Dancing and Singing on Church Street for VE Day - 75 years ago

What were the celebrations like on VE Day in Cropwell Bishop back in 1945?

The Village Heritage Group did not have any photographs illustrating the joyous festivities in the village to celebrate the end of WWII in Europe. They didn’t even know where the celebrations were held in the village!
That is, until now ….

Following a request for information, we were informed that there was a big street party held on Church Street on May 8th 1945.

We were told of the memories of a young boy who, on that momentous day, could remember standing in Connie Starbucks garden opposite the Chequers and seeing the road full of people dancing and singing.

Rhythm Aces
The Rhythm Aces

We were told by another villager that a Dance Swing Band called the Rhythm Aces, played on Church Street in the evening as part of the ongoing celebrations. The band went over to Johnny and Connie Starbucks house and brought out their piano to play.

Harry Burrows, who played the piano, would later continue with a re-formed Band until 1965. At this time the Band included Margaret (Brown/Cook) Foster on Accordion, Mavis (Thornton/Wilson) Grice on Xylophone, Joyce (Knight) Burrows (Harrys wife) played drums and Eric Parnham the Accordion. A good time was had by all!

The Heritage Group would welcome any memories from the 20th Century.
Please contact Anne Terzza on: 0115 9893147

Anne Terzza & Pam Wregg

Harry Burrows
Harry Burrows

Blue Sky Thinking

Have you noticed the beautiful blue skies we are seeing these days. Could it be because there is less pollution?

Thanks to Colin Bryan for the photo taken today.

Blue sky

Dog Poo!

Dog Poo

Isn't this problem history in Cropwell Bishop? Apparently not.

Almost all the dog walkers in Cropwell Bishop collect the remains left by their dog and take it home or deposit it in one of the special bins - but, apparently, a few don't.

There are reports of dog poo being left on paths and also bags of it hanging in trees.

This is probably the result of visitors or of children unaware of their responsibilities.

It is a good idea to report all incidents (go to the Contact page of this website for a clickable link). Offenders - owners, not the dog - can face a big fine.

Tony Jarrow

Dog Poo

Reminder - Coronavirus Community Help: Cropwell Bishop

Cropwell Bishop

Are you unable to leave your home because of Coronavirus (Covid 19)? Or are you an older person or someone with disability or impairment who needs someone to run errands – shopping or pick up a prescription etc? Do you just want a friendly voice to talk to if you’re feeling isolated? We can and want to help!

We are a group of residents of Cropwell Bishop who are coming together to help out in the community during a time where some people are experiencing difficulty in accessing what they need due to concern about getting ill.

We would like to support the community that we live in and ensure that nobody is left isolated, worried or without what they need.

We won’t ask anything of you in return, we just believe in helping each other in a time of difficulty. We are linked to the parish council.

If you would like to speak to us, or want to ask for help, please text or phone one of the following people from the village who will gladly arrange help for you:

  • Jo Wroughton, parish councillor: 07891 694541
  • Jan Towndrow, parish clerk: 07798 735757
  • Jane Miller: 07815 699878
  • Sara Marshall: 07764 254850
  • Neil Chadborn: 07754 897024
  • Rachael Halpin: 0115 9892755
  • Carol Halpin: 0115 9890366

All of our volunteers have been advised on how to help you safely.

Please contact us - we don’t want anyone to feel alone.

Cropwell Bishop Parish Council

Bye Bye Billie

Bye bye

Billie has packed his suitcase and is going to get in the car, later today. He is going to visit his cousin and Uncle in the Forest of Dean, Glos.

He has so enjoyed all his activities over the last 3 months. Come and say ‘Goodbye’ to Billie today.

He is totalling up the funds he has raised for NHS and will let you know later. He hasn’t hit the £1,000 quite just yet so please keep donating if you can.

He will return on Sunday, (normal baking day) but then is going away again for a longer period. However, he will pop out in the garden from time to time.

Billie hopes you have enjoyed his company and thanks you all for such tremendous support and love especially over the last few days. 😀

Billie's Mum


Billie has raised £917.00 (July 6th) but would really like to get to £1,000. If you have anything suitable for a raffle prize, please drop off at No. 23 Brownhill. Will have a raffle on Sunday. Let’s see if he can do it. Thank you everyone.

Can the Bears Raise £1000?

Bear Hunt
Bear Hunt
Bear Hunt
Bear Hunt

Shropshire Blue Q

Shropshire Blue

Another day, another queue to the Cheesemaker's Shop on Nottingham Road.

This was the scene 15 minutes after opening time. The queue stretches down Nottingham Road and up Barratt Close.

Tony Jarrow

Shropshire Blue

Fantastic Deal on Shropshire Blue

Shropshire Blue

I have now been made aware of another reason why the Cheesemaker's Shop is so popular at the moment (see previous story).

A messsage on The Cheesemaker's Shop Facebook page says:

"Calling all locals!
While stocks last, we are selling WHEELS OF BLUE SHROPSHIRE FOR £10 (approx 3.5kg)!!
This offer is only available to purchase from our Cheesemaker's Shop in Cropwell Bishop."

If you ordered this cheese from the The Creamery's online site, it would cost you £52.

There can be little doubt that this special deal is the magnet attracting shoppers there - but how long can it last?

Better get down there tomorrow if you want some!

Tony Jarrow

Stilton Attracts Buyers

It was good to see Cropwell Bishop Creamery feature on yesterday's BBC TV East Midlands News: it was even better to see the response of local people this morning.

Cheese Shop

From opening time at 10am until at least 12.30pm when this photo was taken, people were queuing outside the shop.

At times, the queue stretched over 20 metres down the road, everyone patiently taking their turn to enter the shop - one at a time.

In the TV report, Robin Skailes described how COVID-19 had had a knock-on effect on the business. Sales to shop outlets worldwide and to Airlines like British Airways, had collapsed, but he said that they were still buying milk from their farm suppliers and still producing cheese.

Their online sales had increased by over 8 times and, of course, the Cheesemaker Shop is still open for local shoppers.

The long queues this morning suggest that viewers had been unaware that the "King of Cheeses" was still available to them direct from the Cropwell Bishop factory shop.

The biggest sales of Stilton Cheese are traditionally at Christmas. With luck, cheese from Cropwell Bishop will still be a festive choice again this year - locally, in the UK and world wide.

Tony Jarrow

Cheese Shop
Cheese Shop
Cheese Shop
Cheese Shop
Cheese Shop
Cheese Shop

Gary Jowett Voucher for March Quiz Winner

Congratulations to Eileen Hepworth who has won the March 'Cropwell Bishop News' Quiz.
Eileen's entry was drawn out of the "hat of correct entries" following the Parish Council meeting last night (a first-time online "virtual meeting" using Zoom software).
Eileen wins a £20 voucher for Gary Jowett's Butchers — donated by The Parish Council.

Find out how many questions you got right: here are the answers:

1. Ding, ding, all aboard when? ..... 23rd March (page 8)

2. Carroll Shelby was an? .....automative designer (Page 14)

3. How old was Harlan Thrombey when he died? ..... 85 (Page 13)

4. Who wants washed plastic bottle tops? ..... Dove Cottage (Page 3)

5. Railway between Ludborough & North Thoresby originally closed when? ..... 1980 (Page 33)

6. Benoit Blanc is a? ..... detective (Page 13)

7. How many actors hurl themsleves from role to role? ..... 3 (Page 10)

8. Who's having a Garage Sale in April? ..... Growers & Gardeners (Page 20)

9. How many colours are missing? ..... 11 (Page 26)

10. The David Shaw Shield played when? ..... 25th April (Page 26)

11. Locals get 10% discount from where? ..... Cheesemakers's Shop (Page 24)

12. Maple and Wild Cherry were how tall? ..... 6ft (Page 22)

13. How many Medals did Emma Scarborough receive? ...... 5 (Page 20)

14. Hatha Yoga class costs how much weekly? ..... £7 (Page 6)

15. Be part of the pick when? ..... 5th April (Page 7)

16. Who is receiving a Special Service Award? ..... Ray Kimpton (Page cover)

Hilary Jarrow
Cropwell Bishop News

CT4N to Reintroduce No.33 Bus Service on Monday

The number 33 bus will begin a limited service on Monday 4th May. For full details, click on the Travel page.

Tony Jarrow

Bulky Waste Collections Resume: Rushcliffe Borough Council

Our bulky waste collections are now safely resuming on Saturdays.


As part of our plans to deliver as many refuse collection services as possible during COVID-19, we are re-opening the service from this Saturday, May 9.

Large items of furniture, mattresses and other large household items can be collected by calling 0115 981 9911 only with online booking available again as soon as possible.

Residents are asked to be patient to book a collection as it is anticipated the service will be popular and will be asked to clarify the items requested to be collected before a booking is confirmed in line with our standard charges.

Large electrical items can be collected by Streetwise Environmental Services by calling 0115 914 8408.

Residents should always use a reputable licensed waste carrier for disposal of any waste from their homes and request to see the relevant documentation from the Environment Agency before agreeing to use a service.

Our Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environment and Safety Cllr Rob Inglis said: “Our waste teams have a done an excellent job safely maintaining the key bin collections during recent weeks and we’re delighted the only element of the service temporarily suspended is now resuming.

“Please be patient when booking as we know the service may be popular as waste services everywhere continue to adapt in light of the pandemic.”

The Household Waste Recycling Centre on Rugby Road in West Bridgford is operated by the County Council who are working with central government on when its services could resume.

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk

Bears: 8pm Clap for Key Workers


Billie's Mug to Help NHS

Hi Everyone

Billie is very excited as he now has some samples of Billie the Brownhill Bear Mugs, with NHS in a heart shape on the front, and Billie with a selection of his siblings on the back.

