Street Stories of Cropwell Bishop

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Street Stories of Cropwell Bishop

The year of 2020 will be remembered by the whole world as the year of COVID-19. The virus has affected the lives of everyone on Earth.

At a mundane level, I found mangaging the Cropwell Bishop website more challenging than ever: there was simply little positive news to publish.

News items were becoming mostly health warnings, shop and business closures, bus terminations, sporting cancellations and social-event cancellations. The calendar was empty.

Looking for something to distract people from the sad reality of daily life (and to occupy me), I hit upon the idea of 'Street Stories' of Cropwell Bishop. It would be an opportunity to collate information gathered from printed documents, online searches, and residents of Cropwell Bishop and then present the findings in a readable and interesting format.

Getting the help and support of anyone with memories, photographs and knowledge of the past is essential. Many people have provided useful snippets of information but I am most indebted to Cropwell Bishop residents, Anne Terzza and Pam Barlow who continue to supply facts, figures and photos of the past.

New stories will continue to appear on the News page of the website, but the final home of them all will be via this Heritage page.

To go to a street story, click on its street name-plate. As you will see, some stories have not yet been published — nor have they been written.

Tony Jarrow

Cropwell Bishop Heritage Group

The Village Heritage Group has met regularly over the years and you can read all about their meetings and presentations by clicking: Cropwell Bishop Heritage Group.