Table Football for Youth Club

Last Friday, at The Old School, Hilary Jarrow presented £121 to the Leader of Cropwell Bishop Youth Club, Jo Wroughton, for the purchase of a Table Football. It will provide an additional activity for members on their Club nights.

The money was raised through donations to the Book & Jigsaw Exchange stall at the monthly Saturday Cafe.

Tony Jarrow

Fottbal Table presentation
Fottbal Table presentation

The Old School

There was a lot of activity at The Old School this morning both inside (Saturday Cafe) and outside where Cropwell Bishop's Growers and Gardeners had a plant sale.

Thanks to Mel Stanley for photos.

Sat Cafe
Plant Sale
Plant Sale
Plant Sale

Book & Jigsaw Exchange

Car boot

Hilary has already loaded the car with fresh books and jigsaws for this Saturday's Cafe at The Old School.

Good job the car boot is roomy and the back seat is not occupied!

See Events poster for details of all the other stalls that will be there.

See you there?

Day Trippers go to Spalding

Cropwell Day Trippers, the group established by Hilary Jarrow, enjoyed their first outing today. They travelled to the Springfield Outlet in Spalding. All went well.

They are already considering possible options for their next trip which is likely to be in the autumn.

Hilary checks that everyone is on board before leaving
Some of the Trippers enjoy a meal in the "Noshery"

Parish Council Vacancy


Summer Planting

Members of the Gardening Club this morning planting flowers in the Jubilee Garden and Old School window boxes.

Photos by Mel Stanley.


Velo Belvoir

Yesterday was sunny, dry, warm and calm – perfect conditions for the riders in this year's Velo Belvoir.

Here are just some of the many riders enjoying their day out in the Vale of Belvoir.

Tony Jarrow

velo belvoir
velo belvoir

velo belvoir
velo belvoir

velo belvoir
velo belvoir

velo belvoir
velo belvoir

velo belvoir
velo belvoir

Parish Council on facebook

facebook home page

If you are on facebook, then you can now see the latest news posted by Cropwell Bishop Parish Council by going directly to its own facebook page.

Click on the CBPC link on this page – on the right-hand side if you are on a computer or tablet.

This will take you to the Parish Council's website.

Once on the home page, in the top right hand corner you should see a link to its facebook page: click it.

Tony Jarrow

Northern Lights Spectacular in Cropwell Bishop

Last night in Cropwell Bishop, was by far the most spectacular show of the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) I have ever seen.

Here are a few of the photos I took on my phone camera in the back garden during a hectic hour.

I have to be honest; the naked eye view was not as spectacular. The patterns, colours and streaks could all be seen clearly, but they were not bright as in the photos.

Nevertheless, it was an amazing sight – all for free.

If you have any photos you would like me to put on the website, just send them to me.

Tony Jarrow









Winner of 'It's in the News' Quiz

It was the Parish Council Meeting this evening. The winner of the 'In the News' Quiz, which appeared in the March edition of Cropwell Bishop News, was drawn from the pile of correct entries.

And the winner is .... Eileen Hepworth.

She will receive a £20 voucher, donated by the Parish Council, for use at Gary Jowett's Butchers.

Tony Jarrow

Fun and Fitness – Sounds Good

Bell Ringing

Cycle Race Rained Off

BUCS map

The cycle race that should be taking place today (see news item posted two days ago) has had to be called off.

The very heavy rain overnight caused much flooding around the course. In numerous places, flood water had spread half-way across the road, and in scores of places it extended to the other side.

Clearly, this makes it most unsafe for cylists. Even motorists try to swerve around flood water – after all, who knows where a pot hole might be – and for a cyclist to try the same would be extremely hazardous.

The organisers, Nottingham University, are hoping the event will now go ahead next Sunday. Once confirmed, I will post a news item.

The photo is of competitors from Sheffield who, once they had driven around the course, were relieved the event had been postponed! Hopefully, they will be back again very soon.

