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News in March 2009 .... (3-09)

Cropwell Bishop beats London (29-3-09)

wall flowers

What a lovely sunny morning. Even a frost and the loss of an hour with the arrival of summer time could not spoil the day. Just spare a thought for the many millions of people living in the big cities of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, etc. If they stepped out of their front door for a walk this morning, after 20 minutes they would be, well, in front of someone elses front door.
These pictures give a taste of what we in Cropwell Bishop can experience just 20 minutes or so from our front doors.

Belvoir Vale The new Fosse Way Telescope and water tanks ducks Kinoulton Cropwell Farms Cropwell work horse

Notice board returns After the new Church Notice Board disappeared seven weeks ago, we were left to look at a chipboard substitute. Just when some were beginning to blame the credit crunch for its loss, a posh new notice board suddenly appears.
One day it wasn't there, the next day it was. Where did it come from? No-one appears to have witnessed the transformation so we can only guess the provider.

Coffee and cake attracts people on a Saturday morning (28-3-09)

coffee sign

The Old School had its first 'Saturday Coffee Morning' today. Coffee, tea and cake at bargain prices attracted dozens of people almost immediately the doors were opened at 10am. Open until noon, it looked as though the volunteer staff would be kept busy.
Future coffee mornings at the Old School will be held on the last Saturday of every month, 10am to noon. Judging from today's success, it could become a regular meeting place for many people. When the warmer weather comes, look out for cups and saucers being taken outside to the adjacent grassed area where, in the near future, a new, most unusual, seat will be sited. Keep your eyes peeled - there is a lot happening in Cropwell Bishop!

coffee drinkers

Is Spring on the way? (20-3-09)

church buds

Maybe it is a bit premature to talk about the arrival of Spring, but the sunshine today did suggest that maybe it is only just around the corner.

Thanks to the Gardening Club (20-3-09)

Pinfold entrance to village Pinfold

During the autumn and winter, members of the Gardening Club spent many hours planting shrubs and bulbs around the village. These photos show just a few of the many flowers now showing their colours around the Pinfold and at the entrance to the village.

Fresh look for our website (16-3-09)

To make this website easier to navigate and faster to download, modifications have been made:

  • now only recent news articles appear on each of the eleven 'home' pages (the 11 tabs above)
  • 'earlier news items' have been relegated to other web pages (that can be accessed via clickable links on the right hand side of 'home' pages)
  • the space for stories and pictures has been widened
  • some new 'home' pages have been added - including a 'Youth' page for the activities of our next generation - the pre-school children, school children and college students
  • a Diary page (complete with calendar) has been added so that you can keep track of future events in the village

If you find that the website reverts to the old version when you click tabs, then you will have to empty your browser's cache. Your browser stores information on web pages you have visited before (so that they display quicker). However, this is something you don't want it to do now so you have to empty this part of its memory, ie, 'empty its cache'. If you do experience any other problems, please email me with details (

Success Story (15-3-09)

daffodils on Newberry Do you remember reading the story about the residents of Newberry Close who bought daffodil bulbs and planted them in the grass verges along their road? If not click on the link on the right: "Newberry Planting 4-10-08" to refresh your memory.
Well now all that effort is bearing fruit - or I should say flowers. As you can see from the picture, the verges look wonderful. Just imagine what they will look like in five years time when all the bulbs have multiplied five times over!