Road Works

Road Works

Open Gardens

Yesterday, Sunday, the sun shone and the rain held off and so members of the "Cropwell Bishop Growers and Gardeners Club" were able to fully appreciate the several gardens on display to them in the village.

Afterwards, they were able to enjoy a cream tea at the Old School.

The gardens on display belonged to members of the club and there was great variety. The recent "variable weather" ensured that they were well watered and green.

Take a look for yourself ....

Tony Jarrow

Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens
Open Gardens

Car Thieves Target Cropwell Bishop

A resident of Smiths Close in Cropwell Bishop returned from holiday yesterday to find that they their house had been broken into.

Apparently, the break-in occurred late last Friday evening. The thieves climbed over the fence between them and their neighbour, broke open the patio door and got into the kitchen. Once there, they found the car keys and then stole their car which was parked on the drive.

I understand that similar thefts have occurred in other nearby villages.

An ordinary car on the drive of an ordinary house in Cropwell Bishop! We all need to be extra vigilant at the present time and keep a look-out for suspicious happenings.

Tony Jarrow

4000 Cyclists Here Tomorrow

A big cycling event is taking place tomorrow (Sunday 23rd June) and cyclists will be riding through Cropwell Bishop throughout the day.

Around 4000 cylists are taking part in rides over five different distances ranging from 25 to 125 miles – and all will be coming through Cropwell Bishop. The first ones will arrive soon after 8.30am.

The routes are all different and they will be entering our village from every direction.

Clearly, we will need to be especially careful when crossing the road and driving tomorrow. It will help if people avoid parking on all the main road through the village.

If you are taking part, have a good day, the weather forecast looks good.

Read what the Organisers have to say ....

Cycle Live

Sunday 23rd June 2019 sees up to 4,000 riders take on either: 25, 50, 75, 100 or 125 miles through the glorious Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire countryside.

To view the route and the roads that will be used for each of the routes, please see the website at:

There are no road closures planned. Therefore, access in and out of properties will still be possible as usual. Route signage will be erected and the event will be fully managed and supported with stewards.

All riders are required to comply with normal highway regulations. The roads and locations on or around the route are expected to be more congested than normal and we ask those that are using the highways on the day take extra care and try to keep to a minimum any cars parked on the street.

We recognise that this may cause some short-lived inconvenience, but we hope that local residents will also enjoy the spectacle and help support those raising funds for such good causes.

Further details about the event in general can be found on the website specified above.

Christopher Simon
Perfect Motion (organisers)

Owl Treasure Hunt

As part of our Village Celebrations Weekend, we will be having an 'Owl Treasure Hunt' around the village.

We need our villagers please to make and display an owl in their front garden, with its name clearly on show, in readiness for Saturday July 6th.

Entry forms and a map for owl spotting will be available in the week preceding, from the Co-op, Gary Jowett's butchers and the Old School and will also be given out to the children at school.

Please could you let me know by Sunday June 30th at the latest, via email or text/phone, if you will be displaying an owl to ensure it will be included in the map.

These owls are also going to be part of a 'Best Owl Competition' which will be judged by Barney's owner on Friday 5th July. The winners will be announced and presented with prizes at the Picnic in the Park.

Please bring your completed Owl Hunt entry form to the Family Fun event on Saturday afternoon to receive a free ice-cream! (see poster on the 'Events' page)

We hope to see lots of you (and owls!) around the village on the Saturday. I remember the wonderful, vibrant atmosphere of the bike race last year and how as a community we created such an uplifting event.
I know we can do it again!

Thank you,

Jo Wroughton

07891 694541


Best Flower Display

Once again, as part of the Village Celebration Weekend, there is to be a competition for the:

"Best Flower Display in an Outside Container - 2019’.

Single Containers or items, including hanging baskets, to be displayed so that they can be seen from the pavement.

The competition is to be judged by local judges during the day of 5th July 2019.