Tony Jarrow

Thanks to Pam Wregg for photo

Cycling Championship in Cropwell Bishop on Sunday

The organisation, British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS), promotes events and races for students all over Britain.

This Sunday (28th April) BUCS Cycling will hold their 10 mile time-trial championship on a course that starts and finishes in Cropwell Bishop. Over 160 riders will be taking part.

BUCS map

This is the 3rd consecutive year that the event has taken place in Cropwell Bishop and the Race Headquarters (and parking) will be on the Memorial Hall Playing Field.

If you are out and about on Sunday, please keep a lookout for cyclists on village roads. No racing will take place within the village but competitors will be riding from the Memorial Hall to the start on Colston Road (near the Small People Nursery).

The finish will be just beyond the top of Fern Road, near the Cropwell Bishop village sign, this side of the Allotments.

Riders will not pause at the finish, they will just pedal slowly to the Memorial Hall Field.

The first rider will start at 10am and the last one will finish at about 1.30pm.

If you are driving along any of the roads on the 10 mile route (see map below) please keep a lookout for these young cyclists.

Keep in mind the new rules applying to the overtaking of cyclists which were introduced in The Highway Code in 2022. Also, be aware that these cyclists will be travelling as fast as any you have seen on roads – up to 35 mph.

And, please avoid travelling in front of them at a similar speed: this would be seen as pacing and could lead to their disqualification.

The weather forecast for Sunday is not looking great at the moment (heavy rain) but the Memorial Hall Committee and Village volunteers will be working hard to leave our visitors with a good impression of Cropwell Bishop – their supply of bacon/sausage/veggie cobs, tea, coffee & cakes should do the trick!

Tony Jarrow

BUCS map

Join the Cropwell Day Trippers going to Spalding

It is not too late to join the group going to Spalding next month – see the poster on the Events page for full details.

There are a couple of seats still available on the 49 seater coach. If you would like a ticket or more information, just get in touch with me ASAP. The price is only £11.25.

Hilary Jarrow

D-Day: 80th Celebration


CBPC Chairman's Annual Report 2023-24


My second year serving as Chairman was to be totally different to my induction year as I am now familiar with most of the statutory procedures that have to be adhered to in order to carry out Parish Council duties.

With the help of our most competent Clerk, Janice Towndrow, I have been able to confidently apply my own ideals within the spectrum of such a challenging post within the Village of Cropwell Bishop and thank Jan for her tireless and sometimes unforgiving workloads.

My first main disappointment this session came at the Annual Meeting for the Electorate 2023 where a turnout of less than 30 residents showed me how many people in this Village are actually interested in what is happening around them. Previous commitments, illness and a variety of sound excuses is generally the cause of such low numbers, but as with life today maybe we simply have to accept this scenario for our future and continue regardless.

There is a school of thought however that tells you if nobody turns up at such an event it could mean that everyone is happy or satisfied with the way it is running. We know, however, that is not true from some of the complaints we receive, of which unfortunately, some are totally beyond either our remit or indeed our control to resolve.

We have also been operating up to now with a “one-man down scenario”, within the Parish Council numbers, but that is not to say we don’t have sufficient Councillors to operate efficiently.

My take on this is that we are not unique, there are many organisations around, not just Parish Councils, whereby the dwindling numbers of people who are willing to take up any form of responsible position/s within those organisations is falling drastically, and unfortunately due to the age of those managing the said activities, is such that we lose many people sadly annually with little or no replacements from a younger generation.

We are attempting to attract volunteers from the community to assist in the running of events without necessarily serving as a Councillors, and we do have success with our Entertainments Committee, and also our helpers at the Saturday Cafe and regular Cropwell Luncheon, we thank them all for their generosity of time.

We have also recognised that communication can be part of this Village’s low support for events, as currently from the Parish Council notification is by poster in the various notice boards, an extra one is scheduled within the new Church Street development, by notification within the Cropwell News/website and sometimes posted on the Cropwell Bishop Bulletin Board.

