Cropwell Village Plan: 2022/23 Upgrade

In 2009 a group of likeminded people collectively known as the “steering group” got together to create the Cropwell Bishop Village Plan.

The idea was to bring to the village both subjective and objective attention for issues that then existed and to highlight them with a view to resolve or improve the status quo.

Obviously over time, and it has been some 13 years now since it’s inception, circumstances change, as do people’s thoughts and ideals. So, it is with this in mind that we go back to the residents of Cropwell Bishop and ask the big question;

“Do we want to update the Village Plan ??”

In order to carry out this exercise it would require, once again, a dedicated and committed group of people to forge a relationship with all aspects of our village life and come up with a modern forward-thinking plan for the future.

Previously the following points were some of these aspects that were included within the plan and are listed as examples of where an updated plan could be implemented, revised, and added to, as we move into new eras and the continuing changes within the village.

Examples only and not exhaustive:

  • The Old School purchase and adaptation created additional facilities for various village activities.
  • The Allotments have thrived with some financial assistance from Local Government grants
  • Enhanced play facilities at the Memorial Hall Playing Field continues with investment via the Parish Council
  • The Heritage Group has been busy collating a large amount of detailed history of the village and has published many articles on factual details concerning local streets and people.
  • A thriving Post Office
  • Local Public Houses
  • Pavements and road conditions including safety within the village itself
  • Re-instating of the Grantham Canal section with water
  • Improvements to the public transport services
  • General appearance of the village

Unfortunately, not all these goals have been achieved due to a variety of reasons most of which are beyond the control of the village itself or the Parish Council.

With the addition of some 84 new homes being constructed on Church Street, we now have an opportunity to look closely at our remit and where improvements could be made. If the village of Cropwell Bishop wish to engage in another stage of this interaction, then now would be a good time to start thinking about how it can transpire.

An approach directly to some of the original “steering group” will be made initially, with a view to encouraging them (assuming they are still interested) into taking the next stage? Also, a form of poll will be taken to assess the general thoughts of the village residents as to how interested they would be in continuing forward with this enterprise.

Members of the “new steering group” should be drawn from all active groups within the village, plus any likeminded people wishing to be actively involved. Obviously there would also be the need for someone to head up this group and manage the whole scenario.

We would like to thank all the previous members for their past efforts and hopefully to see them involved once again with this important roll.

Anyone wishing to be involved please contact the clerk:
Mrs Janice Towndrow, preferably by email on;

In writing to The Old School, Fern Road, Cropwell Bishop (red drop in box or post)

Alternatively, phone during 10am to 2.00pm weekdays for further information.

Please state your name, address, contact details, local activity group (if any) or sector of interest

Many thanks

Jacques Lacey
Chairman CBPC

Hard copies of the original 2009 plan are available from the Clerk of the CBPC’s office.

The Cropwell Bishop Plan — a Plan for the Future of our Village

The Cropwell Bishop Plan was launched 7 years ago.

CB Plan Committee On Thursday 22nd January 2009 the Cropwell Bishop Village Plan was launched and the Old School was officially opened. Over 150 people packed the building to hear the Mayor of Rushcliffe, Councillor Barrie Cooper speak and then cut the specially made celebration cake

Villagers who were there drank wine, nibbled superb Blue Stilton cheese (kindly donated by our Creamery) and collected their copy of the Village Plan. Those who were not there, had a copy delivered to their door a few days later, so everyone in the Village had their own copy of The Plan.

If you have arrived in the Village since then and would like your own printed copy, you can obtain one from Janice Towndrow (Parish Clerk) or Tony Jarrow (Chairman of the Parish Plan Committee). You can also download a copy right now: just click: Village Plan.

Seven years since its publication, it makes fascinating reading. In the hope of making our Village an even better place to live, a long list of goals were set down in print.

The glossy booklet included a large number of photos taken around Cropwell Bishop at that time, and they are a reminder of how we lived then. Why not have a look at the Plan now and see how far we have come since then?

Tony Jarrow

choir 1 choir 2 choir 3 cake Tony Jarrow cheese Gardening club Heritage group Judy greets Jacki youngsters trio mayor and wife crowds mayor Alan Wilson Mayor and Tony Jarrow Carola Jones cutting the cake more crowds waiting to give Plans