If you are interested, and live in the village, I can order mugs for you, and have them delivered here - therefore you avoid postage and packing cost.

For every mug sold, £2.50, goes to the NHS.

If you want to order directly from the supplier, email 'Free Bird Designs'.
or call: 07896 947437.

All mugs ordered directly will automatically have a £2.50 donation to NHS. The cost of a mug delivered to your house is £10.00.



Lockdown Notes: Day 39: The Rhythm of Life


It’s day 39 of Lockdown and this morning I was doing some thinking while working on the Allotments – a great place to do some thinking when the sun is just rising and the only audible company are lapwings and skylarks.

I was thinking back to the 1950s and everyday life of my grandparents in Nottingham (Carlton). I was comparing their lifestyle with our’s during lockdown. Obviously, they didn’t have a lockdown but they did live during the Cold War and the ever present threat of nuclear annihilation of the planet hanging over them. Nevertheless, their lives were restricted in many ways.


Because they didn’t have a fridge, fresh food had to shopped for daily. The local Co-Op had it all and was within easy walking distance – so no change there in 70 years!

The Co-Op was also the main supplier of milk; a 1 pint glass bottle left on the doorstep early every morning. If you wanted extra one day, or maybe a ‘gold top’ with jersey cream, you popped a handwritten note in the top of the empty bottle that you left for collection. The week’s deliveries were paid to the milkman on Saturday when the milkman (or men) started out later.

There were other home deliveries from a variety of local suppliers: the tea-man, the fish-man, the egg-man, the mobile grocery van, the soft-drinks man (note: they were all men, most women were housewives in those days). All the delivery people were on first name terms with you and familiar with the things you bought.

The energy for the single fire in the bungalow was delivered by the coal man: 20 hundredweight bags (about 50kg) and my grandad would count in every single one.

There was no telephone but because the homes were council owned, the ‘warden’ would call by every single morning to check they were ok. She lived up the road and, in an emergency, could be summoned at any time by pressing a push button in the kitchen. The doctor’s surgery was just down the road but if you were ill in bed they would, of course, visit you at home.

They never had a car but could get almost anywhere easily by bus. A day visit to a son in Stanley Common near Ilkeston, was a bit of a drag using three buses, but quite doable and popping into Nottingham was dead easy on the trolley buses going every 5 or 10 minutes.

So, I wondered, how has the ‘rhythm of daily life’ changed since those days – particularly while we experience lockdown?

The more I think about it, most changes are with the technology we use. Today we order online instead of using a pencilled note, we do have more choice of foods but maybe not as fresh or local, and we can store food longer in our fridges and freezers and that means less time shopping. But there are some losses: less personal contact - social media is not personal contact.

As I pulled the weeds on my allotment plot, I had the time to reflect that not every change is necessarily better for human health and contentment.

No doubt the lives of my grandparents would have been made much easier had they had: loft insulation, cavity-wall insulation, double-glazing, central heating, an electric blanket, a fridge, a freezer, an automatic washing machine, a telephone, a microwave oven and an electric toaster.

Maybe they would have lived longer than their 84 and 91 years, maybe not.

Back to the weeding.

Tony Jarrow

VE Day Street Party

VE Day

Parish Clerk
Cropwell Bishop Parish Council

Grass Cutting in Cropwell Bishop: Update

I would firstly like to start by thanking Ray Kimpton our Village Ranger/Lengthsman for all his hard work in keeping Cropwell Bishop looking tidy and well maintained during this strange time.

I would also like to thank other residents who have offered or have mowed some of our open spaces within the village.

I have been in touch with RBC to ascertain the situation with regards to Grass Cutting of the RBC Open spaces within the village.

Their response is below.

"Thank you for your phone call to Streetwise Environmental Ltd, about when Rushcliffe Borough Council will be cutting the council spaces in Cropwell Bishop. My name is Deanna Hunt and I am the Contract & Performance Manager for our street and environmental services.

Following on from this initial lockdown period of 3-weeks, as required by the government, we have been working on new procedures for maintaining social distancing while moving mowing equipment and keeping staff safe.

Starting Monday, we will begin a phased approach to re-starting mowing across the Borough. This will include cutting the linear open space first in Cropwell Bishop, and then gradually including the other sites over the next few weeks.

Naturally you would want to ask why we just can’t come and do it all, now? We have used some of the Streetwise staff to deliver the Council’s essential services. We prioritized food delivery and home alarms for the vulnerable, collecting residential waste etc., as a priority over mowing. I’m sure this resonates with you because I know from the incredible community response seen across Rushcliffe, this will reflect the support Cropwell Bishop itself has in place.

We will be starting work in Cropwell Bishop next week. It won’t be all of it because we must balance staff capacity, staff and public safety, with mowing. But it will be re-starting.

I have included a map showing the areas that make up the first mowing session called the linear open spaces. We will do the larger, recreational areas first to support people being able to continue with their daily exercise period.

I hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance."

SGrass Cutting Map

The map shows that next week they will be cutting the main green areas and the areas in grey will be started at a later date. Our Village Ranger/Lengthsman will start next week on the grey areas to try and keep them tidy until they can recommence fully.

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk

Euro Football Quiz: Answers

Here are answers to the Football Quiz that appeared a couple of days ago.

Jamie and Peter

  1. Villa - Ray Winstone - Al Capone (Villarreal)
  2. Los Angeles - Galaxy (LA Galaxy)
  3. Sam Smith - P - Door (Sampdoria)
  4. Ham - Burger (Hamburger)
  5. Board - O (Bordeaux)
  6. Sports - Queen Elizabeth II - Bun (Sporting Lisbon)
  7. Grasshoppers (Grasshoppers)
  8. Pour - Toe (Porto)
  9. Dynamo - Moss - Cow (Dynamo Moscow)
  10. Rapids - V - N (Rapids Wien)
  11. Val Doonican - N - Sia (Valencia)
  12. Bar - Cell - Owner (Barcelona)
  13. A - Sea - Mill - Ann Widdecombe (AC Milan)
  14. Nap - Olly Murs (Napoli)
  15. Red - Star - Bell - Grade (Red Star Belgrade)
  16. Eye - Axe (Ajax)

Sophie's Picture to Display in Nightingale Hospital

Sophie Wainwright

Poster Competition for Primary Children

Rushcliffe MP Ruth Edwards is holding a children’s Spring Poster Competition around the theme of how to keep safe during Coronavirus.

Ruth would like all primary school age children to design a poster reminding people to wash their hands with soap and water to limit the spread of the disease.

The winning entry will receive a £20 book token with second and third places also getting prizes. All winners will also be invited to visit the Palace of Westminster in London with their parents when lockdown restrictions lift.

“I’ve been so pleased to see so many wonderful rainbow drawings go up across Rushcliffe in support of our amazing NHS workers in recent weeks and I now hope my younger constituents might use their talent to help us all stay safe by remembering to wash our hands,” said Ruth.

“I hope many local children will have a go as there is the chance to win great prizes. I want entrants to be as creative and as colourful as possible and I’m looking forward to seeing the posters come in. Best of luck to everyone.”

The competition is only open to children who live in Rushcliffe and are of primary school age. Entries will close on Thursday 23rd April and can be submitted by sending a photo of the poster to: along with the name and address of the child, their age, a parent’s name and telephone number.

Ruth will use her social media accounts to showcase the entries and she will feature the winning designs in her next annual report.

Entries will be judged by Ruth and her team and the judges’ decision is final.

James Faulconbridge
Office Manager to Ruth Edwards MP

Spring Poster Competition

Bird Quiz: Answers

A quiz like this always seems easy - once you see the answers!

I failed to get; Spoonbill, Kittiwake and Toucan. Yet now, they look so easy.

How did you get on?

Once again, thanks to Anne for this quiz.

  1. Pheasant
  2. Curlew
  3. Corn Bunting
  4. Nightingale
  5. Spoonbill
  6. Kittiwake
  7. Toucan
  8. Kingfisher
  9. Nightjar
  10. Waxwing
  11. Nuthatch
  12. Magpie

Lockdown Notes: Day 26: Missing Out

All of us, I feel sure, have experienced the feeling of missing out on what everybody else is doing while we are stuck at home or somewhere else we would rather not be.

When a child, I remember having to be kept off school when an angry rash (can you have a happy rash?) covered my face - or some other illness.

Going to spend days at my Grandma's house was, in many ways, quite pleasant. I would go with armfuls of paper and colouring pencils and look forward to the freedom of making the most of the unexpected free time - but the joy didn't last.

Not having to do difficult lessons was a relief, but what else was I missing? What was being said to the rest of the class that I would never hear? Was some upcoming event being talked about, maybe a day trip? Was it, "hands up those who want to go" - and my arm wasn't even at its desk!

That fear of "missing out" never seems to go.

However, the current emergency that keeps us at home is unlike any other I have experienced in my life. On this occasion, almost all of us are stuck at home and there is nothing out there that we are missing out on: no sport event, music festival, holiday flight, party, shopping trip, or whatever happening. Nobody else out there is having a good time while we are stuck at home which, I suppose, is a sort of relief. A unique event.

And it is not just Britain of course. I have cousins in Poland and the email we had yesterday was little different to one I might have got from cousins in Derby or Lincoln, with descriptions of closed schools, working from home, lockdown at home, making use of the garden, only going out for essential supplies, and so on. We are all, effectively the whole world, in this together.

Sobering, when you recall that the last 4 years have been dominated with arguments about Britain's need/ability to exist independently of other nations.

Strange times indeed.

Tony Jarrow


Euro Football Quiz

Maybe you managed to complete the 'Football Quiz' a week ago and are confident that you know your British football teams. But what about European clubs?

