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A52-Tythby Road - Possible Delays next Sunday (18-1-16)

If you plan to drive near the junction of the A52 and Tythby Road next Sunday 28th January, be aware that you may be held up by Road Surfacing Work taking place from 8am to 6pm.

There will be "3 Way Stop/Go Boards" in operation during this time. The work is planned for this one day only.

Tony Jarrow

Gardening Club Welcomes Everyone (14-1-16)

Garden Club

How Women Fought for the Right to Vote (5-1-16)

Suffragette at Cropwell Cinema

Cropwell Cheesemakers Shop (17-12-15)

Cheese Shop Still looking for a stocking fillers for friends and relatives?

Don't forget to visit our own Cheese shop on Nottingham Road. Up to Chirstmas, it will be open:

  • Friday 18th 8.30 - 5.30
  • Sat 19th 8.30 - 5.30
  • Sun 20th Closed
  • Mon 21st 8.30 - 7.00
  • Tues 22nd 8.30 - 7.00
  • Wed 23rd 8.30 - 7.00
  • Thurs 24th 8.30 - 1.30

Tony Jarrow

Cheese Shop Cheese Shop Cheese Shop Cheese Shop

Gary Jowett (Butcher) Cropwell Bishop (17-12-15)

Gary Jowett Shop For fresh meat of every kind, you don't even need to leave the village: it is all on sale at Gary Jowett's shop on Nottingham Road. Lots of other foods and extras on sale too.

During Chirstmas week, his shop will be open:

  • Tues 22nd 8.30 - 5.00
  • Wed 23rd 8.30 - 7.00
  • Thurs 24th 8.30 - 1.00

Tony Jarrow

Snapshot of Photographic History (21-11-15)

Last Tuesday, well known to a number of people in the audience, Sue Clayton from the Flintham Museum treated the Heritage Group to a fascinating journey through the history of photography from the earliest times to the Box Brownie and beyond.

Although faced with a howling gale, 25 brave souls battled their way to the Memorial Hall to listen Sue`s talk and were rewarded with a most interesting presentation.

Before photography, the only way to have one`s likeness reproduced was through the painting of a portrait.  But, of course , this remained almost exclusive to royalty and the aristocracy. What was needed was a way of producing  images of places and people easily and without great expense so that these became within reach of the general population, but it wasn`t until the 1800`s that this began to become a reality.

Along the way, some progress had been made.  As expected for a man before his time, Leonardo da Vinci had demonstrated how light from an image passing through a pinhole could be seen on a card on the other side, albeit upside down. The Frenchman Daguerre had devised a system to produce an image on a copper plate, but it was Henry Fox-Talbot in England who developed a method of creating a negative which then allowed multiple photographic copies to be made.

Such were these advances that by the mid 1880`s the first photographic studios were being set up, where people could get their photo taken at an affordable cost.  But, as Sue explained, this was still no easy matter. The subject, having turned up in his or her Sunday best were first of all `assessed`. This meant that if the clothes that they were wearing were of an unsuitable colour for the photographic process, they would be asked to change into other ones held at the studio, and these were often ill-fitting and uncomfortable, They would then be led to a room at the top of the building which would be entirely constructed of glass so as to maximise the light. They would be turned to be facing the light and then be clamped into position for the exposure, which could take about 2 minutes . During this time the subject had to maintain the same expression. At this point in her talk, Sue called for a volunteer to try this out but he failed after a little over a minute!  As Sue said, this strict procedure explains why the old photographs of our ancestors have them looking so stern.

Developments then went on apace with the first photographers experimenting with different method and photographic media. Many died young, most likely through exposure to the toxic chemicals they worked with. But through their efforts modern photography was born.  Costs were reduced, the first cameras preloaded with film became available, and with exposure times dramatically reduced  taking photographs became a popular pastime. Sales of photograph albums soared, as people stored the photos they had taken,  convenient for family viewing and discussions.  Now we have entered the digital age where will this take us in the future?