1st Prize £20 Garden Voucher
2nd Prize £15 Garden Voucher
3rd Prize £10 Garden Voucher

Entry is by coupon only (posted via the community box at The Old School). Last date for entries: 28th June 2019.

An entry-form will appear in the June edition of "Cropwell Bishop News" that will be coming through your letterbox in a few weeks time.

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk


Gary Jowett Voucher for April Quiz Winner

Congratulations to Jen Halpin who won the April 'Cropwell Bishop News' Quiz.
Her entry was drawn out of the "hat of correct entries" at the Parish Council meeting at the Old School on Tuesday evening.
She wins a £20 voucher for Gary Jowett's Butchers—donated by Gary.

Here are the Quiz Answers:

1. What time for Mesmerists Set 2? ..... 8.30pm (cover)

2. Who's been a National Trust speaker for 10 years? ..... Janice Mould (Page 30)

3. What date might you win 'Rock Man' Award? ..... 1st Sept 2019 (Page 24)

4. Richard Pincott has been what for 20 years? ..... Field Detective (Page 16)

5. Hubbub is a group for? ..... Toddlers (Page 8)

6. What year did bombs fall on Cropwell Bishop? ..... 1941 (Page 12)

7. What date is World Cup Celebration Day? ..... 23rd June (Page 14)

8. What number is Albatross? ..... 10 (Page 33)

9. Janet is Barrie's what? ..... secretary (Page 31)

10. Miss Towle's job was as an? ..... Infant teacher (Page 12)

11. PC 2990 is? ..... Graham Collington (Page 38)

12. Prof. Marianne Howarth is a specialist in? ..... German Studies (Page 30)

13. Peach, Parma Ham and 'what' salad? ...... Beauvale (Page 20)

14. Youth Club now 'entertain' how many members? ..... 50 (Page 27)

15. Family Music Festival where? ..... Wheatsheaf (Page 22)

16. Dog Poo on the spot fine is?..... £50 (Page 18)

Hilary Jarrow


We Need You – Please Support This Village Event!!!

If you can spare an hour on Saturday morning the 6th July or Sunday morning 7th of July to help with the set up and take down for this year’s annual Picnic In The Park please let us know. The more people we have to help the easier it is to run.

If you can help please contact the Clerk Janice Towndrow on 0115 9894656 or email

Thank you

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk

The 833 Impresses

The new 833 bus service to Bingham has made a good start. Malcolm Dabelll used it for the first time yesterday and this is what he had to say ....

"We used the the 833 bus to Bingham yesterday morning (Thursday) at 9-44am.
The bus arrived on time with only a few passengers already onboard: we found the drivers to be very pleasant & informative.
You do have to be careful to catch the correct bus to return to Bishop via Cropwell Butler otherwise you have an extended journey through Granby, Barnstone, Langar etc.
Both buses carry the 833 number but you have to read the destination also. This did seem to cause some confusion with passengers but I am certain it will become clear with use.
This 833 provides a much improved service to Bingham."

This morning, David Glyn-Jones also tried out the 833 service but he decided to take the longer scenic route to Bingham.

Being, for once, a passenger rather than a driver, he had the opportunity to concentrate on the scenery rather than the road and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Langar, Barnstone, Granby, Elton, Orston, Aslockton — there were several intresting places worth a stop and maybe he will do so on another summer's day.

After 40 minutes he arrived in Bingham. On this occasion he decided not to linger and after a 9 minute driver-stop, he got on again and returned to Cropwell Bishop, getting off where he started, the old Co-op bus-stop on Church Street.

On the journey to Bingham he was the only passenger, and on his return there were just two.

He was very positive about his experienc and is already encouraging others to try out this new service.

Will you give it a try?

Tony Jarrow

Police Beat Surgery Dates


Cropwell Bishop Police Beat Surgeries are a drop-in opportunity to meet local police and discuss local community issues. They are held at The Old School.

