Thank you for the firewood Bloor Homes: anybody want some?

My name is Max Jordan and for many years I have been raising funds for St Giles Church.

One of my endeavours is to recycle used wood e.g. pallets, as timber suitable for wood burners, open fires etc I provide cut timber and also kindling.

I recently had a conversation with the contractors at Cropwell Meadows and told them I process scrap wood into firewood with all proceeds going to St Giles Church.

Since that time, contractors deliver a mini-skip to my drive each Friday – full of timber offcuts. They remove the empty skip on Monday.

Thank you Bloor Homes for this environmentally-friendly act.

If you require firewood for fuel, then please contact me.

As Treasurer of St Giles Church, I am able to accept any donations that people may wish to make when collecting firewood. They will help to fund the church.

Thank you.

Max Jordan
1A Thurlby Close
Tel: 0115 989 9299

Roadworks on Kinoulton Road


The House Building Has Begun

New roundabout
Are these the show houses that are being built?
New roundabout
Even toy trucks are not as brightly coloured as the ones being used here.
New roundabout
I think it is safe to assume that the roundabout here will not not be big enough for flowers!

Thanks to Colin Bryan for the photos.

Go Green

Go Green

To go to the Notts CC website where you can sign up to this challenge, click: SIGN ME UP.

Memorial Hall AGM

Memorial Hall AGM

Events are going to happen!

Two new posters have been added to the Events page in the last couple of days: have you seen them?

Tony Jarrow

Green logo

Street Stories

The series of Street Stories has now come to an end. However, every one of them can be found on the Heritage page and that is where they will remain.

Once the new housing development has been completed there will be new street names in Cropwell Bishop – and that will mean additional Street Stories will appear. Can't wait!

To see all published Street Stories, click the 'Heritage' tab on the right (with mobile phones rotate screen into horizontal position or click the 'More' tab).

Tony Jarrow

Blue logo

Roundabout Here ...

New roundabout

Workers were creating a new bend in the road to the new housing development at the end of Church Street today.
I wonder what it will look like when finished: do you think there will be flowers in the middle?!

Thanks to Colin Bryan for the photo.

Open-Day at the Allotments

Today, the Cropwell Bishop Allotments were open to the public.

Last week, the site was busier than normal as members appeared to be making an extra effort to tidy their plots for today's viewing.

At 4pm, the viewing ended, and those members who were still on site, relaxed at the site's Communitiy Plot. There may well have been a drink or two consumed to help them enjoy the moment!

You can view additional photos from the day by going to the Allotment page – just click its tab.

Tony Jarrow

Open Day
Open Day
Open Day
Open Day
Open Day
Open Day
Open Day
Open Day
Open Day
Open Day
Open Day
Open Day

Went for a walk

Some members of our Growers & Gardeners Club took time out of their own gardens today, and strode out on a circular 3 mile walk in the tiny village of Goady Marwood. It is in Leicestershire but just 20 minutes from here.

They used up some of their energy but were able to restore it at the end of the walk at Goady Marwood village hall were tea and cake were available. This was not put on just for our benefit, but was a fund-raising event to help pay for a new roof for their church.

This is the second time they have had to replace the roof this year. New lead roofing had been put on the church, but 3 weeks later it was stolen! Its replacement is steel.

Here are some photos of our Gardening Club's afternoon adventure.

Tony Jarrow

Goady Marwood
Goady Marwood
Goady Marwood
Goady Marwood
Goady Marwood
Goady Marwood
Goady Marwood
Goady Marwood
Goady Marwood
Goady Marwood

A Better Bus Service: Have Your Say

Nottinghamshire County Council will soon be drafting a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) for Nottinghamshire and Nottingham, in collaboration with the county’s bus operators.

This stems from the government’s recently published National Bus Strategy (called ‘Bus Back Better’), which requires all English local transport authorities to work with bus operators to come up with bold plans for improving their local bus services and encouraging more people to use them.

Government has pledged £3 billion in funding across the country to help deliver these plans, and Nottinghamshire and Nottingham are aiming to secure a fair share of that funding.

As an important input to the plan, Notts CC want to find out what people think would improve local bus services and what would make them use local buses more. They are keen to hear from people who already use buses and from those who currently don’t.

They also want to hear from public, private and voluntary organisations who have an interest in making our bus services work better.

You can make your views known by taking part in its online survey which you can access by clicking the link below:

Bus service improvement plan survey.

In addition, the County Council are planning to host an online Drop In session at 2pm on Tuesday 24th August providing stakeholders with an opportunity to reflect on the issues in more detail; any Parish Council that responds to this survey will be invited to attend.

Your views will help us shape our plan, so thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.


Elliott Mizen

Facilities & Partnerships Manager
Nottinghamshire County Council

Traffic lights for New Roundabout build

Traffic Lights

Memorial Hall Survey

Memorial Hall

The July edition of Cropwell Bishop News has been printed and will arrive through your letterbox in the next week few days.

In it, there is an article about the future of our Memorial Hall: this was referred to in the website article that appeared on 12/7/21.

If you can't wait for your copy of Cropwell Bishop News to arrive, the article about the Memorial Hall is reproduced below.

Cropwell Bishop Memorial Hall needs your help

Your Village, Your Hall – Have your say

You will have noticed that the Hall has been closed for some months because after many years of community use and service, the Hall is now in need of significant structural repair. We have been forced to close because the insurance company will not provide indemnity for any incidents directly attributable to the structural defects identified by the Consulting Structural Engineers.