Due to the Cropwell Bishop Bulletin Board not being the “official” village Facebook page it has been decided to set up such a page that can be used, for information purposes and hopefully this will create more rounded and better communication channels to include those who prefer Social Media as their link?


Activities organised, and/or subsidised by the Parish Council, have been in the main very successful and these include the Annual Picnic in the Park, Firework Night Spectacular, Senior Citizens Xmas buffet, Quiz nights and Cinemas.

Once again, a great big thanks goes out to all those concerned with arranging these events and also those who helped on the day/night. I would also like to thank the businesses and organisations that have supported some of these events in the form of prizes or equipment that have helped to make them an ongoing success.

There are some organisations and groups that are run outside the bounds of the PC but are supported whole heartedly in any way practical by the Parish Council, these include; the Volunteer Gardeners, the Litter Pickers, the Gardening Club and the CB Allotments. These are activities run by volunteers for the Village, with the Village at the heart of their efforts, and I thank their organisers and participants for their hard work and efforts.

One activity which has grown over the past twelve months is the CKOB (Youth Club) run by Cllr Jo Wroughton, who we thank for all her time and patience devoted to a task that many would run from. With numbers on occasions in excess of 50 it continues to develop within the Old School facility and has gained new equipment this session which has been received with much gratitude by the children.

The Parish Council have backed the continuing development of the Launch Field Football Academy, who currently operate from the Cropwell Bishop Memorial Hall Playing Field, and wish them success in attaining their criteria to develop football activities on the site. Not only has it generated interest from within the village, but also feeds from the surrounding areas thus acting as a catalyst to help with the future of the Hall.

The Cropwell Bishop Memorial Hall charity continues to advance it’s future proposals to create, in some form or other, a building to house a selection of activities, and hopefully there will be opportunities for the Village to engage with these as they progress. Various events are being organised both as fund raisers and information portals and the Parish Council fully support them in their task, please add your support by attending these events as it will make the task somewhat lighter.

Cropwell Meadows

The new Church Street housing development from Bloor Homes is coming to a close and the Village has received various funding relating to government criteria required to enhance certain aspects within any local areas.

New planting continues around the site and once the footpaths are fully functional we hope to return once again to being able to enjoy our open countryside. We are seeing several residents from this area engaging in some of the activities which is very encouraging.

Village Life & Issues

Life within the Village has not been plain sailing for some, and wherever possible the Parish Council have helped in achieving, hopefully, a satisfactory resolution. The weather has been probably the most recent testing for the Village in that we have suffered not only excessive water (thankfully no major flooding like our neighbours in Butler) but high winds, which nearly blew the Christmas Tree out of it’s mounting. This is obviously going to be a pattern for our future and so where practically possible we have put in place measures to reduce the impact of such anomalies.

Although not everything can be done all of the time, we continue to endeavour with solutions and developments, where we are permitted, and guarantee Cropwell Bishop’s best interest always. The Parish Council continue to battle with Planning issues and as the Permitted Development criteria continues to take any control away from both Rushcliffe Borough Council and the Parish Council, we still attempt on occasions to have our say.


Finally, I would like to thank the current PC for their support in all matters concerned.

Jacques Lacey

Tractor Run Today

Cropwell Young Farmers on their 'Tractor Run' as they came through the village today. I believe there were about 60.

Even if you didn’t see them, you may still have heard their fancy horns!

Mel Stanley


Rushcliffe Healthcare

33 Bus

33 Bus

James Gelsthorpe 1986-2022

Some of you may remember James and Jack Gelsthorpe, two brothers born and raised in Cropwell Bishop and who both went to the village school.

James went on to live and work in Leeds as a barrister and Jack moved to London where he now works as a curator at the Imperial War Museum.

Very sadly, James died in December 2022.

