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Imitation Game

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Doddington Hall (16-2-15)

Doddington Hall

What's the Answer? (20-2-15)


Langar Tip (4-3-15)

Our local County Councillor, Richard Butler, has just sent out this message regarding the proposed closure of Langar Tip.

Well, we tried, we really tried.

So many people took time to talk, sign petitions, lobby, campaign and all the rest of it, but I’m sorry to say that the county council will be closing the Langar HWRC at 6pm on the 31st March.

My colleagues and I presented a fully costed and realistic alternative Budget last week, in a meeting that lasted for nearly 11 hours. Part of that budget was to keep the Langar HWRC open, and independent finance officers at NCC confirmed that our budget was realistic and workable.

In the end, it came to a vote of the full council either for or against our Budget. The votes were: 33 for, 33 against. This is a rare occurrence but all the opposition parties and groups supported our Budget. Therefore it came down to the Chairman’s casting vote, which was against our Budget and for the lead group’s – which means the closing of Langar HWRC.

Apparently NCC will be sending out formal information and are “talking” to RBC with regards to minimising potential impact of closure.

I am sorry to say we seem to have failed on this one.

Kind regards.


Councillor Richard Butler
Member for Cotgrave Division
Nottinghamshire County Council

Saturday Cafe (22-3-15)

Sat Cafe

Roadworks at Bingham (26-2-15)

Do you travel on the roads near Bingham during the night between 8pm and 6am? If so, you should read the message below which describes the 5 weeks of overnight road closures that will be taking place starting on Monday 9th March.

Tony Jarrow

Re: A52 Resurfacing – Saxondale Roundabout to Grantham Road, Bingham.

A-one+ are the Managing Agent Contractor (MAC) working for and on behalf of the Highways Agency for the trunk road and Motorway network in the East Midlands (Area 7).
I am writing to you to advise you that we will shortly be carrying out resurfacing works on the A52 between Saxondale Roundabout and Grantham Road, Bingham commencing on the 9th March 2015 for 5 weeks, weather dependant.

Description of works

The proposed works involve resurfacing areas of the eastbound and westbound carriageway and the entire circulatory of Saxondale Roundabout. These works will improve the current condition of the road surface, increasing safety and ride quality along the affected sections. In addition to the resurfacing works all road markings will be replaced and new warning signs will be installed on the A52 approaches to Tithby Road Junction.

All works will be undertaken at night, working 8:00pm to 6:00am and in order to carry out the works it is necessary to close the A52 in both directions between Saxondale Roundabout and Barrowby (A1 northbound entry slip road). The works will be phased in sections so that access to Bingham and other surrounding villages will be maintained at all times. Diversion routes will be in place throughout all phases of the works.
Some disruption to journeys is expected for the duration of the scheme which will be minimised by carrying out the works at night. Due to works being undertaken at night, disruption to residents is planned to be minimised by carrying out noisier operations at the beginning of shifts.

The works have been identified as essential for the maintenance of the carriageway. Once completed, all road users will benefit from the improved road safety and ride quality of the carriageway.

Contact Details

Out of office hours, whilst the work is taking place please call Andrew Jackson, our Site Manager on 07919530123 if you have any problems or questions.
If you have any feedback for us on this scheme please call the Highways Agency Information Line on 0300 123 5000 or email
You can get further information for the Midlands motorways and trunk roads by using the Highways Agency Website via this link,

If you have an iPhone you can now take advantage of our “free travel news app”. The app allows you to check how the traffic is flowing on motorways and trunk roads in England before you begin your journey. This can be found by visiting,
Yours sincerely
For and on behalf of A-one+ Integrated Highway Services
Lee Broughton
(Acting) Roads Delivery Manager

Cropwell Cinema's next Film (21-2-15)

Mr Turner

Design Your Garden (19-1-15)

Garden Design

Can we have our buses back? (21-2-15)

I am sure that you are aware of the rapid decline in the bus service to Cropwell Bishop.

But are you aware of the massive efforts that are being made to get us a bus service that takes us where we want to go, at the times that suit us? Other nearby villages seem to be getting more of what they want—so why not us?

Parish Councillor, John Greenwood, is arguing our case most strongly. Find out what he wants for us and how far he has got by clicking on the 'Travel' tab above.