Well, lets find out. Here are 16 European teams to name.

Many thanks to Jamie and Peter for devising this quiz and putting it together. Answers in a few days ...

Tony Jarrow

Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team
Euro Team

Nottingham Bus Company Suspends All Operations

CT4N and its parent Nottingham Community Transport have taken the decision to suspend all bus service operations starting Saturday 11th April until further notice.

This includes the following services:

 All Locallink services – L1, L2, L4, L5, L9, L10, L11, L12 & L14
 Medilink
 Easylink
 CT4N services 18, 22, 23, 33, S11 & S16
 East Midlands Gateway Shuttle
 Derbyshire County Council services 14 & 29

CB Parish Council

"Virtual" Competitions at Cropwell Bishop School

We had a fantastic response to the Virtual Decorated Egg and Easter Bonnet competitions from the pupils at Cropwell Bishop Primary School.

Thank you to everyone who entered. All the entries were amazing: I think you will all agree they look lovely and really cheerful.

Below are the winning entries.

Julie Thorpe

Easter Prizes
Decorated Eggs: 1st - Gracie Clifford-Jones, Class 5
Easter Prizes
Decorated Eggs: 2nd - Maisy Gallacher, Class 6
Easter Prizes
Decorated Eggs: 3rd - Josie Herrington, Class 6
Easter Prizes
Easter Bonnet: 1st - Ella Middleton, Class 2
Easter Prizes
Easter Bonnet: 2nd - Carys Alldred-Pasque, Class 2
Easter Prizes
Easter Bonnet: 3rd - Zachary Flint, Class 1

Bird Quiz

You have been challenged by teddies, street names, town names and football teams, but not by birds - until today!

Thanks to Anne for this: answers in a few days.

Tony Jarrow


Rawlings Court says Thank You

Rawlings Court

On behalf of the residents of Rawlings Court in Cropwell Bishop, I want to say a Big Thank You to the Cropwell Bishop Volunteer Group.

The group, which formed in response to the Coronavirus restrictions (see article of 17-3-20 for details), have helped to make our Easter weekend extra special.

Today, a vounteer delivered an easter egg and a loaf of bread to every one of the 33 residents in the flats.

The lockdown restrictions are, of course, affecting everybody but many residents here are less mobile than most and so this gift from the Volunteer Group is especially appreciated.

Residents are also thankful to the people who have volunteered to deliver all Belvoir Health Group medication requests to residents.

These are difficult times for everyone but Cropwell Bishop Volunteers are certainly making life better for us.

Thank you.

David Glyn Jones
Rawlings Court
Cropwell Bishop

Lockdown Notes: Day 22: What day is it?

Day 22? What happened to day 21? What day is it today: Tuesday, Wednesday? That's a problem with lockdown: every day seems the same.

The daily newspaper coming through the letterbox had the day on it, but mine went online years ago. These days, even the daily TV news tends to be the same. The events that make each day of the week unique have, by and large, gone.

If you are going out to work, that won't be true, but those who are having to work from home in front of a monitor are having to operate to a new routine that doesn't follow the familiar timetable of working in the flesh, in a shop, school, coffee-shop, factory, etc.

Sporting events were a guide for many people, whether they played them or watched them: football on Saturday (Match of the Day), long run on Sunday morning, cycle race on Sunday, club-night Monday, longest training run before 2020 London Marathon, next Sunday (no longer true), Park Run on Saturday and children Park Run on Sunday, and so on. At the moment, none of them exist!

So what helps you remember what day it is?

For some, it may a TV programme or a TV series (although after the 6th and final episode, you will be lost again), or maybe the weather forecast (when she says this is "tomorrow's weather" look what day is says - but remember that is tomorrow!).

On my phone my home screen does't help but I can click on my Calendar App.

The most amusing solution I've heard is from one of Hilary's friends: when she takes her daily prescribed medication, her tablets are in a "calendar pack", the next unopened tablet is 'today'! (only those on medication will appreciate this).

So that's Day 22, which is .... let me check, Wednesday. If you want the date, look at the heading of this article.

Tony Jarrow


Here are some photos taken 5 years ago today. The weather in the pictures looks the same as today - but not much else does.

Simpsons Yard
Simpsons Yard
Simpsons Yard
Simpsons Yard (now Stackyard)
Simpsons Yard
The Cabin's portacabin following a fire in the Post Office

Celebration Weekend & Picnic in the Park Cancelled

Due to the current government guidelines around running public events, the Parish Council have made the decision to cancel the Celebration Weekend/Picnic In The Park for July 2020.

These events are enjoyed by our villagers and they will be organised again in the future.

Thank you

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk

Cropwell News Cancelled

The Cropwell News for April was due to be published on the 17th April. Due to the current Covid-19 situation this publication will not be produced.

We hope to be able to bring you the June edition but of course we will have to wait and see what the situation is closer to the time.

Thank you

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk

Our Children's Rainbow Pictures

Thank you to our many children, both those at home and those in School for the many pictures we have received to brighten up our Village.

There are some photos below of the pictures on display in the village: there are more in the Co-op and in the Butchers.

If you want to do a picture to add to the phone box or a notice board please drop it in the Community Box at The Old School or at 32 Kendal Road (when you are on your daily exercise).

I think you will all agree they look lovely and really cheerful.

Jan Towndrow
Parish Clerk

Rainbow Pictures
Rainbow Pictures
Rainbow Pictures
Rainbow Pictures
Rainbow Pictures
Rainbow Pictures
Rainbow Pictures

Football Quiz: Answers

Here are answers to the Football Quiz that appeared a couple of days ago: how many did you identify?

Jamie and Peter

  1. (Jack) Black/ pool - Blackpool
  2. Crystal Palace
  3. Aston (Merrygold)/ villa- Aston Villa
  4. Shrews/ berry/ town- Shrewsbury Town
  5. Portsmouth
  6. Barns/ Lee (Dixon)- Barnsley
  7. Man/chest/ her/ city- Manchester City
  8. What/ Ford- Watford
  9. Wig/ Anne (Hegerty) /athletic- Wigan Athletic
  10. Press/ ton/ north/ end- Preston North End
  11. Karl (Marx) / Isle/ unite/ Ted (Heath) -Carlisle United
  12. Burn/ Lee (Mack)- Burnley
  13. Chef/ field/ ewe/ knight/ ted- Sheffield United
  14. Fleet/wood/ town- Fleetwood Town
  15. Wick/ ham/ wanderers- Wycombe Wanderers
  16. Old/ ham/athletic- Oldham Athletic
  17. Ox/ ford/ you/ knight/ Ed (Sheeran)- Oxford United

Lockdown Notes: Day 20: Rare Views

A lovely sunset this evening but these photos are most unusual.

Yes, it is a clear sky and, yes, there is a full moon and you can see Venus - but what makes them unusual is that there are no vapour trails in the sky.

In recent days I only recall seeing one plane in the sky (and one helicopter). Strange times ...

Tony Jarrow

Evening Sky
Evening Sky

Football Quiz

Here is something for football fans to get their teeth into. You haven't seen teams play for weeks now, but can you still remember their names - using only pictures to guide you?

Identify the 17 teams below: they all play in England.

Many thanks to Jamie and Peter for devising this quiz and putting it together. Answers in a few days ...

Tony Jarrow

Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team
Footbal Team

Lockdown Notes: Day 19: Interesting Sights

Warm and sunny - pity about the wind but let's make the most of it - at home of course.

Tony Jarrow

Not everyone has to isolate.
That's a plane in the sky.
We seem to have the time to eat better these days.
Too close: better wear face masks!

Fuit and Veg Supplies

I am aware of a couple of companies that are delivering fresh fruit and veg to your door.

Several people have recomended "Kerry's Fresh" ( and "Parsnips and Pears" ( so, if you are running short on supplies, you might want to give them a try.

Tony Jarrow


Lockdown Notes: Day 18: Resisting Temptation

Ordering groceries online is very convenient but some people report that they find themselves ordering far more chocolates, crisps, cakes and gin than they normally do.

That is clearly a very foolish thing to do because at the end of this lockdown you can be certain that the cost of joining Weightwatchers and Slimming World will increase as demand for help skyrockets.

So be sensible and find a strategy for avoiding the temptation to over order these naughty foods.

And when you discovered this strategy, please email me full details: our resolve is faltering!

Tony Jarrow


Kids Hunting For Teddy Bears

A huge teddy bear hunt is happening around the world to help millions of you do something fun with your exercise time.

Stuffed toys are being placed in windows all over the globe to give children a fun and safe game to play whilst walking around their neighbourhoods with parents.

The hunt is thought to be inspired by the children's book "We're Going on a Bear Hunt".

Here is one that was spotted today on Brownhill Close in Cropwell Bishop. He says he will be doing a different activity every day!

Please send me photos of any others you see in the village.

Tony Jarrow


Getting Compost etc Delivered

I have been reliably informed that compost etc., is still available for home delivery from the Handi Center in Bingham and from the East Bridgeford Garden Centre.

One villager ordered from the Garden Centre by phone and another ordered from the Handi Centre by Facebook messenger.

They will both take payment over the phone and drop off your delivery with no contact necessary.

Good to know - especially now the weather is improving.

Tony Jarrow

850 & 852 Bus Changes

From Tuesday 7th April 2020, the Nottsbus Connect Services (which includes Cropwell Bishop 850 & 852 service) will be trialling an "On Demand Service" across the County.

What this means for our residents:-
You will have too book transport for the following day in advance.

How to Book:
Anyone wishing to use the service should call:
0115 804 4699
or email:

Please call/email between 10:00am - 12:00pm Monday to Friday to book transport for the following day.

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk

Lockdown Notes: Day 17: Real Concerns?

