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School 4 success (31-1-09)

school Our Primary School was visited by Ofsted inspectors last month. They said:
“a welcoming and friendly place where pupils thrive”,
“relations in the school allowed pupils to develop into well-rounded, mature young people”,
“any pupils in danger of falling behind are identified quickly and the school provides immediate help and support”.
The inspectors rated the school “Outstanding” for ‘Overall effectiveness of the school’. They also rated it “Outstanding” for ‘Effectiveness of the Early Years Foundation Stage’. (“outstanding” means ‘Grade 1’ and that is the highest possible grade)
They found the school ‘Outstanding’ in 31 out of 33 different categories that it assessed: the other two were ‘good’.
Are we lucky in having such a great school on our doorstep? No, it’s not luck that achieves these grades. It is the inspiration, hard work and professionalism of its staff and the superb effort made by the pupils that makes the difference.
For more details click: Ofsted Report.