Tony Jarrow

Has your 'Fast Broadband' gone slow? (26-2-15)

I have been emailed by a resident who is connected up to fibre optic braodband with BT but has now gone 13 days without a fast connection.
BT have told her that there is a problem with the line and that other people in Cropwell Bishop are also affected.

Are you affected in the same way? Email me if you are.

Tony Jarrow

60s Night (7-2-15)

Ready Steady 60's night at The Old School last night.

60s Night 60s Night 60s Night 60s Night 60s Night 60s Night 60s Night 60s Night 60s Night Mel Stanley

Fast Broadband (6-2-15)

Are you enjoying the benefits of fast broadband in your home? Are you able to watch BBC iPlayer live? Do web pages appear almost instantly?

If you have not upgraded your internet connection with your provider (eg BT) then the answer to all the above questions is almost certainly NO!

The speed of the broadband connection to Cropwell Bishop was made over 20 times faster on the 24th October 2014. On that day 814 homes in Cropwell Bishop were given the opportunity to enjoy the internet at high speed.

However, unless to tell the company that provides your broadband (your "provider") that you want to use the faster service, then you will carry on getting the same old slow internet speed.

Your Provider will want to charge you a bit more for the higher speed but it may be only a few pounds a month. But, if you want to get the higher speeds available without paying any more money, then you can do so by changing to a new provider. Additionally, it will probably welcome your custom with a discount of over £100 in your first year.

Tony Jarrow


To find our more about fast broadband in Cropwell Bishop and Nottinghamshire:

- click on "October 2014" in the Earlier News Stories on the right. There are several stories relating fast broadband.

- go to:

- go to:

Dog Fouling – Hoe View Road (5-2-15)

Dog Sign There have been many complaints to the council over the last few weeks regarding constant dog fouling at the bottom of Hoe View Road situated from the seat at the bottom of Hoe View Road onto the pathway on Butler Road towards the new Bus Shelter.

Families with children in pushchairs and young toddlers walking are experiencing problems with it on pushchairs and children’s feet – NOT pleasant if you have to clean it up!!!

This area has been reported to the dog wardens and if you are caught not cleaning up after your dog you will be fined.

Be a responsible dog owners and clean up after your dog.  Free dog waste bags are available from the Cabin or from the Clerk at the Old School.

Janice Towndrow – Parish Clerk 

Langar Tip to Go (22-1-15)

Last-ditch attempts to save an “essential” household waste and recycling centre have failed – with the closure of Langar tip still set to go ahead in March. Read more at:

Rawlings Court: Flats Available (22-1-15)

Rawlings Court There are a number of one and two bedroom properties available.

They are primarily for people over the age of 55yrs but younger persons will be considered if in receipt of the higher level DLA.

Anyone interested can register on Homesearch: 0115-9819911, or by contacting Metropolitan on:
02035 353535.

If you would like more information contact the Manager, Lynn Knowles on: 0115-989 9052.

Church Trees (21-1-15)

Trees at Church Why are trees being removed from the churchyard?

St Giles’s Church is 800 years old this year and, like any old building, is in constant need of repair and renovation. Our current programme of repairs is being carried out in conjunction with English Heritage and started in the autumn of 2012.

We consulted independent professionals who advised us that some of the structural problems of the church are related to the swelling and shrinking of the clay on which it stands. They suggested that the problem could be addressed by repairing and renewing rainwater disposal systems and by the removal of selected trees in the churchyard.

Trees at Church Large trees take up gallons of water each day when they are in leaf, which worsens the clay shrinkage, and their roots can damage the water drains. Other work within the programme included some masonry repairs, for example on the outside of the south chancel wall, which have now been completed. English Heritage awarded us a grant which covered about half the total costs, and the rest of the money came from other grants and local fundraising in 2013.

There was a particular crisis at the end of 2013 with the near-collapse of the arch between the nave and chancel inside the church.

Trees at Church We launched an Appeal Fund in March 2014 to raise money for this new repair and for other improvements to the church prior to our 800th birthday in 2015. From the generous donations and grants that we have received so far, we have already achieved the rebuilding of the arch wall, and structural strengthening of the walls on either side of the arch and of the roof timbers above, at a cost of approximately £40,000.