At the end of each year I have a habit of looking back and wondering if I made the right decision: should I have bought holiday insurance for individual holidays instead of my usual annual policy? At the end of this year the decision will almost certainly be crystal clear: all my holiday insurance for 2020 was a waste of money.

I was relieved to hear that the Government is allowing us to overrun car MOT tests by 6 months. We still must ensure that our cars are safe but at least we can avoid the time and expense involved on something of relatively low priority, after all, how many miles are most of us likely to cover in the next 6 months?

My AA renewal is due in a few weeks: what do I do? I have been a member for over 40 years and the only times I have used it is for a flat battery 25 years ago and for a cracked distributor head on a 1966 Mini during our first holiday tour of Scotland during the very wet summer of 1971.

Over £2000 spent for two call outs! But, of course, what I am really buying is peace of mind, as with all insurances. But this year my use of the car is going to be much, much less than previous years.

Renewing is always annoying anyway - the process is always the same. I get a bill for renewing, far higher than last year's or the amount a new customer has to pay. I then phone up to say I can get just as good cover from Green Flag (or whoever) for less; they transfer me to their manager, who then makes a greatly reduced offer which I accept. A farce and it wastes time. I still have a few weeks to make my decision.

The decision regarding my usual annual subscription for a monthly magazine was made before Christmas but now I have to accept that it will not be as valuable as I had hoped. It is for "Pro Cycling" which previews and reports on all the world's top cycle races - from the Tour de France downwards. An excellent magazine (for me) but what will be in the coming issues? No races are happening, no races are planned; there is nothing to report. No doubt people paying for Sky Sports or BT Sport will have much greater financial regrets.

But, however annoying some of these things might first appear, at the present time they are, in reality, of no significance. No more important than damage to marigolds in the front garden caused by flooding from a burst reservoir dam up the hill. No, most people will face real challenges as a result of this Emergency: trivial difficulties should be ignored.

By the way, I am only aware of one person in the village who appears to have suffered from CoronaVirus - and they have recovered. That's good news.

A distraction: here is a photo from 10 years ago.

Have a nice day.


Tony Jarrow

A Daily Pop Quiz

Pop Pickers

If you liked the Pop Music Quiz which was posted here last week then you ought to check out the Daily Pop Quiz. It's just for fun.

It's on Facebook and is an open group so anyone can join. It's a great way to be in contact with fellow minded pop quiz fans in these difficult times.

This is a fun quiz that tries to appeal to a wide range of ages...from people in their 30s to those in their late 60s.

I produce a variety of questions from a range of eras and styles. I hope to make you think and maybe recall some of the songs of your youth.

Click and go there now:
Pop Pickers Music Questions!

Richard Turner

Lockdown Notes: Day 16: Online Deliveries

We have always done our shopping at supermarkets whose names have only 4 letters - until now. At the start of Lockdown, we decided we would try and avoided going inside any shop. So, the obvioius solution was to shop online and have it delivered.

Our daughter shops online and so do some of our neighbours so signing up with one of the several online suppliers should be a doddle. If you aren't already laughing, it's because you haven't tried to do this yourself during Lockdown.


You haven't seen messages like, "there are 32,480 people before you in the queue". Neither have you reached the point where you have to pick a delivery slot, only to find that every single one during the next week has been filled!

Hilary likes a challenge. She logged into her computer and visited all the online delivery stores and, one by one, she found that they were either, not taking new customers, or had no available delivery slots - except for a couple of stores.


The one she found to be a least busy was one of the more expensive suppliers (hardly surprising) but even it had no delivery slots for the week ahead.

But she thought, if they always show "the next 7 days", then every 24 hours they must add a "new day" - and it would have empty delivery slots. But when does this happen?


Well, she bet is would be midnight, or possibly (but hopefully not) later in the night. The adrenaline was flowing and she overcame here tiredness and waited for midnight.

The plan worked: at midnight a new day appeared on the screen! And we now have a delivery planned for next week.

I cringe at the prices we are paying but we have little choice: I tell myself we are currently "saving" money by not using the car or going out shopping for clothes.

All this excitement over a grocery delivery: sad really, but we will have to have something to talk about when we do eventually end this Lockdown and get back together again with friends and family.

Tony Jarrow

Cities and Towns Quiz: Answers

Here are the answers to the Cities and Towns Quiz that appeared a few days ago: how many did you identify? I imagine there being some groans as the answers are read out!

It's possible that you have come up with an answer that is just as good as one here - if so, give it a tick.

Hilary Jarrow

  1. A colour and some water. (Blackpool)
  2. Changing things about. (Altringham)
  3. Makin' twice as big. (Dublin)
  4. Finished and a river. (Dundee)
  5. Meat and some water. (Liverpool)
  6. Used for dogs. (Leeds)
  7. To fasten to. (Bolton)
  8. A cook and some land. (Sheffield)
  9. A boy's name. (Dudley)
  10. Compass point and a place for ships. (Southport)
  11. You wheel it in the garden. (Barrow)
  12. A sort of jumper. (Cardigan)
  13. A male and a town. (Manchester)
  14. Good for you if its fresh. (Ayre)
  15. It rings and goes quickly. (Belfast)
  16. Not good to eat. (Oldham)
  17. A partner for ivy, and a part of the body. (Holyhead)
  18. Window pane, and to travel. (Glasgow)
  19. An uncut cake. (Nuneaton)
  20. A bottle stopper. (Cork)
  21. Spoilt by a spill. (Staines)
  22. Call the plumber if you have one. (Leek)

Wanted: Your Ideas

We have been posting 'Lockdown Notes', recipes and quizzes for 4 days now and the feedback has been very encouraging. However, we really would like to post some of YOUR thoughts, ideas, tips, whatever.

You could produce a complete article (email the text and any pictures, and I will put it all together) or just send your thoughts/ideas/picture and I will write the article.

We would normally include your name in acknowledgement of your contribution, but if you would rather we didn't, just say so.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Tony and Hilary Jarrow

33 Bus Service Suspended

The Parish Council were notified at 9.52pm yesterday that at the end of today 1st April the 33 bus service will be suspended until further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is the statement issued by CT4N last night:-

Unfortunately, the pandemic is not easing and therefore we are now having to take further measures to protect both staff and customers, as outlined in our company statement, which we have released this evening on our website.

I’m sorry that I won’t be able to provide any further information at this moment in time and hope that you understand the reasons as to why we have had to take this decision.

Parish Clerk
Cropwell Bishop Parish Council

Lockdown Notes: Day 15: Jigsaws

Some say that doing jigsaws might be enjoyable but it doesn't achieve anything, so is pointless.

Quite right - just like singing in the shower, playing cards, singing in a choir, watching football, singing in an empty kitchen, watching movies and watching TV. All pointless but enjoyable and harmless, so, if we don't have work to do, lets enjoy them all.

Hilary and I have both been spending time doing jigsaws during Lockdown but in very different ways. I start with a cardboard box with a picture on the front; Hilary starts by switching on her computer.

Jigsaw Planet

She goes to, decides how many pieces she wants to have and chooses a picture - and she remembers to open the settings in the bottom left corner and ticks the option for showing a ghost image of the picture in the background. Then she starts dragging pieces into place. All for free whenever she wants.

Actually, Hilary also signs in, because then she can see a clock ticking to see how long it takes her to finish. She can also see how long other members took and, if she is in the mood, she tries to beat them. Simple, free and good fun. You can even create a jigsaw from your own picture, and then share it with the rest of the world. Give it a go.

I must confess that I prefer the traditional kind of jigsaw, the kind you can walk up to, add a few pieces while you sup your cup of tea, then walk away until another spare moment in the day - or the next day.

You do need a spare table-top in the house and, preferably, not a long-tufted carpet on the floor (searching for missing pieces buried in its tufts will drive you mad).

With the box lid propped up behind the puzzle, the radio playing background music and your cup of tea at arms-reach, you can enjoy pointless pleasure. For a touch of luxury, add a fig biscuit.

For a few days of enjoyment, choose 500 pieces; for a week of pleasure choose 1000 pieces; for pure torture choose a seascape with a big cloudless sky!

Does anyone do the same jigsaw twice? I suppose you can get the same satisfaction once the picture is a distant memory - maybe a year later. Alternatively, you can sell or give the jigsaw and get a new one.

The idea of swapping jigsaws is appealing but the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that it is not workable in the present circumstances. It seems to me that selling and buying on this website is the most convenient and efficient way of "swapping' jigsaws.

Once you have agreed a purchase on the phone (or text or email) you can collect from the buyer's doorstep and leave your money there. No talking, so no possibility of infection.

To get us started I have put a couple of jigsaws on the selling page.

Are you inspired to do something pointless? Well get jigsawing - or start singing around house!

Tony Jarrow

Lockdown-Kitchen Soup

Thanks to Pam for sending in this recipe.

Hilary Jarrow

Cream of Mushroom Soup


  • 1 tbsp chopped onion
  • 1oz butter
  • 4oz mushroom stalks
  • 4oz mushrooms
  • Half pint water
  • Half pint milk
  • 1 chicken stock cube
  • Half ounce flour
  • Salt, pepper

Method (using liquidiser):

  1. Melt the butter in a saucepan and cook the onion for 2 or 3 minutes, stirring.
  2. Wash the mushrooms and stalks and chop them, retaining one or two small ones for garnish.
  3. Add to the saucepan, cover it tightly and cook on low heat until the mushrooms are soft.
  4. Pour into the liquidiser, add the stock cube, the flour, water and milk.
  5. Blend on maximum speed for half a minute.
  6. Pour back into the saucepan, bring to the boil, stirring well.
  7. Boil for 2-3 minutes.
  8. Season to taste and if desired dilute with a little more milk.
  9. Serve with a few slices of mushroom floating in each bowl.
  10. Serves 4-5


Cropwell Sunset

To cheer up people in Cropwell Bishop - a lovely sunset on the last day of March.