Beat Surgery dates are:-

Wednesday 19th June 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Wednesday 10th July 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Thursday 1st August 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Thursday 29th August 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Thursday 26th September 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk

New Bus Services

The new 33 bus service appears to have made a good start.

David Glyn-Jones travelled from Cropwell Bishop to Nottingham this morning. It arrived on time and was already half full.

The route proved an interesting one and people were waiting to jump on board as the bus passed through Cropwell Butler, Cotgrave and Tollerton.

There was a short stop at Morrisons where there was a driver changeover and then it was onwards to Friar Lane, Nottingham. By then the bus was full.

The return journey was just as efficient and the bus arrived at Cropwell Bishop on time.

Has anyone tried out the 833 bus to Bingham?

Tony Jarrow

New Bus Services – updated

From tomorrow, we will have two new bus routes serving Cropwell Bishop.

The Yourbus 822 service no longer runs and has been replaced as follows:

The 833, operated by Vectare on contract to Nottinghamshire County Council, provides a good daytime link directly to Bingham via Cropwell Butler (14 minute journey time).

It runs every hour from Church St with the first bus at 0744 and the last at 1644. Return from Bingham (Newgate Street) is at 38 minutes past the hour with the last bus at 1738.

The return fare to Bingham is £4.40 for adults and £2.20 for children.

In the other direction the 833 travels eventually to Bingham through the Vale villages as the 822 used to do.

The 33 service, operated commercially by CT4N, provides a service through to Friar Lane every hour. During the daytime it loops around Hoe View Road (at 42 minutes past the hour), and Church St (at 47 minutes past the hour) before travelling to town via Cropwell Butler, Hollygate Estate, Cotgrave Ringleas and Daleside, Tollerton, Morrisons and West Bridgford. The return fare to town is £6 and the journey time is about 60 minutes.

At peak times the timetable changes and the route through Cropwell Bishop changes slightly as the bus travels to and from Langar, Granby and Sutton.

The existing 850/852 will continue to run and offers us a limited service to and from Radcliffe.

The new services should enable us to leave our cars at home more often. Please give them a try.

If you have any problems or concerns please report them to the Clerk, Janice Towndrow (0115 989 4656 or email: )

Cllr John Greenwood


Printed timetables are available at the Old School and a useful journey planner can be found at:

Rushcliffe Policing Update


Find out what has been occupying the Police in the Rushcliffe area during recent weeks.

There have been thefts and attempted thefts but there are things we can all do to avoid being a victim of crime.

Be aware of the tricks that can be played on you and what you can do to protect yourself.

Sadly, there was a fatal accident at Cropwell Butler 10 days ago.

Download the latest Rushcliffe Stakeholder update by clicking on: "Stakeholder Update"

Tony Jarrow


How to use a Defibrillator

There is a defibrillator in Cropwell Bishop for anyone to use in an emergency. Instructions on how you can access it are given on the Contacts page (orange tab on right).

You will also find a link to a 2 minute video on how to use the defibrillator.

Might be a good idea to have a look at it now rather than when you face a life or death situation.

Tony Jarrow

Pop Quiz Wizard

I don’t know where Richard Turner gets his ideas from but every year he manages to come up with a range of new, demanding and exciting ways to ask questions about Pop music.

Pop Quiz
Pop Quiz

Back in 2014, when Richard first put on the Pop Quiz, it seemed that all you had to do was be able to remember the sound and title of past hit records — which was more that I could do even then.

As a result of his apparently endless quest for new ways of testing our knowledge and memories, last night's event included categories that: asked you to recognise song titles written in Latin, the genre of a music clip, the bass guitarist or drummer in a music clip 50 years old, the colour missing in a song tile, and so on.

In comparison, recognising the tile of a song after hearing just the first few bars was child’s play (for some).

Pop Quiz
Pop Quiz

For the first time, the Quiz was an all Cropwell Bishop affair so the winning team came from the village.

Throughout the evening, the seven teams battled for points and were evenly matched. The final round saw the team centred on the Springfield/Maltings region of Cropwell Bishop emerge as worthy winners.

