Cropwell Bishop Village Parish Plan

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Variety Show's gift to Church Building (25-11-14)

Figures are yet to be verified but we are thrilled to announce that, thanks to your stellar performances and the generosity of both cast, audience and friends of St Giles, we have raised £718.

Elaine & Mell

Could be a Life Saver (25-11-14)

Defibrillator Defibrillator Some fantastic news for the Village, Robin Skailes of Cropwell Bishop Creamery has advised us that there is now a defibrillator installed up at the diary which has been registered with the ambulance service.

It is available for our residents to use in case of an emergency by simply calling 999.

The ambulance service will then give you the code to get into the defibrillator unit and take you from there.

The defibrillator is placed under the balcony on the outside wall of the dairy building so as you go up the drive it is just off to the right slightly facing you mounted on the outside wall.

The Parish Council would like to thank the creamery for this facility being open to all of our residents.


Jars of Taste will Continue (25-11-14)

Mrs Pugh's Preserves will be at the Christmas Fair!

Though Mrs Pugh's health has forced her retirement and she has handed over the jamspoon to Teresa Noakes, she remains as Consultant to ensure her secret recipes continue.

Teresa has been busily making Gluten and fat free Brandy Mincemeat and Hedgerow jams and jellies. Do welcome her into the village. The Wonderful Mr Pugh will be there with her to settle her in!

The Cropwell Bishop Variety Show—Unwrapped (23-11-14)

Variety Show You just had to be there! Otherwise, you would just not believe how artistically talented are some of your Village neighbours.

The Old School was packed out early this afternoon for the "Great Cropwell Bishop Home Grown Matinee Show". Out came dancers, singers, musicians with wind instruments and those with stringed instruments, each giving their best for our entertainment and joy. With an age spread of 70 plus years variety of acts was great and Great in both senses.

It was like being at the Concert Hall and Theatre Royal rolled into one. There was serious singing, funny singing and sing-along singing—and all were wonderful to be part of.

At the end, the Old School morphed into the Albert Hall as we sang Rule Britannia and the like and waved our little union jack flags.

Flowers and thanks went to sisters Elaine and Mel who thought up the Show and worked extremely hard over many months to ensure it was a success—and everyone who was there knows it certainly was.

All money raised will go towards the fund for restoring the St Giles Church building.

Tony Jarrow

Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show Variety Show

Xmas Ideas? (10-11-14)

Christmas gift ideas from Cropwell Bishop Heritage Group .....


Tea towels £2.95,
“Memories of Cropwell Bishop” D.V.D. £7
“Chronicles of Cropwell Bishop” £8
Bags £2

Contact Ann on: 0115-989 2770,
Lesley on: 0115-989 3885, or
Jill on: 0115-989 2184

More Cropwell Bishop Winners (14-11-14)

Runners Alongside this year's Ikano Robin Hood Marathon and Half-Marathon in Nottingham, there was an event for much younger runners.

Over two thousand boys and girls took part in the 2.5k Mini Marathon event on 28th September. As part of it, there was a 'Schools Challenge' for Nottinghamshire children.

Last Wednesday evening at The Hilton Hotel in Nottingham, awards were presented to winners—and four were from our own Cropwell Bishop Primary School!

Ellis Weinberg, Harvey Wagland and Will Inman were awarded 3rd place in the U9’s boys school team award, and Matilda Herries was awarded individual 3rd place for U7’s girls.

That is wonderful news and, let's not forget, that earlier in the summer a T-shirt design competition for this event was won by Sophie Cordon—who is also at the School.

Well done to them all.

Tony Jarrow

PS Don't forget that the Stilton Stumble is taking place from the Memorial Hall on Sunday. Over 400 runners will be taking part. See poster below for details.

Rushcliffe Community Awards 2014 (12-11-14)

Awards Awards Awards Two people from Cropwell Bishop were nominated for a Rushcliffe Community Award at the ceremony held at The Becket School this evening and, I am very pleased to announce, one of them actually won: Jo Wroughton.

Jo was nominated in the category, "Supporting Children and Young People". She, along with Lisa Simpson, was a founder of the Cropwell Bishop Youth Club, or, as it prefers to be known CKOB (Cropwell Kids of Bishop).

Her award is in recognition of the great effort that Jo and her supporters have put in to make the Youth Club such a great success for young people in our village.

Her win was announced by Nottinghamshire County Councillor, Richard Butler, and her award was presented to her by the Mayor of Rushcliffe, Ron Hetherington.

Our other entrant, Ray Kimpton, was presented with a certificate for his nomination in the category, "Protecting and Enhancing our Environment".

The Ceremony has become an annual event and showcase for the tremendous achievements of many individuals and groups in communities far and wide in Rushcliffe.

One winning group from Langar & Barnstone, made a point of paying tribute to Carola Jones for the way she encouraged and supported them as they toiled to set up a community meeting place.

If it were not for the many people who voluntarily give their time and effort to community projects, Rushcliffe would be a much poorer place to live.