Jan Marsh


Lockdown Notes: Day 14: Haircuts?

Day 14, that's 2 weeks completed and now settled into a sort of rhythm.

In the first days, the things you need find answers for, spring quickly to mind: how will you get your food? what foods stocks do you have? what's at the bottom of the freezer (that's less than 3 years old!)? how long will my wash powder last? and so on.

But after a few days, other predicaments come to mind and the solutions are less clear. My problem was I needed a haircut. Close contact with humans would be impossible at the Hair Barn so what could I do?

I did once go 3 months without a haircut without any adverse comments, but fashions looked very different in the 1960s - and so did I! So how was I going to solve this problem?


In the past, I sometimes had a trim all over, a "number 4" or similar, so surely it could not be so difficult to do the same in the kitchen at home. There is not so much hair left to cut these days and, anyway, who would see the result? What could possibly go wrong? Time for a plan.

Hilary agreed to help out (trimming the back of my head might prove difficult for me). An online search revealed a Youtube video showing how to use a trimmer and, after trawling internet sites, I homed in on a suitable, cordless trimmer.

"Useful to know" that it could also be used to trim a beard, which I don't have, or a dog, which I don't have either: so maybe not so useful.

It was still in stock online but 17 had been bought in the previous 48 hours and there were only 45 in stock: this was John Lewis so it must be true (Update: now sold out). I chose the free 5-day delivery and it arrived in 2.

Mission accomplished. Hilary is now a fully trained hairdresser (thanks Youtube) and I have a wonderfully trimmed head of hair!

Let's not be silly, but it does mean my hair looks respectable (-ish) - at least from the front: I haven't seen the back yet. Still, good enough for FaceTime and Zoom if I don't twist around.

So, my hair cutting for Lockdown is solved; now what about Hilary's hair .......

Tony Jarrow

Quiz: Cities and Towns in the British Isles

How well do you know the British Isles? Can you identify these places? Some are quite easy but a few are really demanding (only by saying the name out-loud reveals it as the right answer!).

Answers in a few days.

Hilary Jarrow

  1. A colour and some water
  2. Changing things about
  3. Makin' twice as big
  4. Finished and a river
  5. Meat and some water
  6. Used for dogs
  7. To fasten to
  8. A cook and some land
  9. A boy's name
  10. Compass point and a place for ships
  11. You wheel it in the garden
  12. A sort of jumper
  13. A male and a town
  14. Good for you if its fresh
  15. It rings and goes quickly
  16. Not good to eat
  17. A partner for ivy, and a part of the body
  18. Window pane, and to travel
  19. An uncut cake
  20. A bottle stopper
  21. Spoilt by a spill
  22. Call the plumber if you have one

Lockdown-Kitchen Soup

Thanks to Shona for sending in this recipe.

Hilary Jarrow

Spiced Moroccan Soup


  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 large onion, diced
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 2 tsp ground coriander
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 2 tsp ground cumin
  • 2 Co-op sweet pointed peppers, diced
  • 400g can chopped tomatoes
  • 100g dried red split lentils
  • 1 large sweet potato, peeled and diced
  • ½ x 160g pack sliced curly kale


  1. Heat the oil in a pan and fry the onion for 3-4 mins, until softened
  2. Stir in the cinnamon, coriander, paprika and cumin, season, then cook for 2 mins
  3. Add the peppers, tomatoes and 600ml boiling water, then bring to a simmer
  4. Carefully transfer to a slow cooker set on medium, then stir in the lentils and sweet potato. Cook for 25 mins.
  5. When you’re ready to serve, bring a pan of water to the boil and cook the kale for 1 minute, then drain well
  6. Serve the soup topped with the kale and a grind of black pepper.


Cropwell Bishop Street Quiz - Part 2 Answers

Here are answers to the second Street Quiz: did you manage to get them all?

By the way, I understand that the Street map of Cropwell Bishop has been updated and can now be viewed by clicking the Maps tab. Pity it wasn't available last week!

Hilary Jarrow

  1. A colour and a large mound. (Brownhill)
  2. Wyatt Earp was one of these. (Marshall)
  3. Wollaton & Wiverton have one. (Hall)
  4. Rearrange .... "SNIVAL". (Salvin)
  5. Garden tool + a small recess. (Hoe Nook)
  6. Gracie and W. C. had this name (take off the s). (Field)
  7. Could be paper/steel or textile. (Mill)
  8. Perhaps where the barley was taken. (Maltings)
  9. Housebuilder or our own famous cobbler. (Barratt)
  10. Country gentlemen. (Squires)
  11. A nonflowering vascular plant - it has triangular fronds that uncoil upward. (Fern)
  12. St. Giles' own street - think carefully! (Church)
  13. Named after our church and a Cathedral in Edinburgh. (St Giles)
  14. Rearrange ... "ERKRS". (Kerrs)
  15. Found on the beach + a weight. (Shelton)
  16. Ballet dancers use this + not high. (Barlows)
  17. A pile + 36 inches. (Stackyard)

Bins Out By 6.30am

Residents are being asked to leave their bins out for 6.30am on collection day to help our waste crews ensure everyone’s bins are collected as normal.

Bin collection

Our refuse collection teams are now working longer hours to help make sure essential frontline services continue, despite the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

Teams will be visiting properties from the new time each morning in a bid to collect the increasing tonnes of waste produced by households, as people follow government advice and stay at home.

Our Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environment and Safety Cllr Rob Inglis said: “We’re requesting that residents make sure their bins are available for collection earlier until further notice, as our teams adapt to growing demands on our waste collection services.

“Despite the challenges of the current COVID-19 situation, our teams are continuing to show resilience and determination in fulfilling their roles and delivering an essential service for residents throughout the Borough.

“Please help our waste teams to collect your grey, blue and green bins as normal.”

While some collections in Rushcliffe have been rescheduled to meet demand in recent days, we’re reassuring households that their bins will still be collected as soon as possible.

Thank you

Cropwell Bishop Parish Council

Lockdown Notes: Day 13: Zoom

Many of you will have used Skype or FaceTime to talk to family and friends face-to-face on your computer, tablet or phone.

To be honest, I was never a fan of these apps, partly because faces always looked unreal and drab (well, at least, mine did!). I have since learned to get the lighting right beforehand: facing a well lit window (but not direct sunlight) makes a massive difference. Your face will be evenly lit and the background dark: great.

Keeping in touch with someone this way is great during the present time, but what do you do if you would like to have a discussion with several people at once?

A couple of weeks ago, the Cropwell Bishop Allotment Committee (6 of us) faced this problem. We wanted to discuss things but did not want to risk close contact. Sitting 3m apart in a big room did not appeal.

Luckily, a possible solution appeared to me the day before. My daughter and her husband were both confined to working from home sitting in front of their laptop. They were having conferences with other wokers in Britain and France using an app called "Zoom".

I googled Zoom, clicked on and signed up for free.

In the menu at the top, I clicked on 'Plans and Pricing' and discovered that we could use this software for free, the main limitation being that our group meeting (of no more than 100 participants!) could last only 40 mins. It looked promising.

The site had help pages and videos to guide new users, so I gave it a go.

I schuduled our first meeting for the next day. Zoom produces an "invitation" that I was able to copy and paste into emails to the other 5. This invite included a link which both downloaded the necessary app onto the user's device and set them up at the meeting.

I had anticipated that this first get-together would be used get used to the set-up and resolve problems. However, in spite of us using a range of devices and systems, the only problem we encountered was locating the button for video; that was resolved in 30 seconds.


In fact, we had 30 minutes to spare so we went ahead and had our meeting there and then - and it worked really well.

Those with a desktop/laptop computer viewed a grid of 6 similar-sized smiling faces! A phone would show no more than 4 at once: you could swipe to see the others.

Within minutes, the novelty of communicating this way was almost forgotten and we got down to business and had our meeting.

Before setting up the Allotment Meeting, I trialled Zoom with my daughter and grandchildren (aged 12 & 9) each on their own device - and Hilary too on a laptop. It was easy and fun. We could just as easily have had a meeting with family members living all over the country/world.

You may have seen Boris Johnson having an online conference with his cabinet after he went into isolation: they were using Zoom too.

If you can see a use for this software then I recommend you give it a go.

Tony Jarrow

Lockdown-Kitchen Soup

Thanks to Sarah for sending in this recipe.

Hilary Jarrow

Broccoli and Stilton soup


  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • ½ onion, chopped
  • 1 garlic clove, chopped
  • 100g/3½oz broccoli florets, blanched
  • 150ml/4½fl oz hot vegetable stock
  • 50g/1½oz Stilton
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper


  1. Heat the oil in a frying pan, then add the onion and garlic and fry until softened.
  2. Add the broccoli and the stock and simmer for 8-10 minutes.
  3. Add the Stilton and season, to taste, with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  4. Allow to cool slightly, then transfer to a food processor and blend until smooth.
  5. To serve, pour into a warm bowl.


Lockdown Notes: Day 12

It was on Tuesday 17th March that we decided that we would go into "lockdown". It seems like months ago, so much has happened, yet it is just 12 days.

I am not sure I would have known the meaning of the word just a couple of months ago but now, to us, it means we have no close contact with anyone. The closest we have been to other humans is the postman - when he stood 4m back as I picked up the parcel he had left on the doorstep, and our daughter who stood way back as we collected the online shopping she had bought.

It was all so surreal at first: was it really happening? But now we seem to have settled into a sort of routine. It might be useful for us to share our experiences, tips and thoughts as we travel this strange journey together: also share some laughs. When you feel ready, email me with yours.