Sue concluded her talk by leaving us to ponder that question, and it was only left for Ann Mansell to thank her on behalf of the audience for giving us such an absorbing presentation.  

Ken Shelton

Cropwell Bishop Firework Night (16-11-15)

Thank you to all those who came along and supported the annual Firework event on the 6th November at the Memorial Hall. I am sure you will all agree the fireworks were spectacular!!.

A fantastic £309 was raised on the evening and has been donated to Dove Cottage.

Thank you to all those who helped make the evening a great success.

Janice Towndrow – Parish Clerk

Super Fireworks Show! (6-11-15)

Fireworks Fireworks Fast, furious and fabulous! Was it the best Fireworks display we have ever had in the Village? Well there can't have been any better up on the Memorial Hall Field this evening.

After the past few days of rain—and then rain again for most of today, it was almost magical the way the sky cleared to reveal a black sky and millions of stars and no Moon just before the 7pm start; just perfect for our spectacular show.

With hot food, mushy-peas and hot drinks available from the busy volunteers in the Hall Kitchen, everything was perfect for the hundreds of folk and children who had walked up from the Village.

Do any other nearby Villages offer the same enjoyment for free? Many thanks to our Parish Council.

Tony Jarrow

Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks

'Fern Charity Enterprises'—a new Village Hall? (4-11-15)

CB sign Cropwell Bishop is well served by both the Memorial Hall and The Old School and both buildings are well used. However, our vision is for a new-build village hall to replace the Memorial Hall, in the long term. We are initiating fund-raising efforts towards this aim.

Next year we are planning a concert, so watch this space for the details and a surprise.

In the meantime, if you would like to donate to a new-build village hall savings fund, please go to the crowdfunding website link below as we are trying to raise £500 in 30 days.

Your “good old days are still ahead of you, may you have many of them.” ― Sam Levenson, In One Era & Out the Other

Or please donate by cheque to 'Fern Charity Enterprises'.

Elaine Robinson & Mell Stanley & Jo Barlow (Fern Charity Enterprises)

Cropwell Bishop Scouts at Saturday Cafe (31-10-15)


Have you bought your 2016 calendar yet? (28-10-15)

Why not treat yourself to a beautiful St Giles' Church one, full of fantastic photos taken by villagers as part of the photographic competition held this summer. Now only a limited number left.

A bargain at only £5 each, all proceeds to the St Giles' Church 800 birthday appeal fund.
Available at this weekend's Saturday cafe.


Xmas Lunch & Film (4-11-15)

Xmas Lunch

Singing at the Old School (17-11-15)

Winter Warmer

Saturday Cafe coming up (22-11-15)

Sat Cafe

Pot a Paint (16-11-15)

Carolyns's Crafts

Go 'French' in Cropwell Bishop! (9-9-15)

French Evening

Have you lost your key? (9-11-15)

I found a house key on a keyring in the field by the gate just off Church Street at 15:10 today (9th November). If anyone has lost them, please contact me on 07912 985207 describing the key and keyring.

Peter Storer

Stilton Stumble (11-10-15)

It was very busy in Cropwell Bishop this Sunday morning. Around 300 runners gathered on the Memorial Hall Field ready to run the Stilton Stumble. Over 200 entered the 10K Run and about 70 were running the tougher 24K Run.

The 24K runners set off at 10am and ten minutes later the 10K runners were also out on the road heading towards the Lime Kiln.

The morning was cool, the sun was breaking through and there was no wind: conditions perfect for the runners. This, now annual, event is organised by Cropwell Bishop Friends of the School and 1st Cropwell Bishop Scout Group and they share the proceeds. Sponsors include Cropwell Bishop Creamery and other the local Stilton Daries.

Below are some photos taken just after the start of today's Runs. To view these picutures at their full size, go to the Photo Sharing website, Flickr, by clicking on:

As well as accessing these photos, you will see an additional 92 further photos taken during the morning.