James and Jack ran the Nottingham half marathon a few years ago and afterwards, no doubt fuelled by beer and bravado, said to each other that they would have a go at the London Marathon and run it together. Of course that will now never happen.

Jack however is determined to run it himself and in two weeks time, on the 21 April, he will be running the full London Marathon.

London Marathon

This is something Jack very much believes that he has to do whilst ever he is able to. Whilst he will never enjoy running alongside his brother in the physical sense, he knows that James will be there, in spirit, to support and carry his brother every step of the full 26 miles, a distance Jack has never attempted before.

Jack is running to raise funds for MIND, a charity that him and the rest of the family have given full support to since James died and it would be fantastic if you felt able to help in some small way by sponsoring Jack.

London Marathon

Jack sees supporting MIND in this way as a real privilege and would be thrilled to know that the folks back home and all his and his family’s friends from the village might be moved to support him.

Below is a link to Jack’s page on the Just Giving website:

Jack’s "Just Giving" page

On behalf of Steve, Judith, Jason and Rebecca Ashton (nee Gelsthorpe) a huge thank you if you feel able to support Jack and MIND in this way. As Jack says:

"I am raising funds for MIND, a charity that aims to make mental health an everyday priority. A charity that supports people struggling with their mental health, wherever and whenever it is needed….

James didn't get this support. So not only am I running in memory of a wonderful human being, I am running to try and do a tiny bit to ensure people know of, and can access, support at critical moments."

Thank You

Steve Gelsthorpe
Tel: 07767 673 213

London Marathon

£300 For Breast Cancer Research: Thank You

Many of you will know that the Cropwell Bishop Entertainment Committee now run a raffle at the various events held at The Old School.

Usually, the proceeds from this go back into funds that help to pay for all the fabulous entertainment that we are so lucky to have on our doorstep, however, we made an exception last month.

When we showed the film Barbie, we invited everyone to wear something pink (and there were some wonderful sights!!) and to donate the proceeds of the raffle to Breast Cancer Research.

We also did the same for the raffle held at The Springtime Quiz.

I’m delighted to say that I was able to pay £300 to the charity last week. Thank you SO much everyone for your generosity.

Please see below the e-mail confirmation for the payment.

Breast Cancer Now

Sent: Thursday, March 28th 2024, 11:43
Subject: Your donation today

Hi Sharon

From all of us at Breast Cancer Now, thank you to the Cropwell Bishop Entertainment Committee, for making your fantastic donation of £300 on 28/03/24.

I hope you’ve enjoyed fundraising for Breast Cancer Now. For any future donations, or if you’d like to get in touch with us again, your reference number is 8-13478621.

Thank you again for your support. Your donation will help us to reach our goal that by 2050, everyone with breast cancer will live, and be supported to live well. If you have any questions, you can come back to me by email or call 0333 20 70 300.

Best wishes,

Supporter care executive - Breast Cancer Now
Ibex House 42-47 Minories, London, EC3N 1DY

Having had successful treatment for breast cancer myself in 2021, and having family and many friends who have also had this, I would like to remind all you ladies to check your breasts regularly and to attend the routine mammograms (from about age 50).

Mine was picked up at what would have been my last routine screening. I had no lumps or any other signs, so I was extremely lucky.

Some of you might be surprised to know that, although far less common than in women, men can also get breast cancer. A 64-year-old male friend of mine had a mastectomy earlier this year.

Signs of male breast cancer include fluid or blood oozing from the nipple, a rash or soreness around the nipple, and a small lump in the armpit (not all necessarily present at the same time).

So, this is a shout out to you all - make those checks regularly, attend the screenings and see your GP if you’re worried.


Cropwell Bishop at Easter

St Giles
St Giles Church this morning
(Photo by Mel Stanley)

It's Boules Season


Cropwell Bishop Litter Pickers News ..

Litter pickers

Lisa Newbold who is our local Cropwell Bishop Co-op pioneer for groups in our community has been allocated some Easter eggs from the Co-op to give out to local groups and individuals who are working within our village to keep it looking at its best.

