Guide to selling

Why use this site?

These days there are many ways of selling things. Most people advertise them online — and ebay can't be beaten if you want to reach a big audience.
So why do Cropwell Bishop people advertise on this site?
Well here are some reasons:

  • You have something that is bulky and is unlikely to sell for a high price. Postage costs would massively inflate its selling price. But a Villager buying from this site can just pop round and collect it. No packing needed and no postage costs.
  • You can sell things fast: sometimes items go within a day. This website attracts hundreds of visits every day.
  • You object to throwing away something that may be of value to someone else: you are even happy to give it away for free rather than bin it.
  • You would rather sell an item to a Village person than an unknown buyer.
  • You don't have an ebay account.
  • It's free!

How do I place an advert?

You need to email details to me, Tony Jarrow, at

Follow these steps:

  • Take a photo of your item. I generally crop distracting backgrounds from photos and then make the resulting image 400 pixels wide. This is hardly ever a problem for people: modern phones and cameras take photos of far higher resolution. I can always make a photo file smaller but if you send, say, a 100px wide photo, it will inevitably look poor on a large computer screen.
  • Attach the photo to an email and include the following:
  • A simple title for your advert, eg. "Boy's bike"
  • A description. A low cost or familiar item may require only a few words. A unique or high cost item will need a longer detailed description.
  • A price.
  • Contact details. Most people put their phone number or email address.
  • Once your item has sold, send me an email with some reference such as the title and date, and I will put "SOLD" on the advert. I will leave the advert on-line so that others can see what is selling.
  • I generally remove items after a few months.

Anything you are not sure of, just email me.

Tony Jarrow