The project is essentially complete; we’re just waiting for the lime plaster to dry completely before applying limewash in the spring. Some appeal money has also been used for specialist monitoring of the movement of the building.

Our independent professionals advised that the recommended drainage and tree work should be carried out as soon as possible to provide a stable base for the repaired arch. The drainage work was carried out in June-July 2014 and the tree work started on 6th January 2015. The cost of this work was met by the original English Heritage Project Fund and no money was taken from the new Appeal Fund.

Trees at Church Permission for Repairs and for Removal of Trees

Any work carried out in church is subject to the same planning laws as anywhere else. In addition we have to seek advice and permission from the Diocese, English Heritage and the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings. We have followed all the appropriate procedures and the necessary permissions have been granted.

We are committed to ensuring that the removal of trees is kept to the minimum. The Rushcliffe Borough Council Officer responsible for trees has confirmed that there are no Tree Preservation Orders on any of the trees in the churchyard. He visited the churchyard and was satisfied that our proposal for the removal of one sycamore and one lime tree was justified.

Plans for the Future

We know we have more structural issues to deal with, and we also have longstanding plans to install a kitchenette and toilet beneath a raised ringing floor in the tower. We are expecting to receive more external grants and will continue our own fundraising efforts in the coming year.

If you would like to know more, you are welcome to join us at our Annual Parochial Church Meeting (the church’s AGM) on Monday 13th April at 7.30 pm in St Giles’s Church. Thank you for supporting us in preserving and improving our much-loved church building for everyone to use both now and in the future.

Sue Macdonald and Hilary Tabron

Not for Artistic Reasons (16-1-15)

Spheres For 40 years there was no need for them but, sadly, now there is.

Between the ends of Brownhill Close and St. Giles Way is an area of grass with a footpath that is used by many adults and children every day.

Most people will be surprised to see the arrival of 8 big concrete spheres placed across this grassy gap.

No doubt they will be dismayed to find that it has cost £700 to put them there.

And I am sure they will be shocked to discover the cause of the problem that has led to our Parish Council having to spend money doing this.

Find out the facts in the January issue of "Cropwell Bishop News" which will be dropping through your letter box in the coming days.

Spheres Tony Jarrow

Great Music at The Old School (12-2-15)

slim panatella

Saturday Cafe (22-2-15)

Sat Cafe

Where will it end? (7-1-15)

Tree On the right, a familiar view of St Giles Church: this photo was taken on Sunday.

Below, the photo on the left was taken yesterday and the one on the right was taken at 10 o'clock this morning.

What will be the view tomorrow?

Tree Tree (Photos by Tony Jarrow, Elaine Robinson and Mel Stanley)

Interested in being a Parish Councillor? (5-1-15)

On the date of the General Election, May 7th 2015, there will also be a Cropwell Bishop Parish Council Election.

Would you like a new challenge and become a Parish Councillor? Want to know more?

The Parish Council will be holding a seminar on Monday 9th February 2015 at the Old School at 7pm to talk to anyone who would be interested in standing for elections. 

Please contact the Clerk on 0115-989 4656 to register your interest if you wish to come along and talk to existing councillors who would be happy to explain what is involved, duties etc.

Please visit this link below to read up on How to Become a Councillor.

Cropwell Cinema (21-1-15)

Gone Girl

Cropwell Cinema—children (21-1-15)

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Do you want to play? (27-12-14)

Starting in February rehearsals will take place for a community Big Band in Harby. The idea is to form a big band – around 25 musicians – playing swing, blues, jazz, R&B, Rock ‘n Roll and any music that can be adapted for a big band.

Any age, sex or musical ability would be welcomed but instrumentalists that are currently needed are saxes (alto & tenor), particularly trumpets and trombones, keyboard and possibly a kit drummer and bass player. Anyone with experience or aspirations to be musical director would also be welcome. We already have some saxes and guitars but vocalists would also be welcome – both male and female.

The idea is to form a community band within which a hard core of competent and confident musicians will be established who can perform for charity in the future. There will be no financial reward and participants will benefit from personal development and gaining the pleasure of playing with likeminded musicians.

If you are interested and need further information please contact Jon Jayes on 07866642014 or as soon as possible.

1960s Music Night (12-12-14)

60s Night