The Hall was built by the people of the village to commemorate those who fell in the Great War 1914-1918. It consequently has a very significant place in the heart of the village and is much loved by the residents. When it was built it was done so with the materials and technology available at the time, which has now left the building significantly structurally compromised and in need of significant repair, refurbishment and upgrading. Over the last 20 years a number of surveys have been carried out on the Hall and these have consistently highlighted that it was approaching the end of its life. Unfortunately, this point has now been reached, and we must now decide upon its future.

Following receipt of the most recent report from the Consulting Structural Engineer, we engaged Pulse, a firm of Chartered Surveyors & Chartered Project Managers, to undertake a Feasibility Study into possible options available to the committee. The findings of the Feasibility Study point to two possible courses of action:

Option 1:

• Carry out all essential repairs to the Hall (which stands at 236 sq m), to enable us to open again, with or without subsequent refurbishment and upgrading to meet current standards.

• The repair and full refurbishment costs are estimated to be £537,000 plus VAT and fees.

• For Cost / Benefit analysis assuming a 15-year lifespan cost is approximately £42,960 per year.

This Option has significant issues, as highlighted in Pulses’ Feasibility Study.

• High level of risk, due to the difficulty in quantifying the precise nature and scope of the works until the building is opened up, and that the true extent of the structural problems may only become evident at this point so we should therefore prepare for very significant additional costs.

• Such repair works will potentially only add another possible 15 years to the projected lifespan of the Hall.

• Raising funds for this option would be problematic, particularly with regards to the anticipated lifespan of the building. The Structural Reports (2004, 2013 & 2019) and the Pulse Feasibility Study (2020) will be available to view on the Cropwell Village Plan web site ( from 16th July 2021.

Option 2:

• Raise funds towards a rebuild, for a larger Hall of 495 sq m, which is also significantly expensive.

• The budget cost for a new hall would be approximately £1,416,288. As a new build it is assumed VAT will be zero rated.

• For Cost / Benefit analysis, assuming a 60-year lifespan (as estimated by Pulse), cost is approximately £23,605 per year.

• The Pulse Feasibility Study states that funding sources for a new build are more plentiful and will be a more attractive proposition to potential funders; and the building use would be optimised by a bespoke layout.

The Pulse Feasibility Study (2020) will be available to view on the Cropwell Village Plan web site ( from 16th July 2021.


Should you wish to comment in writing please reply, by email or post, to either of the contacts below:

Cllr. M. Beazley, 11 Cropwell Butler Road, Cropwell Bishop. NG12 3DD
Mrs C. Herrington, 10 Newberry Close, Cropwell Bishop. NG12 3DY


Please also note all replies to be received by 1800 hours on:

15th of August 2021

• Please ensure that you include your full name and address on all replies.

• This consultation is only open to residents of Cropwell Bishop who are registered to vote and whose names appear on the current Register of Electors.

• All anonymous replies and replies from people outside the village will be disregarded.

Reg Charity Nos 220504/220504-1

Mick Beazley

Chair of Memorial Hall Committee


The Feasibility Study and Structural Reports referred to in the article, can be viewed or downloaded by clicking the links below:.

Feasibility Study

Structural Report 2004

Structural Report 2013

Structural Report 2020

A46 Northbound – Resurfacing for 4 months with overnight diversions

At Highways England, we believe in a connected country, and our network makes these connections happen. In the East Midlands, we strive to improve our major roads and motorways, to keep people moving today and better tomorrow.

I’m writing to let you know that we’ll be continuing our timetable of essential carriageway maintenance work to the A46, between the M1 at Leicester and the A57 Carholme Roundabout at Lincoln that started on 12 July 2021.

What work will you be carrying out?

We’ll resurface sections of the carriageway and some of the slip roads, refresh road markings and renew road studs. Once completed, all road users will benefit from improved road safety and a smoother carriageway.

To minimise disruption to the local community and road users we plan to deliver our scheme in phases, working overnight while the road is less busy, Monday to Friday between 8pm and 6am excluding Bank Holidays. This will also ensure that our road network is as free-flowing as possible during the day as the carriageways will remain open outside of our working hours.

When will the work take place?

Our next phase of work is planned to start on Friday 30 July 2021 and is scheduled for completion by early-November 2021. To maintain a safe environment for our workforce and customers we will need to close various sections of the A46, along with the adjoining exit and entry slips.

As the dates for each phase are confirmed we will notify you although they may be subject to change.

During the closures we’ll put in place a diversion route which we’ve agreed with the Local Authority.

Maintaining safety during Covid-19

All our sites have strict safeguarding measures, in line with Public Health England guidance, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and none of our sites are open to the public. All projects are closely monitored, and the situation is kept under constant review.

Contact us

If you have any queries about this work on behalf of your community, please contact the Public Liaison Officer, Karen Reeve, as follows:

• Email:
Alternatively, you can also keep up to date directly by contacting our Highways England Customer Contact Centre as follows:
• Email:
• Telephone: 0300 123 5000
• Twitter: @HighwaysEMIDS

Yours faithfully,

Matthew Carruthers
East Midlands Operations Directorate
Highways England

Substations in the Village: Western Power Explain

The installation of two new substations on Hoe View Road & behind Newberry close, are all part of a network reinforcement scheme to improve the distribution system for Cropwell Bishop as part of our obligations as distribution operator.

There are multiple contributing factors, having been assessed by our design engineer, to reach the solution – such as balancing the network, fault restoration timescales, network configuration to enable back feeding, and existing apparatus is aging/inaccessible.

As part of the reinforcement to connect these substations, the cable lay involved along the highway will be the routes shown on the outline plans below.

All excavation and reinstatement will be carried out by our contractors, Network Plus.

At present, having spoken to the technician coordinating the scheme, dates are to be confirmed, but is anticipated July/August.

Heather Pynegar
Western Power

(Thanks to Councillor Colin Bryan for obtaining this information)

Cable map

Cable map