To be fair, all the nominees deserved an award and the organisers acknowledge this. However, just being at the ceremony is an honour and, the fact is, these people were nominated precisely because they are making the extra effort without any desire for reward or recognition.

The sense of values of these people, compared with, say, City bankers who demand million pound rewards to "gamble" with our money, seemed very large this evening.

Tony Jarrow

Xmas Party (8-11-14)

Xmas Party

A Christmas Laugh (24-10-14)

Victor & Albert

Christmas Carols and Lights (8-12-14)

Carols & Lights

Stilton Stumble (16-11-14)

This morning there was a great deal of acitivity up at the Memorial Hall. Hundreds of runners were gathering for the start of the Stilton Stumble Runs.

At 10am runners set off on the 24k (half-marathon run) and 10 minutes later more runners started their 10k race. Here are a few pictures to give you a taste of the atmosphere.

Tony Jarrow

Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble

Carola Jones (11-11-14)

Carola Jones It is with sadness that I have to report the death of Carola Jones.

She died last night after a long illness. Many of you will know Carola and be aware that, were it not for Carola, you would not be looking at this website right now.

Carola lived in Cropwell Butler but her link with Cropwell Bishop and many people in the village was cemented 8 years ago. At that time Carola worked for Rural Community Action Group (RCAN) and in November 2006 she was invited by the Parish Council to make a presentation to a group of people at the Memorial Hall.

Carola described how some villages on Nottinghamshire had developed and published something called a ‘Parish Plan’. She encouraged us to consider doing the same thing in Cropwell Bishop. Carola won us over and two months later, following a large public meeting in the Memorial Hall, a group of 20 people formed a Steering Group that would eventually publish the Cropwell Bishop Village Plan two years later.

Carola Jones During those years there were sixteen Group meetings and several public presentations and community events as the group toiled to produce the final Plan. Throughout all of this it was Carola who steered us. She was ever present to give guidance and advice based on her experience working with many other village groups throughout Nottinghamshire. At the same time she fully supported us if ever we wanted to do things a bit differently.

The launch of the Cropwell Bishop Village Plan was in January 2009 at the Old School—which was itself a consequence of the Plan. Carola was there of course, and afterwards she was presented with a bouquet as a mark of gratitude for all she had done for our Village.

The last two years were very difficult for Carola but whenever she had visitors she would always be full of enthusiasm and full of smiles even as she recovered from a session of chemotherapy or a blood transfusion.

Carola Jones This treatment in early 2013 gave her renewed strength and during the summer, she and husband Ian were able to go on a holiday to Cornwall, visit Blenheim Palace three times and even attend performances of Fiddler on the Roof and The Messiah. Carola was fully aware of the seriousness of her illness and that is precisely why she intended making the most of what time she had left.

In November last year she was at the Rushcliffe Community Awards where she was presented with the Mayor’s Special Award for her work with communities and voluntary groups in Rushcliffe over many years.

It was then that she did what she wanted to do more than anything else. With the support of Ian and the rest of her family, she flew to Pittsburgh USA to see her 8 week old grandchildren: twins Henry and Toby.

Carola Jones Carola would sometimes come out with the Walking Club on a Sunday morning and it was just 3 weeks ago that she replied to my last invite saying;

“Thanks very much for the invitation, Tony. Unfortunately, not this time once again. My stamina is unfortunately not what it used to be.... I do hope you have a lovely morning on Sunday, and best wishes to all. Carola”

Carola will be missed by many people and my own lasting memory will be of her positive attitude over the last two years, and her determination to get the most out of every day she had left. A lesson for us all.

Tony Jarrow

Getting ready for the Show (22-11-14)

Piano It is our own Village Talent Show tomorrow (see poster below) and yesterday a piano had to be transported to the Old School for the event.

Thanks to Mel Stanley for the photo.

Still a few ticket left but you will need to hurry.

A Growing Reminder (12-11-14)

Remembrance Trees The Royal British Legion has called on the public to plant a living legacy for those who fought and died in the First World War as part of its Centenary commemorations.

Cropwell Bishop Parish Council wanted to be part of this legacy and with the help of a grant from Cllr. Gordon Moore, purchased two trees one for the Old School and one for the Memorial Hall to mark this occasion.

At the tree planting at the Old School this morning were Primary School pupils, School Head Phil Palmer, CBPC Chairman Alan Wilson, Clerk Janice Towndrow and Gordon Moore.

The tree is a Cherry Bird Watereri.

The Parish Council hope this living legacy will serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made for our freedom for many years to come.

Remembrance Trees

The tree is sited in the far left-hand corner of the grassy area beside the Old School.

Remembrance Trees The tree planted on the Memorial Hall Playing Field is a Copper Beech. Shown in the picture are: Gordon Moore, Alan Wilson, Pam Barlow, Ray Kimpton and Irene Hickman.

The tree is sited near the fence at the bottom of the field—near the big 'spider-web' play apparatus.

Tony Jarrow

Pamper Yourself (14-11-14)

Pamper Evening

Saturday Cafe (23-11-14)

Sat Cafe

Brighten Up your Autumn Day (1-9-14)

Variety Show