The Cropwell Bishop Litter Picking group has been given an Easter egg to give to someone in the village who loves litter picking and wants to make the village look tidy.

We are delighted to say that our egg has been awarded to Olivia Humphreys to thank her for all the litter picking she has done around the village over the past year with the help of her Grandmother Janine Dabell.

When Olivia was asked why she litter picked she replied that it was to look after the environment and the wildlife.

Here is Olivia our little Star litter picker pictured with her Mum Chloe and Grandmother Janine being presented with her Easter egg by Lisa.

On behalf of the Cropwell Bishop Litter picking group we would all like to thank Lisa Newbold and Cropwell Bishop Co-op and especially Olivia for all the litter she has picked to help keep Cropwell Bishop litter free.

Thank you.

Godfrey Allison
Cropwell Bishop Litter Pickers

Quiz Joy

Last night it was The Easter Quiz at The Old School and, judging by these photos, everyone had a great time!

Photos by Mel Stanley


Cropwell Bishop Litter Pickers Today

Spring cleaning the Old A46, the creamery parking space and the island.

Great team work as usual.

Mel Stanley

Litter pickers
Litter pickers
Litter pickers

Barbie comes to Cropwell cinema

In line with the Barbie theme the filmgoers were asked to come wearing something pink.

Hats, scarfs, jumpsuits, sweaters, blouses, bow ties and jackets could all be seen.

One ‘Ken’ even had beautifully manicured pink fingernails!

Cropwell’s very own Barbie & Ken before the jacket was auctioned off

So why did people dress up?

The event was dedicated to raising awareness and money for breast cancer. To that end it was a great success – a total of £ 160 was raised.

The film was fun too.

Why not come and join us for our next film ‘One Life’ on Friday 19th April.

Gerry Humphries
Entertainment Committee


Cropwell Day Trippers

Day Trip

Remembering Judy

Judy Thomas was Chair of the Gardening Club from its formation in 2008 and for the following 10 years. Last year, Judy died following a long illness.

This morning, members of the Gardening Club planted two rose bushes in her memory in the flower garden beside the entrance to The Old School.

For the many villagers who knew her, seeing them bloom this summer will be a reminder of Judy's smiling face, neverending optimism, flower planting around The Old School and The Turn, and her presention of prizes at The Village Show.

If the memory brings a smile to their face, then it will all have been worthwhile.

Tony Jarrow

Rose Planting
Rose Planting

Grantham Canal



Ruth Edwards

On Friday 2nd February, The Grantham Canal Society were delighted to welcome Ruth Edwards MP and Greenfields Countryside Limited to join volunteers working in the Cropwell Bishop area. Due to the hard work of all involved, the dry section of canal at Bridge 23, Colston Road, was cleared of trees and brash. Greenfields Countryside Limited generously donated their time and expertise and brought their machinery with them; allowing chippings to be donated to Belvoir Vale Riding for the Disabled.


The work was completed as part of The Grantham Canal Society’s plans to clear, repair and rewater the canal. Ruth Edwards MP said, ‘It was fantastic to hear the Grantham Canal Society’s plans and to see how the reconnection of the waterway would be tied to sustainability and biodiversity of the area around the canal.’

Caroline Stevens-Turlington from Greenfields Countryside Limited said, ‘The experience was fulfilling and gave us the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and contribute to the local community. We believe these experiences can inspire others to volunteer as well.’


Tony Osbond, General Manager at The Grantham Canal Society said, ‘linking up with Greenfields Countryside was a great opportunity to work with businesses in the area that are like-minded in bringing back to life heritage projects that in time will see the Grantham Canal restored as a natural waterway. We are very grateful to the time and effort that Greenfield Countryside have devoted to our restoration work.’

If you are a business or individual looking to make a difference, please contact:

Nikyla Manners
Committee Member
Grantham Canal Society