Our first step was to avoid visiting the Health Centre for medications. We requested a home delivery and a few days later it was delivered to our doorstep. We have since been sent a text telling us that medication will now be delivered to all patients in Cropwell Bishop over 70. That's great: friends in the city have not been so well looked after so far.

Deliveries Notice

I put a notice on the door for delivery people but within days it was clear that they had all been instructed what to do. I had wondered how they would cope with signatures but was told that they would simply write CV19, or similar, instead.

What about home deliveries of food? Having always bought from supermarkets in the flesh, we thought we would sign up with one. I am sure many of you are laughing at that! No chance for weeks. Luckily our daughter is a regular customer so can add things to her order.

Delieries Notice

And what about seeing family - well I will tell you about that next time.

Enjoy this little poster: I think its meaning goes beyond the cleaning.

Tony Jarrow

Lockdown-Kitchen Soup

As we all settle into the routine of isolation, are you getting fed up with having sandwiches every day for lunch?

Why not make a soup instead - it will fill your stomach and help fill your day. Perhaps we could start a ‘soup recipe exchange’. Email yours to and we will publish it online for everyone to enjoy.

Hilary Jarrow

Here’s one to get started ...

Leek and potato soup
- serves 4 with a chunk of bread.


  • 4 medium size leeks (you can get away with 3)
  • 50g/2oz of butter
  • 4 small potatoes
  • 150ml/quarter pint of water
  • 600ml/1 pint of chicken stock
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 150ml/quarter pint of cream (got no cream? - I have found it is fine without)


  1. Wash and trim leeks and chop into small pieces, using both white and green parts.
  2. Melt butter in a saucepan and add leeks. Cover pan and reduce heat so that leeks cook slowly without browning; for about 5 minutes. Shake pan occasionally.
  3. Meanwhile peel potatoes and cut into small cubes.
  4. Add potatoes to leeks with water and stock.
  5. Season to taste
  6. Bring to boil, cover pan and simmer for 25 minutes.
  7. Sieve or liquidise soup.
  8. Add cream (if using). Re-heat, but do not boil.


Cropwell Bishop Street Quiz - Part 2

Here is the second "Street Quiz".

The answers are some of the Streets/Roads/Closes/Drives etc. in Cropwell Bishop.

Answers in a few days (the answers to the first quiz are at the bottom).

Hilary Jarrow

  1. A colour and a large mound.
  2. Wyatt Earp was one of these.
  3. Wollaton & Wiverton have one.
  4. Rearrange .... "SNIVAL".
  5. Garden tool + a small recess.
  6. Gracie and W. C. had this name (take off the s).
  7. Could be paper/steel or textile.
  8. Perhaps where the barley was taken.
  9. Housebuilder or our own famous cobbler.
  10. Country gentlemen.
  11. A nonflowering vascular plant - it has triangular fronds that uncoil upward.
  12. St. Giles' own street - think carefully!
  13. Named after our church and a Cathedral in Edinburgh.
  14. Rearrange ... "ERKRS".
  15. Found on the beach + a weight.
  16. Ballet dancers use this + not high.
  17. A pile + 36 inches.

Answers to Part 1 of the Street Quiz.

  1. A cube and a water source perhaps.(Stockwell)
  2. An ancient King. (Mercia)
  3. The Rolling Stones have one of these. (Richards)
  4. Get your herb cake from here. (Kendal)
  5. It could be black, silver or perhaps gold. (Smiths)
  6. It could be straw or black and very fresh. (Newberry)
  7. A pair of shoes or Kenneth? (Clarke)
  8. Was Unready when born in 968. Take off the red and add ‘dene’. (Etheldene)
  9. Nelson's favourite kiss. (Hardys)
  10. Yorkshire delight or no traffic wardens here. (Parkin)
  11. Garden implement + vista. (Hoe View)
  12. Could mend your barrel. Perhaps a mini. (Cooper)
  13. Plodding horse. (Dobbin)
  14. Just rearrange .... "BRUTHLY". (Thurlby)
  15. Sailors do good ones + sound of a bell + boiled pig. (Nottingham)
  16. Source of water and open spaces perhaps. (Springfield)
  17. Built on the site of Cropwell Bishop garage in the 1980's. (Old Lenton)

Rainbow Pictures Wanted!

Pictures wanted

Cropwell Bishop Street Quiz - Part 1

A Quiz for everyone to have a go at (instead of thinking about other things ...)

The answers are some of the Streets/Roads/Closes/Drives etc. in Cropwell Bishop. The rest of the 'streets' will be in "Street Quiz - Part 2".

Answers in a few days.

Hilary Jarrow

  1. A cube and a water source perhaps.
  2. An ancient King.
  3. The Rolling Stones have one of these.
  4. Get your herb cake from here.
  5. It could be black, silver or perhaps gold.
  6. It could be straw or black and very fresh.
  7. A pair of shoes or Kenneth?
  8. Was Unready when born in 968. Take off the red and add ‘dene’.
  9. Nelson's favourite kiss.
  10. Yorkshire delight or no traffic wardens here.
  11. Garden implement + vista.
  12. Could mend your barrel. Perhaps a mini.
  13. Plodding horse.
  14. Just rearrange .... "BRUTHLY".
  15. Sailors do good ones + sound of a bell + boiled pig.
  16. Source of water and open spaces perhaps.
  17. Built on the site of Cropwell Bishop garage in the 1980's.

Old School Closed

Cropwell Bishop


As of today the 19th March 2020, The Old School will be closed for all events and classes. This decision has been taken following government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and for the safety of all our residents.

The Parish Clerk will still be working at the office. If anyone needs to see the Clerk please go to the office door at the rear of the building knock on the door and then stand back 3 paces.

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk

Coronavirus Community Help: Cropwell Bishop

Cropwell Bishop

Are you unable to leave your home because of Coronavirus (Covid 19)? Or are you an older person or someone with disability or impairment who needs someone to run errands – shopping or pick up a prescription etc? Do you just want a friendly voice to talk to if you’re feeling isolated? We can and want to help!

We are a group of residents of Cropwell Bishop who are coming together to help out in the community during a time where some people are experiencing difficulty in accessing what they need due to concern about getting ill.

We would like to support the community that we live in and ensure that nobody is left isolated, worried or without what they need.

We won’t ask anything of you in return, we just believe in helping each other in a time of difficulty. We are linked to the parish council.

If you would like to speak to us, or want to ask for help, please text or phone one of the following people from the village who will gladly arrange help for you:

  • Jo Wroughton, parish councillor: 07891 694541
  • Jan Towndrow, parish clerk: 07798 735757
  • Jane Miller: 07815 699878
  • Sara Marshall: 07764 254850
  • Neil Chadborn: 07754 897024
  • Rachael Halpin: 0115 9892755
  • Carol Halpin: 0115 9890366

All of our volunteers have been advised on how to help you safely.

Please contact us - we don’t want anyone to feel alone.

Cropwell Bishop Parish Council

Coronavirus: Expert Advice

Cropwell Bishop

Here is some advice from doctors and health experts on how to reduce the risk of catching coronavirus, and how to deal with it if you or someone you know has it.

How can I prepare?

  • Make sure you have enough paracetamol, aspirin, lemsip, or other medicine in your home in case you aren’t able to go out for a week or two.
  • Have a back-up supply of cleaning products that you can use to disinfect your home.
  • Keep a sufficient amount of food so that you and the people in your home won’t go hungry if you have to self-isolate.
  • Arrange with someone you know who lives nearby to look after each other in case one of you gets sick.

What should I do to keep my home safe?

  • Clean surfaces, light switches, door handles, and taps at least once a day with household detergent.
  • Wash your hands as soon as you arrive home, and make sure people who visit you do the same. Also wash hands before eating, after using a tissue, after using the toilet, and if you need to touch another person.
  • Try to keep gatherings of people to a minimum - this might mean cancelling a birthday party, Sunday lunch, or other occasions where you would usually be in a room with other people.

What should I do when I’m out and about?

  • If you feel even mildly ill, or have been in contact recently with someone else who has become ill, avoid leaving the house, or going to public places.
  • Keep a distance of at least a metre from other people in public.
  • Always use a tissue to cover your mouth/nose when coughing.
  • Avoid shaking hands, hugging, kissing, or bodily contact with other people.

What should I do if I start to feel ill?

  • Stay at home: avoid work, pubs, cinemas, gyms or other public places where large groups of people gather.
  • Maintain social distance - avoid coming closer than two metres or so from other people.
  • Self-isolate. This means staying in a separate room from other people, and avoiding any direct contact with them wherever possible.
  • If possible, use a separate bathroom to the other people in your home, and disinfect it with a bleach based cleaning product every day.
  • If your symptoms get worse, or you start to feel difficulty breathing, contact a doctor.

All of these suggestions work: we can help limit the impact of coronavirus if we act now and act together!

Cropwell Bishop Parish Council

Cropwell Bishop News Pop Quiz & Answers

Make the most of your spare time by taking part in a Pop Quiz put together by our own Richard Turner ....

It's a bit like ANSWER SMASH on Richard Osman's House of Games...insert one word which will complete one song and start another eg." A Hard Days Fever" would be "A Hard Days Night Fever". Can you name the artists as well?

  1. You'll Never Walk Again (Naturally)
  2. Everlasting Hangover
  3. Devil In Love
  4. Stayin' And Kicking
  5. Ma Street
  6. Back For Times
  7. Your Love Is Creole
  8. Save The Best For Christmas
  9. The Lady In Light Spells Danger
  10. Heaven Is A Place On Song
  11. That'll Be The Tripper

Richard Turner

Answers .....

