Cropwell Bishop Village Parish Plan

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Saturday Cafe (29-5-15)

Sat Cafe

Next Cropwell Cinema (17-4-15)

The Theory of Everything

What was here before Cropwell Bishop? (8-3-15)

Heritage Group

Band Night—everyone welcome (30-3-15)


A Warm Welcome to all Residents... (8-4-15)

Annual Parish Meeting

Saturday Cafe Next Weekend (18-4-15)

Old School As usual, everybody gets a warm welcome at our own Village monthly Cafe at the Old School.

Make a note:
Saturday 25th April
10am - Noon

Coffee/Tea and cakes available.

Phoenix cards & stationery,
Cheryl's cakes & bakes,
Jo's handmade cards,
Mrs Pugh's preserves

Sunset Rainbow this Evening (12-4-15)


Photo by Jan Marsh

Easter Cakes (1-4-15)

WI Photos of The WI Easter cakes stall at the Saturday Cafe.WI

Eclipse (21-3-15)

Eclipse Did you witness the eclipse of the Sun yesterday?

The easy way to see it was to use a card with a small hole in it and let the light shine through and onto a screen; eg a sheet of paper. This is how a pinhole camera works.

Make more holes and you get more images—the holes don't need to be round as long as they are small: the smaller the hole, the sharper the image.

With this in mind, see what happened when I took a photograph of a pew in St Giles Church during the eclipse.

Light from the Sun passing through numerous small gaps between the branches of the tree outside (creating numerous 'pin holes'), passed through the window (and some stained glass) and then onto the pews.

You can clearly see the crescent shape of the Sun in the many overlapping images.

The images on the left-hand side appear 'stretched out'. This is because the seat, which has effectively become the 'screen', is not at 90 degrees to the Sun's rays, whereas the pew end-panel on the right is facing the Sun and so the images are true.

Did anybody else take a photo during the event?

Tony Jarrow

Good News and Bad News (18-3-15)

First the good news. We in Cropwell Bishop love having super-fast broadband. The demand for upgrades to a fibre optic connection has been very high and now many of us are enjoying the benefits of being able to download, films, catch-up TV, etc.

Now the bad news. The demand has been so great that BT has now filled all available 'slots' in the new fibre cabinets! I know of two people who, in the last week, have been told that they can't be upgraded at present and will have to wait months before BT are able to contemplate increasing the capacity of the cabinets.

I you have been affected in this way, please email me. I can contact the people who have been involved with the Super-Fast Broadband Project in Nottinghamshire in the hope of speeding things up.

Tony Jarrow

Slim Panatella (14-3-15)

Slim Panatella Last night at the Old School, brilliant instrumentalists, 'Slim Panatella', showed us why they have remained popular on the music scene for many years.

Simon, Hilary and Richard dazzled us with their fiinger skills on a variety of strings and fretboards and Hilary soothed us with her beautiful singing voice. With the addition of stories, jokes—and even a poem, the ever changing pace of the evening kept everyone happy. The availability of food and drinks helped too.

It was another sell-out 'Village Ventures' show arranged by our Old School Entertainment Committee. Keep a look out for more later in the year.

Tony Jarrow Slim Panatella Slim Panatella Slim Panatella Slim PanatellaSlim Panatella Slim Panatella Slim Panatella Slim Panatella Slim Panatella Slim Panatella Slim Panatella Slim Panatella Slim Panatella