The photos are copyright free so you can use them as you wish. However, to download photos, you first have to enrol as a member of Flickr: it is free to do so.

Tony Jarrow

Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble Stilton Stumble

Children's Multi-Use Play Area Re-0pened (9-10-15)


The Children’s Multi-Use Play Equipment has now had its refurbishment completed and is ready for the children to enjoy once again.

Thank you for your patience whilst this piece of equipment has been out of action.

Janice Towndrow
(Parish Clerk)

Your ideas for the Telephone Box (8-10-15)

Phone Box

Rather than let the Cropwell Bishop Telephone Box just disappear, our Parish Council has adopted it from British Telecom.

Councillors have some thoughts of how to make use of it but what they really want is YOUR ideas.

Pass on ideas to the Parish Clerk either by email ( or by way of a note in the Community Post Box outside the Old School. Include your name and phone number.

There is a £10 cash prize for the WINNING ENTRY.
The closing date is 10th November 2015.

Autumn Planting (8-10-15)

Members of the Gardening Club took advantage of a fine autumn day to plant up the Old School, the Church Planter and the Pinfold with spring bulbs and bedding plants.

Photos Judy Thomas & Mel Stanley

Planting Planting Planting Planting Planting

Maureen Newbold (6-10-15)

Maureen Newbold

As some of you will already be aware, Maureen Newbold suddenly died suddenly last Saturday following a short illness.

Maureen, on the left in the 2011 photo above, was an ever present member of the small team of hard working people who support activities taking place at the Memorial Hall.

Whenever there was an event at the Memorial Hall it was almost inevitable that teas and snacks would be served at the hatch and there would be Maureen working in the kitchen.

She was also well-known for the work she did—along with all the other members of her family—at the Cropwell Bishop Bike Ride event every two years. She was there this year working non-stop over the long weekend yet always managing to keep herself mostly out-of-sight in the background.

She will be sadly missed in the Village and our thoughts go out to husband Paul and the rest of her family.

Tony Jarrow

Manure? (23-9-15)

Do you know of anyone who wants to dispose of manure? Some growers on the Allotment Site are keen to get a supply. Email me if you do.

Tony Jarrow

Planning Application at Canalside—Rejected (22-9-15)

Planning Application F/3024 – Land Reclamation, Canalside Industrial Estate.

Notts County Councillors considered the above application at their meeting at County Hall this morning—and rejected it.

County Hall

At the meeting were Cropwell Bishop Councillors, residents, an employer and both our Rushcliffe and County Councillors: the photo above was taken after the meeting.

Five of them were allowed to address the Planning Committee for a few minutes each. They presented their objections to the proposed plan in an impressively succinct and well-rehearsed manner.

They raised multiple points to support their objections and the County Councillors questioned them further on several aspects. It was clear that the Councillors were taking this planning decision very seriously and the degree to which they became fully absorbed with the application before them was impressive to on-watchers.

The process continued for almost two hours and at the end they each made statements expressing their concerns, reservations and views. Finally, they made their decision:
1 Councillor voted to accept the Application and 9 voted to reject it.

Tony Jarrow

The background to this story was reported during the autumn of 2014. At the time, four articles were published: you can re-visit them by clicking on the 'Earlier News Story' (right-hand panel) dated September 2014.

Plates Mystery (18-9-15)

Have you ever seen plates like the ones in the picture below?

I know I haven't but Anne Terzza is trying to obtain a set—or even any odd ones that might be available. There are 6 in the set and they must have been produced relatively recently because the one showing the "Post Office" includes the portacabin behind it.

If you can provide any information regarding these plates, please let me know. If you actually own one, Anne Terzza would very much like to hear from you. You can phone her on: 0115-989 3147.

Tony Jarrow


Where little ones meet (23-7-15)

Baby Group