Pop Quiz

Was it Doctor Macdonald’s knowledge of prescriptions that gave them the edge (for song titles in Latin)? We shall never know, but fear not; next year we may well have to recognise titles in Welsh!

Pop Quiz

A great night and many thanks to Richard Turner for all the effort he puts into making this a fun event.

Tony Jarrow

Pop Quiz
Pop Quiz

Cropwell Bishop Village Show 2019


The Trophies for this year's Village Show have been engraved and are now in safe keeping ready for the Show on Sunday 1st September.

Show 2019

This year, instead of one category for all children, Category 9 is for Key Stage 1 children and Category 10 for Key Stage 2. All children who enter will be awarded a medal.

Printed copies of the leaflet and entry-form are not yet available from shops, but you can view (and then download) them by clicking on the links below.

Show Leaflet

Entry Form

There is a poster on the Events page.

Tony Jarrow

Additional Bus Service Coming ...

Would you like to get a bus to Bingham and get there in just 14mins – on the hour for most of the day (and then maybe jump on a fast bus to Nottingham)?

Well, later this month you will be able to.

Following the recent announcement of the 33 Bus Service to Nottingham (see News Article of 27/3/19), an additional new bus service, the 833, will also launch on the same day, Tuesday 28th May 2019.

The operator is an interesting new company, Vectare. Just look at how it presents itself:


I am sure that current (and past) users of our village bus service will look forward to the arrival of both the 833 and 33 services in just 3 weeks time.

Below is the timetable for the 833.

For a pdf version of this timetable (for high quality printing) click: "833 Bus Timetable"

Parish Council Clerk, Janice Towndrow, has also left a supply of printed copies of both the 833 and 33 timetables in the Cropwell Bishop Co-Op.

Tony Jarrow

833 Timetable

Michelle's £10k Birthday Present For Others

Michelle Oldfield

Michelle Oldfield did what most people don't do on their 40th birthday: she ran the London Marathon.

You may have seen her on the TV last Sunday – but I think not: there were over 42 thousand finishers.

Having fellow competitors singing 'Happy Burthday' to you while waiting on the start line must have been a wonderful experience!

But the run was not just for Michelle, it was also for Cancer Research UK. Michelle's many friends and colleagues enabled her to raise over £10,000 for the charity.

At the moment, Michelle intends to never run the race again, but, you never know .......

Tony Jarrow

Big Lorries

Unhappy at the sight of massive lorries using our village as as shortcut? You have the power to stop them.

If you see a giant lorry crawling along Nottingham Road, or wherever, and you suspect that it is not making a delivery here (a safe bet if it then continues up Fern Road) then report it: it will only take you 5 minutes. Hefty fines will soon deter drivers.

Make a note of the lorry's registration number and where and when you saw it (a phone camera can do all this) then click on the Contact page of this website. Scroll to near the bottom and you will see a clickable link to "Report a lorry". Once on the Nottingham County Council website, you just need to fill in a few details and then leave the rest to the Council.

The Council will check if the lorry is over 7.5 tonne but if you want to check yourself, you can find out by clicking another link on the Contact page: "Find lorry load".

Don't waste energy moaning about the dangers – take action.

Tony Jarrow

Dog Poo

Hundreds of dogs live in Cropwell Bishop and when their owners take them for a walk, they take a plastic bag with them and collect any poo that it produces. They then dispose of the bag at home or in one of the dog poo bins in the village.

Stepping on dog poo on public paths has been eliminated: well not quite. This is what a Cropwell Bishop resident said yesterday:

“We were out for a walk along the footpaths to Cropwell Butler on Sunday and the paths were littered with dog mess. It seems people don’t think they need to remove it when on the footpaths by the fields!

Also, there is frequently a mess left on the pavements as well – particularly on St Giles Way which is right in the way of children walking to school.”