  1. You'll Never Walk Alone Again (Naturally) (Gerry and the Pacemakers/Gilbert O'Sullivan)
  2. Everlasting Love Hangover (Love Affair/Diana Ross)
  3. Devil Woman In Love (Cliff Richard/Barbra Streisand or Three Degrees)
  4. Stayin' Alive And Kicking (Bee Gees/Simple Minds)
  5. Ma Baker Street (Boney M/Gerry Rafferty)
  6. Back For Good Times (Take That/Chic)
  7. Your Love Is King Creole (Sade/Elvis Presley)
  8. Save The Best For Last Christmas (Vanessa Williams/Wham!)
  9. The Lady In Red Light Spells Danger (Chris De Burgh/Billy Ocean)
  10. Heaven Is A Place On Earth Song (Belinda Carlisle/Michael Jackson)
  11. That'll Be The Day Tripper (Buddy Holly/Beatles)

Government Makes Decision on Allotment "Exercise"

For more details click on the Allotment tab.

How Will Prime Minister's Rules Affect Allotments?

How will the latest rules on isolation and 'Social Distancing' affect members of Cropwell Bishop's Allotment Society? Click on the Allotments tab to find out.

Tony Jarrow


Coronavirus - Notts County Council Advice


To help keep Nottinghamshire residents informed during the coronavirus outbreak, we have created a new page with all the latest advice and information.

From information about the virus including advice on prevention and symptoms, to the latest figures and updates from Public Health England.

These pages will be regularly updated so please check back for updates.

To view the pages click on:

View Coronavirus Guidance

Notts County Council

833 Bus Disruption

833 Bus Disruption

"Jeeves & Wooster" Cancelled

The Parish Council has decided to cancel the 'Live & Local' event, "Jeeves & Wooster", which was due to take place on the 5th April at The Old School.

Refunds are available from the Parish Clerk at the Old School Council Office between 10am and 2pm, weekdays.

Saturday Cafe Cancelled

The Parish Council has deccided to cancel the Saturday Cafe which was due to be held at The Old School on 28th March.

"Judy" Film Postponed

The Parish Council has decided to postpone the showing of the film, "Judy", which was due to be shown this Friday.

A future date will be arranged for which tickets will be valid. Alternatively, refunds are available from me at the Old School Council Office between 10am and 2pm, weekdays.

Janice Towndrow
Parish Clerk

Stay at Home for 12 Weeks!

Cropwell Bishop

News reports today suggest that in the near future, the Government may well be asking people over 70 years old to stay at home - for 12 weeks. This, of course, is in response to the spread of coronavirus which appears to be having a more severe effect on elderly people.

If the Government does indeed make this request then some over-70s in Cropwell Bishop may well pretend they are under-70 and carry on dancing, running and rock climbing regardless; but some will be very concerned - even frightened.

Living in a city with numerous neighbours just a few steps away can be more lonely than living spread apart in a village. That is the common belief, but in the coming months we may have to prove that Cropwell Bishop is indeed a place where no one is forgotten.

Imagine a person living alone running out of food or medication, or a couple having the virus at the same time. Once you go down with a flu-like virus or pneumonia, your ability to think and act is seriously impaired and you are less likely to ask for help.

Most people will manage to cope with problems caused by coronavirus but those who can't will need help. They may need medication from the surgery, milk from the Co-op, cheese from the Creamery, a snack from the cob-shop or sausages from Gary Jowett.

Maybe they will want to arrange a delivery of groceries, but have never placed an order online before - or even gone online.

At present we don't have a village plan, but in the coming weeks we no doubt will. I will report back once I have more information and you can expect further details in the next issue of Cropwell News.

Tony Jarrow

Coronavirus Affects "Growers and Gardeners"

As you are all aware by now Covid-19 is sweeping the globe and quickly effecting more of our daily lives. With this it is with deep regret that the team are having to announce the cancellation of Monday’s meeting .

Please do not be alarmed, this is simply because our speaker has underlying health conditions, and therefore a high risk and he has decided it is in his safest interest to cancel.

As much as we would love to carry on with a stiff upper lip, come up with some fun games and still meet on Monday night, we believe we have a responsibility, not only to the members of the group, but as a community to take caution around the spread of the disease. We hope you all understand the reasoning behind this and support the team in their decision.

We will obviously be closely monitoring the situation over the coming weeks, and we hope to be emailing this time next month, without a recollection of the virus and communicating that the meeting will be going ahead and complaining about too much sunshine. Here’s hoping.

Of course this means we miss out on a talk this month. This is where the power of digital comes in. Keep your eyes peeled as the team are working on sharing something for us to get involved in, but obviously we are weaving this in and around our daily jobs.

In the meantime, we hope you can get in your gardens and start preparing for the growing year, and please, if anybody is struggling in their gardens due to illness or travel restrictions etc. drop the group an email and I’m sure we can find someone to help out.

Please take care

Cropwell Bishop Growers and Gardeners

Lion Hunting


The body parts of lions killed in gruesome hunts are being bought and imported into our country as ‘hunting trophies’. To hunt these beautiful animals for fun is inhumane and wrong - but it’s also contributing to the rapid decline of lion numbers. That’s why I’m calling on lion trophy hunting imports to be banned immediately.

Please sign my petition calling on the UK to immediately ban imports of Lion trophies. Click on:

Ban imports of Lion trophies

and sign the petition.

Thank you.

Alan Wilson
Cropwell Bishop

Gary Jowett Voucher for January Quiz Winner

Congratulations to Peter Hills who has won the January 'Cropwell Bishop News' Quiz.
Peter's entry was drawn out of the "hat of correct entries" at the Parish Council meeting at the Old School last night.
Peter wins a £20 voucher for Gary Jowett's Butchers — donated by The Parish Council.

Find out how many questions you got right: here are the answers:

1. What route did Richard Booth take? ..... 66 (page 33)

2. What miniature baby will be on trial in 2020? .....Beauvale cheese (Page 24)

3. Old Contemptibles in which tournament? ..... Triangular (Page 26)

4. Julia Robertson is what? ..... Massage therapist (Page 14)

5. Millennium Fire Ltd will sponsor what? ..... Cropwell Cricket Club (Page 26)

6. In Thailand how many children were made very happy? ..... 94 (Page 6)

7. Jacques Lacey’s grandfather worked where? ..... Gypsum (Page 2)

8. Who provided After Eights for the Xmas Party? ..... CKOB (Page 4)

9. Who makes the party happen? ..... Kiriki Club (Page 10)

10. The King and Queen of England will be visiting where? ..... Downton Abbey (Page 12)

11. Mickey Deans was husband number what? ..... 5 (Page 13)

12. Beeswax wraps are a great alternative for? ..... Cling film (Page 22)

13. What time can you pick up a book from Shelton Gardens? ...... 11.45am – 12.00 (Page 38)

14. Ali Campbell is lead singer for? ..... UB40 (Page 30)

15. Dr Ian Bedford has appeared in whose World? ..... Gardeners (Page 8)

16. VE Day is when? ..... 8th May (Page 28)

Hilary Jarrow
Cropwell Bishop News

So Smooth

Our Nottingham Road has been beautifully resurfaced and is now fully open - just as planned.

Photo by Colin Bryan.

Nottingham Road

Adverse Weather and Flooding

From Rushcliffe Borough Council: help and advice ...

In the early hours of Sunday 16th February the East Midlands and Rushcliffe in particular saw continuous heavy rainfall across the area. As the ground was already ‘super saturated’ the run off from land, fields and gardens was much increased and therefore water courses and rivers responded far quicker than usual. As a result, many communities were severely impacted by surface water flooding on 16th February and flood warnings were issued for waterside homes on the Soar, Smite and the Trent.

Following a significant response by the Borough Council dealing with over 150 sandbag requests, opening places of safety, deploying our rapid response team in the immediate aftermath etc we are now in the recovery phase working with multi-agency partners including voluntary agencies to support our communities and businesses affected by the recent flooding. The communities currently known to have been most severely impacted with homes internally flooded are as follows;

  • Tollerton (Tollerton Lane and Cotgrave Lane)
  • Gotham
  • Bingham
  • Sutton Bonington
  • Radcliffe on Trent
  • Cropwell Butler
  • East Leake
  • Ruddington
  • Rempstone
  • Colston Bassett
  • Cotgrave

We are also sharing information on flooded homes with both the Environment Agency and Nottinghamshire County Council who are the lead flood authority and their flood risk team will be carrying out a number of Section 19 reports in the coming months. More details of what these reports cover can be found from the link below

Flooding Reports

Due to the severity of the flooding across the whole country central government has once again released a range of financial assistance to affected communities. We have set up a dedicated flood recovery support website page and have been contacting residents that we are aware have internally flooded to highlight the financial assistance available.

Flood Recovery Support

With the ground still saturated and rivers still ready to respond quickly I wanted to remind you of how the Council can help as part of the overall arrangements that are in place to respond to such incidents.

With any flooding the importance of being prepared is of paramount importance and so communities in areas that are high risk of flooding should be encouraged to improve their resilience by following the really useful advice and guidance that can be downloaded from the Environment Agency website. The site also includes how residents can sign up to receive warning information about potential river flooding events.

However the very nature of these storms and surface water flooding is that the event is sudden and unpredictable and can often affect communities and homes that have not been flooded before. As a result this can mean that the Council may not be able to respond as quickly as it usually does in flooding events that have greater prior warning such as river flooding. Notwithstanding this situation the Council is prepared and remains committed to supporting communities that may experience flooding in a number of ways including;

• Provision of sandbags to protect living accommodation - The Council has a finite number of sandbags to support our communities but all requests will be prioritised according to a county wide protocol. This will take into account factors such as the current risk, vulnerable people in the property etc. It should be noted that the Council does not provide sandbags to protect outbuildings and gardens or any type of commercial property. In addition, the Council cannot provide any pumps to help with the removal of floodwater from properties.

