Cropwell Bishop Village Parish Plan

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Clint Eastwood comes to CB Cinema (29-5-09)

Gran Torino clip Gran Torino clip

Cropwell Bishop Cinema will show its second film on Friday 19th June. Once again the Old School will open its doors to anyone who wants to enjoy a new film (not available on DVD) on a comfortable seat in lovely surroundings without having to go any further than the Old School next to the Church. 'Gran Torino' stars Clint Eastwood.

Tickets are now available from the Shop/Post Office: £3.50 each. Get yours now - before they sell out. Doors will open at 7.00pm. Light refreshments can be purchased from the bar. Film starts at 7.30pm.

AGM of Cropwell Bishop Council (21-5-09)

Neil Clarke Alan Wilson plan plan It was the Annual General Meeting of Cropwell Bishop Parish Council - a time to look back at what has been achieved over the last year - and there is a great deal to be proud of.

Neil Clarke, Leader Rushcliffe Borough Council, began the evening by describing the roll of the Borough Council in making local communities more cohesive. From smiling faces of employees to high profile projects like Trent Bridge Cricket ground, Rushcliffe BC does appear to be getting a lot right. He admitted that providing better public transport was proving difficult and some of the 25+ villagers present were eager to remind him of the inadequacies of the present provision. He was aware that there was talk of 400 houses being built on a site between Fern Road and the Primary School but said that no planning application had been received and, in the current financial climate, didn't anticipate one in the near future.

Alan Wilson, Chair of Cropwell Bishop Parish Council was able to point to progress in many areas over the last 12 months. The phrase. "it's all happening in Cropwell Bishop", springs to mind. The many clubs and groups that have been set up - and are thriving - was highlighted, as was the Old School building that it purchased and refurbished. Expansion of the building is being planned and the ideas of degree students at Nottm Trent University were on display around the room. He said that funding for the work would be sought through grants - residents would not be paying for the extra work. Both he and Neill Clarke praised the Village Plan that was produced by a team of villagers. It was recognised that their efforts in developing a plan had been the catalyst for the many of the positive developments in community activities: there was now a buzz about the place.

Alan was happy to announce that from August this year, there will be a new bus service between Cropwell Bishop and Bingham and Cropwell Bishop and Cotgrave. He praised the hard work of Parish Councillor John Greenwood who analysed much data to persuade the organisations involved that an improved bus service was both necessary and viable. Alan also praised the efforts of Clerk of the Council, Jacki Grice, for raising over 39 thousand pounds from outside funding. Amongst other things, this will provide a new skate park for the young people (and young at heart?) of the village. It will be sited on the Memorial Playing Field.

There was praise for members of the Parish Council. Members of the audience applauded their efforts to make things happen in the village and for the quality of their regular newsletter, Cropwell News.

A few villagers did express concern about any possibility of losing existing local bus services, the cost (via the community charge) of the Old School development, the distraction of roadside memorials and the noise from a late evening event at the Old School.

However, none of this could dampen the feel-good factor that seems to currently exist in the village.

Going where few go (12-5-09)

Pond Have you been to this pond? I doubt whether more than a handful of people from the village know of this pond and imagine far fewer visited it last year.

Well that will change on Sunday 24th May becaue the village walking club intend going there. If you would like to join them - and 25 people went on the last walk - meet at the Wheatsheaf car park at 9.30am on Sunday 24th May. Enjoy a stroll and friendly conversation. Put on some walking boots or strong shoes. Should be back in the village by noon.

Look at the Walks Page for more information about the walking club.

Slumdog Millionaire (9-5-09)

slumdog millionaire Actor/Film Director, Robert Redford, once said that for a film to be classed a success, it should leave us seeing the world differently somehow.
Well, I think Slumdog Millionaire certainly does that for most people. The first evening film presented by the Cropwell Bishop Cinema had around 50 people fixed firmly in their seats for almost two hours. Action packed from start to finish it had everything. Brilliantly filmed, you felt a part of it from start to finish. Even the credits at the end were an enjoyable part of the package. If you haven't already seen it, make the effort to go to Showcase and enjoy the film.

The audience last night did not have to make much effort to see this film. No long trips to Nottingham, no parking problems, no queues, no late night drives home. They just paid £3 for a ticket (from the shop/post office) walked to the Old School at 7pm, had a drink if they wanted, sat themselves in very comfortable seats with ample leg and elbow room, chatted with others from the village and then at 7.30pm sat back and enjoyed the film.

The screen and sound system were excellent and the blackout worked well. In moments everyone was lost in the streets of Mumbai, India, where the film is set.

If you thought that parish council work was dull and boring you should come and see what Cropwell Bishop Parish Council is doing. Look out for the next film.

Kerrs Walk: a name from the past (4-5-09)

The line of new cottages built on part of the the Chequers Pub car park is very much in keeping with its surroundings. Look carefully at neighbouring buildings and you will spot features that the architects have used in their design. The new occupants of the homes will have the newest address in Cropwell Bishop, Kerrs Walk. Kerrs Walk

Margaret Kerr old house But why Kerrs Walk, you must be wondering. Well that was my first reaction too, so I decided to do some investigating.
Margaret Kerr lived in the village for at least 50 years but it was back in the 1970s that she first took an interest in local politics. She was in her sixties, newly retired, and clearly not lacking in energy. She was elected to the Cropwell Bishop Parish Council and active on it for many years. She also helped out at the Day Centre when it was held at the Memorial Hall and even got involved with calling out numbers at bingo sessions. Sadly she died at end of 2008.
She used to live on Stockwell Lane but in 2003, when 87 years old, she went into care.
Her old house was demolished about 6 months ago but, last August, seeing that an old village building would soon disappear, I took a photo of it. You will not find its position difficult to locate because builders are in the process of replacing it with a new building with a frontage modelled on the old one.

Cropwell Bishop has a tradition of naming roads after places and people of the village. Do you know the history surrounding the name of your road?

See Slumdog Millionaire at Old School (29-4-09)

Old School You have read about it in the papers, you have seen the oscars given for it on the TV. Now take a walk down the road and go and see the movie.
The Cropwell Bishop Cinema opens at the Old School with a bang. On Saturday 9th May the first films will light up the screens at the Old School. At 7.30pm (doors open at 7.00pm) 'Slumdog Millionaire' (15) will will be shown. You will even be able to buy light refreshments from the bar while you are there.
Tickets are available from the Post Office/Shop for just £3 each. Get down there quick before they are sold out - which they surely will be very quickly. In terms of cost and convenience the cinemas in Nottingham just can't compete.
Note: This is a new film and is not available on DVD.

There is even a matinee the same day. The film 'Madagascar 2' (PG) will be shown at 2.00pm (doors open at 1.30pm). Tickets are £3 for a seat or £2 if you bring a cushion/bean bag to sit on. Under 8's must be accompanied by an adult.

Wow, how long before the Hollywood stars visit Cropwell Bishop? Better get some quotes for red carpets.

Crowds at Coffee morning (25-4-09)

It was only the second "end of month" coffee morning at the Old School but it was crowded out - well over a hundred turned out. The coffee and tea flowed, the biscuits crunched and the cake ran out!
No doubt some were attracted by the supply of free Smart Water being handed out by PC Paul Moon but all lingered to soak up the atmosphere of a village get together.
That's another good idea that has taken off in the village.

Hot air returns to village (5-4-09)

hot air balloon You hear the roar of the burner before you even notice it's above you. This Sunday morning proved to be perfect conditions for the hot air balloon that drifted over the village. Someone who recognised it said that it probably started from the owner's home at Keyworth. I wonder where it ended up.