Dog owners have got used to collecting poo in bags, but some seem to think that their responsibility ends there. Here is another comment:

“Today, I was going up to the doctors and a bag of dog mess had been placed on the arm of the bench. I suppose at least they bagged it, but really what a place to leave it! Is this really the sort of village we won’t to live in?”

Are these problems being caused by just one person?
Is it a child who is not aware of their responsibilities?
I don’t know: maybe you do.

You can easily report sightings like these to Rushcliffe Borough Council: it only takes 2 minutes.

Click on the orange “Contacts” tab on the right, and you will find a link to click on. Select Cropwell Bishop, the street, add a few notes and you are done.

If we all do this, the Council may be able to identify the location and timing of instances and send someone out to investigate. The Council says:

“an on the spot fine of £50, or a fine of up to £1,000 on prosecution applies if you allow your dog to foul in a public place and you fail to clean it up straight away”.

Not so long ago, litter, smoking and drinking alcohol in public spaces were seen as acceptable – but times have changed. Can we work together to change the habits of one person, or possibly a few, and so make our local environment better?

Tony Jarrow

Poo on Bench

Housing Plans Updated

Housing Plans
Housing Plans
Housing Plans



33 is the magic number as new bus service restores missing links in Nottinghamshire.

Nottingham Community Transport’s trading arm, CT4N is excited to introduce a new bus service between Nottingham, West Bridgford and Cropwell Bishop, to start following the Spring Bank Holiday on Tuesday 28 May, 2019.

The new service - the 33 - will serve passengers at the following main locations below and replaces the current 822 service operated by Yourbus for Nottinghamshire County Council – due to be withdrawn on Saturday 25 May, 2019:

· Cropwell Bishop
· Cropwell Butler
· Cotgrave
· Tollerton
· Gamston (Morrisons)
· West Bridgford and Nottingham (Friar Lane)

In addition, journeys which operate only in the morning and evening, will be extended during the day to serve Langar and Sutton Cum Granby.

Welcoming the new 33 service, Ian Combellack, General Manager of Nottingham Community Transport said: “It is extremely rewarding to be able to launch another new service.

We’ve been listening to feedback about the existing 822 service and we know that passengers in outlying villages served miss the direct link to Nottingham throughout the day, so we’re delighted to bring this valued connection back to communities in Nottinghamshire.”

The 33 will also provide direct links between Nottingham City Centre and the Spire Hospital at Tollerton as well as the new housing estate on Hollygate Park at Cotgrave.

“Service 33 has all the right ingredients to provide a real community bus service – not least core links for people going to school, college, work, shopping and leisure activities and one we hope that communities will use, enjoy and support.

We would encourage as many people as possible to use the service, to ensure its long term viability.”

CT4N has already stepped in to protect other lifeline bus services which were due to be withdrawn. Ian added: “This service will be provided by a community transport operator for the local community and any profits will be reinvested into vital transport services for the elderly and disabled rather than shareholders.”

A selection of single, return and weekly tickets will be available, as well as a monthly ticket which can be purchased through a mobile app.

Further details about the fares will be released in the next few weeks.

Commenting on the news, Nottinghamshire County Council’s, Group Manager for Highways & Transport, Gary Wood said: “The County Council welcomes the decision by CT4N to operate the new 33 bus service from the Vale of Belvoir to Nottingham. This replaces much of the current 822 route which is funded by the Council.

A new 833 service for the other villages on the current route, offering connections with the local services and to West Bridgford and Nottingham, will also be introduced.

We hope the new services will encourage more passengers to use the service to help reduce congestion and air pollution in the area.”

CT4N will also be accepting tickets from the county council’s service 833. Further details, including route and timetable information, can be found at

For a pdf version of timetable click: "Bus Timetable"

33 Bus Timetable

Bus Timetable

NOTE: This timetable takes effect from Tuesday 28th May 2019.

For a pdf version of this timetable (for high quality printing) click: "Bus Timetable"

Tony Jarrow