• Community flood resilience stores – The Council has a grant scheme in place to support communities in establishing flood resilience stores to enable sandbags and flood protection equipment to be immediately available. (It is not for flood alleviation works ) The scheme is open to all Parish/ Town Councils and West Bridgford Local Area Forum. Priority will be given to those communities that have previously experienced river or surface water flooding: The total funding will be allocated based on risk and grants are available up to a maximum of £1050. (Subject to available funds)

• Provision of temporary accommodation –Residents are encouraged where possible to make their own arrangements with friends and family or through their insurance provision so that we can prioritise our resources to the vulnerable who may be unable to help themselves.

• Provision of advice and information – Along with the Environment Agency the Council provides pre and post flooding advice and information on our website.

• Community Support – If there is widespread flooding the Council will play a significant role in supporting a multi-agency response which will include blue light services through helping the community with rest centre provision and a range of other services.

• Residents worried about future insurance costs -FLOOD RE is an insurance scheme that makes flood cover more widely available and affordable as part of your insurance. The Flood Re pool is funded through an industry-backed levy. All UK household insurers have to contribute to the levy, creating a fund that can be used to pay for claims for people in high risk homes. The scheme provides a cap on flood insurance premiums linked to property council tax bands. Only houses built before 2009 are included in the scheme.

Some important contact details for the community to be aware of are listed below;

Rushcliffe BC – 0115 981 9911 (For all sandbag service requests and information)

Rushcliffe BC – 0115 981 1143 (Out of hours for emergencies)

Nottinghamshire County Council –0300 500 80 80. (This number can be used to report blocked culverts or drainage problems or issues related to the highway)

I hope this helps in supporting your local communities with appropriate advice and information.

David Banks
Executive Manager Neighbourhoods
Rushcliffe Borough Council

Scottish Wildcats

Scottish Wildcat: only 35 Left!

The Scottish Wildcat is one of the rarest animals in the world; there are only 35 of them left on earth. A third of them live in the publicly owned Clashindarroch Forest in the Scottish Highlands, but they are in danger from logging by the Scottish Government’s Forestry Commission Scotland. If this doesn’t stop immediately, the wildcat will become extinct.

Filamaker, Steve Piper, set up the website, "Wildcat Haven" to alert the world of the threat to these animals and launched a petition. By the end of 2019, it had 511,000 signatures. They want to to take the campaign forward with legal action.

Wildcat Haven have found 13 wildcats in this forest. It is their last and only known major stronghold and breeding site. But logging is taking place in the middle of kitten season, disturbing wildcat mothers, which could make them abandon or even eat their young.

The logging will tear the wildcat population apart, and threaten many other rare animals that live in the forest alongside them.

You can sign the petition urgently calling on the Scottish Government to immediately halt the logging and exploitation of Clashindarroch Forest to ensure the iconic Scottish wildcat survives. 'Voice' your concern by signing he petition: go to the Wildcat Haven website and sign their petition.

I am supporting this appeal: will you join me?

Alan Wilson
Cropwell Bishop

Step Two: Lay The Tarmac

This same scene at 3.15pm Sunday afternoon: amazing progress. You could feel the heat being given off by the road. However, in the opposite direction up towards the Memorial Hall, progress will be slower because they are going to dig deeper before laying the tarmac (so I was told by a workman).

Nottm Road Works

This morning it was also very busy down near the Wheatsheaf and Mill Lane (those photos by Colin Bryan).

Nottm Road Works
Nottm Road Works

Step One: Off With The Old

This was the scene on Nottingham Road at 11.45am this Sunday morning.

Nottm Road Works

Ready Made Lake

The heavy rains over the weekend caused flooding everywhere but Cropwell Bishop suffered less than most. This field at the bottom of Church Street appears to have its own lake. Thankfully there are no houses there .... at the moment.

Picture by Colin Bryan.

Flooded field on Church Street


My Notts App

I am pleased to share with you the news that Nottinghamshire County Council’s mobile phone app – ‘MyNotts’ – is now available for residents to download.

The MyNotts app will make it quicker, easier, and more convenient for local people to access council services. Residents can use the app to:

  • Receive updates on school closures, check when school holidays are, and apply for school places
  • Report highways issues, including potholes, faulty streetlights, and overgrown vegetation
  • Find their closest Household Waste & Recycling Centre, and see what can be taken there
  • Access information about care services offered by Nottinghamshire County Council
  • See which events are happening in their local area and our three country parks
  • Keep up to date with news from across Nottinghamshire

This is only the first phase of the app’s development. We would welcome feedback on areas of improvement, which you can provide directly via the app’s ‘Feedback’ section.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the app from the Apple App Store.

If you have an Android phone (including Samsung, LG, Google, Nokia, and other models), you can download the app here

Councillor Kay Cutts MBE
Leader of the Council

Cropwell Bishop Beat Surgeries

A drop-in opportunity to meet local police and discuss local community issues.
The Beat surgery will be held at The Old School on the following days:

Thursday 6th February 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Wednesday 20th February 10.00am – 11.00am
Thursday 5th March 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Wednesday 11th March 10.00am – 11.00am
Thursday 2nd April 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Jan Towndrow
Parish Clerk

Old School

Bottle Tops ...

Bottle Tops

Wild Weather

Well, the weather forecasters did say that we might get rain, hail and snow today - and we did!


Kiriki Club in Concert

Another storming night of “outstanding” entertainment at The Old School.

The Kiriki Club played and performed their own music and brought their own unique style to favourites from Nat King Cole to The Eurythmics.

Kiriki Club
Kiriki Club

Many of our guests travelled quite a distance to see the band and enjoyed Cropwell Bishop hospitality.

Great band, great music, great food and great fun. A fantastic night out in our own village. Why not come along to the next event and give it a try.

Look out for upcoming events on the Village Websites, Notice Boards and the Cropwell News.

Many thanks to the Cropwell Entertainment Committee for all their hard working putting together another fabulous event – Great Job Well Done.

Carpet Bowls

If you would like to have a go at 'carpet bowls', you only have to go to our neighbouring village.

Cropwell Butler Carpet Bowls Club meets on Tuesday afternoons at its Village Hall, Cropwell Butler from 2 - 4 pm.

New members are very welcome and all equipment is provided.

Why not go along for some gentle exercise and good company?

For more details contact:
Jim Besson - phone 0115 933 4735

Tony Jarrow

Pulling Together

Bell ringers at their Wednesday morning practice at St Giles Church.
(photo by Mel Stanley)

Bell Ringers

Yard Guard

Stackyard Close on Church Street now looks to be finished and ready for occupation: meanwhile, Bob the dog keeps guard.
(photo by Colin Bryan)

Tony Jarrow


"CHILD AID' - Cropwell Bishop Style"

In October, Sue and Ed Ward made a concerted effort to raise money to buy Christmas presents for children at the school and kindergarten in Thailand that they established close contact with over the years.

You, the villagers of Cropwell Bishop, helped raise over £500 at the Saturday Cafe in the Old School. Sue and Ed are now able to tell you the effect of your generosity .....

Happy New Year and a big thank you for your very generous contributions: you have made 94 children very Happy.

In addition to the presents, we bought some play equipment for the Kindergarten. It had a large room but, apart from a television and a few soft toys, it was empty.

We bought 2 tent tunnels and a pit of soft balls; two mini play kitchens and two trikes.

I will send you photos.

Sue and Ed xx

And here are the photos of the kindergarten and school that they sent.

Tony Jarrow


105 Cropwell Bishop Homes Have No Toilet!

The news item below appeared in the Nottingham Evening Post and is a sad reflection of life for most people in Cropwell Bishop.

Thanks to Jonathan Good for spotting the article and for details of when it was first published.

1949 news item
1949 news item

Gary Jowett Voucher for November Quiz Winner

Congratulations to Karen O'Hara who has won the November 'Cropwell Bishop News' Quiz.
Her entry was drawn out of the "hat of 30+ correct entries" at the Parish Council meeting at the Old School this evening.
Karen wins a £20 voucher for Gary Jowett's Butchers — donated by The Parish Council.

Find out how many questions you got right: here are the answers:

1. Which quiz was won by a team from Cotgrave? ..... Pop Quiz (page 4)

2. Dave Moylan is a? ..... Comedy Magician (Page 33)

3. 300bt is how much in pounds and pence? ..... £7.70 (Page 2)

4. Who launched Bee Cause? ..... Friends of the Earth (Page 30)

5. The Friary was donated how many tonnes of food and clothes last winter? ..... 12 (Page 7)

6. Whose Tea Party might you get frozen at? ..... Elsa's (Page 14)

7. Who is CB WI's longest serving member? ..... Maureen Wilkinson (Page 9)

8. The Fireworks raised how much? ..... £402.70 (Page 6)

9. Which Plumber is based in Tollerton? ..... Stuart Wood (Page 5)

10. Where did Frankie go? ..... Hollywood (Page 33)

11. What started at 7pm on May 5th 1906? ..... Village Clock (Page 22)

12. Who played a season with the Sweedish Hockey League? ..... Jodie Bloom (Page 21)

13. What will Sandy be doing at 7.30pm on a Wednesday? ...... Zumba (Page 32)

14. Monarda is also known as? ..... Bee Balm (Page 30)

15. Michael Donnelly won what? ..... Captains Trophy (Page 23)

16. The Chronicles of Cropwell Bishop will cost you how much? ..... £8 (Page 16)

Hilary Jarrow
Cropwell Bishop News