller making sure you all go the same way.
You’ll get to have a go at long-forgotten folk dances you learned at school, daft novelty dances you only do at weddings and elegant ballroom moves, all to some unexpected musical choices played by live musician Sam Dunkley.

Let's Celebrate Together (14-10-14)


Children's Cinema at Half-Term (21-10-14)

Cinema Poster

This Saturday ... (22-10-14)

Sat Cafe

Barbara Pugh (19-10-14)

I am sure that many of you will have bought a jar of something from Barbara Pugh at sometime over the last five years. Barbara and her husband, Rod, have been ever present at all sorts of events selling her Preserves.

This Saturday she will be selling at our Saturday Cafe—and it will be for the last time. To find out why, in Barbara's own words, read on....

"Exactly five years ago, with encouragement from friends and villagers, Anne Terzza and I arranged a few jars of my homemade jams and chutneys on a table at the November 2009 Saturday Cafe. Much to our surprise, people bought them and requested more! Mrs Pugh's Preserves was born, using local home grown produce, low sugar and no additives or preservatives.

Roy Terzza was my main supplier of organic vegetables until his untimely death, but many villagers kindly supplied me with produce from their allotments.

Time and Meniere's Disease has impinged on our hobbyness and we've regrettably had to retire.

Mrs Pugh's Preserves final appearance will be on Saturday 25th October at the Saturday cafe at the Old School.

All jars are priced at £2. With hessian gift bags at £1 each, you could buy a special Christmas gift for £5 for 2 or £7 for 3 jars in a bag.

Mrs Pugh hopes to be well enough to be there to support the Wonderful Mr Pugh, and looks forward to seeing you there."

Barbara Pugh

Sweet Talk .... (26-9-14)

Heritage Group

Ideas for Your Garden? (16-10-14)

Gardening Club Poster

£50,000! (26-9-14)

Church Your generosity, and success in attracting grants has helped us to gain £50,000 towards our 800th birthday Appeal for £80,000. What a brilliant effort in just 6 months! Notable contributions in the last couple of months have come from the Hymnathon £1335 and the Charity Folk Night £325. We also await news of a contribution from the Glastonbishop Festival, and we are so grateful for all the people who are supporting us across these various events.

The urgent repairs to the nave/chancel arch wall are now underway – as you might have guessed because of the forest of scaffolding now outside the church as well as inside.

We need to do more for our church building: there are further repairs and improvements to be dealt with to make the church a more fitting place to welcome people. Please continue to support events and appeals.

Save the date! Saturday 13th December, 3.00 – 5.00pm
‘Carols and Christmas Lights Open Afternoon’
Watch out for more details in the next issue.

P.S. We have a few years left in the 20th century still to be sponsored.  Your year of birth? Of marriage? In remembrance of a loved one? Or have you an original notion of a special year worthy of sponsoring for £100 towards the 800th birthday Appeal?
Contact to reserve a year.

Hilary Tabron

Ploughing Match (23-9-14)

All the monies received from entry fees and a raffle at this Ploughing Match have been donated to the Air Ambulance. This was a total of £380.

Pam Barlow

Ploughing Ploughing Ploughing Ploughing Ploughing Smashing day on fields at Cropwell.
Photos by Bob Eyre and Jan Marsh

Dove Cottage Appeal (19-9-14)

Dove Cottage Dove Cottage Day Hospice has been shortlisted for a Community Fund award that could give it up to £3,000. This would make a huge difference to the Dove Cottage community.

And you can help it win the award—all you have got to do is vote for Dove Cottage on a website run by Lloyds Bank. You can send in your vote online, by text, on twitter or at the Lloyd's Bank at Melton Mowbray.

For full details on how to do so, click on this link:
Lloyds Bank Community Fund-Dove Cottage

Your vote will make a difference.

Thank you.

Dove Cottage Day Hospice

Charity Folk and Country Night (16-9-14)

Folk Night Great music, great fun and a great profit for charity.

A huge thank you to all the performers who gave their time and effort for this charity concert at the Old School last Saturday, and to all those who attended to make it a fantastic evening.

Also special thanks to the entertainment committee and their friends who did a great job in organising, setting up and serving the BBQ, running the bar and sorting out the raffle.

The event made a fantastic £650 profit with £325 going to each of the charities – St Giles Church Fund Appeal and The Dancing Eye Syndrome Support Trust.

Janice Towndrow

Photos by Dave Downs

Folk Night Folk Night

Folk Night

Parish Room (12-9-14)

Parish Room Many thanks to all who have helped with preparation and painting of the Parish Room.

A few finishing touches still to do, then we will ready for curtains and flooring.

Ann Mansell

Parish Room Parish Room Parish Room Parish Room Parish Room Parish Room

Our Worsening Bus Service (5-9-14)

Our bus service appears to be going from bad to worse!

On top of the problem of a shrinking bus timetable, there are now reports of another problem. Apparently, bus drivers are refusing to travel along Hoe View Road because they say it is not listed on their schedule!

Following the Parish Council's earlier complaints to the County Council, it had a reply from Transport Manager at Notts County Council two days ago. Here it is:

We have received a number of emails regarding the revised bus services, the most recent of which asks for further information ahead of your Parish Council meeting this week.
We sent a full reply to the Cropwell Bishop Parish Council re their initial concerns regarding the new bus services. This makes a commitment to review the services later this year when they have been operational for a couple of months. Once we have the operational data and customer feedback we can judge, along with Trent Barton, if any changes are needed. We can then also have further discussions with all the Parish Councils. We need to remember that the new service operates to a number of villages who seem very pleased with them.
At the current time there is nothing further that I can add to our previous responses.
Kind regards,
Chris Ward
Team Manager, Transport & Planning Operations
Transport & Travel Services

Our Parish Clerk responded with:

Villages such as Granby, Elton, Orston, Aslockton, and Whatton may well be pleased with the new service as they now have 2 buses per hour to Nottingham as well as sensible links to Bingham. Some villages (Langar, Barnstone, Granby) also have the number 24 service which runs in to Bingham every couple of hours. Aslockton has its rail services.
What does Cropwell have ? – One unreliable bus to Nottingham each hour, and a 45 minute rural journey to Bingham (provided you set off back from Bingham before 14.10).
Can the County not see the imbalance of the current provision. Payments to Trent Barton for the rural Vale services have increased from £375 per day to £524 per day (which does include a replacement for the old 55) but our service to Cropwell has been drastically cut with the daytime 22 removed leaving only the unreliable Green into Town and the odd 853 service to Cotgrave. This represents extremely poor value for money spent and leaves the residents of Cropwell disappointed and frustrated at the poor service.

The advise from our Parish Council is to continue to report their problems with the bus service to the County ( ) and to Trent Barton ( ).

The Parish Clerk, Jan Towndrow ( ) will forward on any complaints she receives.