Updated Timetable for 92 Evening Bus Service to/from Bingham and Nottm

The Timetable for the number 92 Bus Service has been updated – as from today.

John Greenwood has compared it with the previous version and notes that we have lost the (weekday) bus from Cropwell Bishop to Bingham at 18.52 and the return from Bingham to Cropwell Bishop at 22.21.

This means an evening visit to Bingham is restricted to taking the 92 in at 19.52 and returning at 21.11 (a visit of only 1 hour).

The last 833 into Bingham is at 16.44.

On the plus side, the 92 now offers an additional journey back from town at 19.10 (Monday to Saturdays) (arriving Cropwell 19.52) and on Saturdays there is now an additional 92 into town at 18.22 from Church St.

Tony Jarrow

January 2024

92 Timetable

You can download a pdf copy of this timetable at:

The 92 Evening Bus Service between Cropwell Bishop and Bingham

The Parish Council has been in discussion with Vectare (who operate the daytime 833 Bingham service) and the County Council to consider how the available Section 106 funding from the new housing estate should be used to improve our bus service.

We are pleased to report that a new evening bus service commenced on Monday 17th April 2023.

It is operated by Vectare and will operate for a period of 2 years partly supported by the County Council and Section 106 funding.

After the 2 year period we hope, with good usage, that the service becomes self-sufficient.

The service is linked to the Nottingham – Newark, 90 service, which Vectare are now operating. It also replaces certain evening Cotgrave Connection Services.

A summary of the ‘92’ evening timetable is shown below, together with a link for downloading a pdf copy.

The ‘92’ service provides Cropwell Bishop with regular evening buses to and from Nottingham and Bingham.

The last buses back from Nottingham are at 2215 and 2315 (2215 Saturdays) and the last bus from Bingham at 2221 (2236 on Saturdays).

There is no Sunday service.

The buses will travel along both Church St and Hoe View Road to Hollygate Estate, Cotgrave, and on to Nottingham via Radcliffe Road, (not Central Avenue) in West Bridgford

In the other direction they will travel from Cropwell Bishop Hoe View Road and Church St via Langar to Bingham and the new Bingham Estates with connections on to Newark (90 service)

For full details of the ‘92’ services and intermediate stops please visit the following web site:-

It should be possible to track the vehicle locations on this web site.

This ‘promise’ should be reassuring after our troubles with the 33 service:-

VECTARE PASSENGER PROMISE * Clean, safe and comfortable buses with friendly drivers.
We’ll never leave you stranded - if your bus doesn’t run, we’ll pay for your taxi home!*
Call our Service Delivery Centre for help and support seven days a week: 0115 777 318

*Terms and conditions apply.
Please visit for more information.

JRG/Parish Council

April 2023

Buses – To and From Cropwell Bishop

Below, is an up-to-date summary of useful bus services to Cotgrave, West Bridgford, Nottingham, Radcliffe and Bingham.

For Full 33 timetable go to

John Greenwood


33 Nottm

33 Radcliffe